maximizing commercial space transportation with a public private partnership n.
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Maximizing Commercial Space Transportation with a Public-Private Partnership PowerPoint Presentation
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Maximizing Commercial Space Transportation with a Public-Private Partnership

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Maximizing Commercial Space Transportation with a Public-Private Partnership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maximizing Commercial Space Transportation with a Public-Private Partnership. Space Ops 2006 - Rome 20 June 06. Tom Taylor Paper Number: AIAA-2006-5883. Space Budgets never go far enough 75% Lunar trip cost is getting to LEO New Zealand had similar cost problems

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Maximizing Commercial Space Transportation with a Public-Private Partnership

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maximizing commercial space transportation with a public private partnership

Maximizing Commercial Space Transportation with a Public-Private Partnership

Space Ops 2006 - Rome

20 June 06

Tom Taylor

Paper Number: AIAA-2006-5883

Space Budgets never go far enough

75% Lunar trip cost is getting to LEO

New Zealand had similar cost problems

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) changed it

Using PPPs in Commercial Space can help

Examples of the effect help us see the value

PPPs combines markets with private money

Mankind moves off planet & solves problems

commercial transition plan
To recover full value from hardware after government use by planning in advance

Military organizations transition fighter planes & tanks to National Guards, Allies, War Surplus & others

Hubble, Skylab, Saturn V, ISS, Orbiter, Delta, Atlas, & others needed a commercial transition plan early

Only the EELV’s reverted to aerospace after significant govrn. upgrades & cost with small private investment by aerospace

Commercial Transition takes pre-planning, affordable space transportation and interested private money to become profitable business plans for Space Based businesses using govrn. surplus hardware

Commercial Transition Plan
basic structure ppp
Agreement with Government & Private

Each benefits in future ways

Each side brings something

Results in larger space markets

Results in stimulation of private capital

Accelerates space development

Opens new developments like SSP, Lunar, Beyond

Basic Structure - PPP
shuttle derived vehicles ppp
Shuttle Derived Vehicles & PPP


  • Side Mount Shuttle Cm Proposed
  • Proposed as PPP
  • Uses ISS Payloads as existing Bus Plan Market to raise private money
  • Uses Profits to evolve into a Commercial Vehicle Business
  • NASA proceeds with existing plans on CEV
  • Shuttle Cm becomes commercial transport workhorse for Lunar


why go to the ppp trouble
Why go to the PPP Trouble?
  • Medium Cost Testbed
  • Future Commercial Hotel
  • ET has $580m Invested Transportation Cost - Free
  • Business pays Taxes
  • Provides Habitation for Workers, Tourists, Others
  • Propellant Depot
  • Others ET & SRB Uses
commerce in leo
Commerce in LEO
  • Large Projects
  • Driven Commercially
  • Using PPPs
  • Using Private Funds
  • Making a Profit
  • Paying Taxes
  • Taking Mankind Along
  • International PPPs
partial gravity facilities
Partial Gravity Facilities
  • 8 ea. ETs
  • 2 rpm
  • Near Lunar Gravity
  • Tourists
  • Salvaged ETs
  • Private Ownership
  • Pays taxes
  • Expands on Profits

Two Way Highway to the Moon

  • Uses a fleet of two new reusable spacecraft - the Lunar Lander and the Propellant Transporter.
  • Uses a fleet of two new expendable support spacecraft - a Payload Dispenser and a Propellant Dispenser.
  • Uses existing Expendable Launch Vehicles to transfer all spacecraft, propellants, and payloads from the Earth to LEO.

Propellant Transporter

Lunar Lander

Payload Dispenser

Propellant Dispenser

bigger tanks on sdv
Bigger Tankson SDV
  • LTS uses Delta IV, Atlas V
  • Scaleable to CEV, CLV
  • Larger tanks, more effective
  • Growth options
  • Commercial Lunar Transportation both ways
  • Sustainability
  • SDV helps evolution to Transport Nodes
  • Brings Private Money into Flow
lts to be the truck driver
All we want is to be the truck driver

Hauling non-critical cargo

To and from the moon

Using commercial financing & some

Unglamorous aerospace technology

At a profit, so we use profits to

Raise private money to Expand

LTS To Be the Truck Driver
lunar transportation systems inc
Has been working for 1+ year

Has invested ~ $500k of private money

Is interested in developing a commercial lunar transportation system

Initially 800 kg of payload to the lunar surface

Payload capability from lunar surface to earth

Evolving to 28,000 kg of payload with Refuel

After proving the safety and reliability then enhance the system to carry people

Have potential to raise $500 million with proven track record

Lunar Transportation Systems Inc.

Enabling Technologies

There are six new technologies that make this Earth - Moon transportation system possible:

  • A new autonomous rendezvous and docking system.
  • A new autonomous payload transfer system between two docked spacecraft in LEO.
  • A new robotic spacecraft to spacecraft cryogenic propellant tank transfer system.
  • A new autonomous propellant tank tapping system.
  • A new autonomous Lunar landing system.
  • A new autonomous Lunar payload offload system.
lts concept
LTS Concept
  • Same Basic Frame
  • Transfers Cryo Tanks
  • Transfers Payloads
  • Could be PPP
  • Expands on Profits
  • Tanks disposable
  • Tanks maybe reused later on Moon or cryo
commercial lunar transport
Commercial Lunar Transport
  • 800 kgs early
  • Commercial
  • Could be a PPP Privately Funded
  • Same Startup team as Kistler, SPACEHAB
  • Non-Critical Lunar Cargo Business

Autonomous Propellant Tank Transfer

Transferring cryo propellant between big tanks is expensive.

• Transfer Tanks instead of cryo propellants using low cost plant robotics at the Depot or enroute

  • Increase cryo tank life with with Depot storage
  • Depots emerge as commercial filling stations
  • Don’t throw away any $10k/lb mass
lunar transportation
Lunar Transportation
  • Transfers Tanks
  • Diameter constrained
  • Uses SDV hardware for later Transport Nodes
  • Unmanned, Scaleable
  • Serial entrepreneurs
  • Starts small & evolves
  • Commercial venture
  • Privately financed
leo is like a shoreline earth to leo leo to moon
Atmospheric Drag

TPS required

Pushes up thru gravity well

Cargo transfer from a different vehicle

Commercial cycle

Like land to water

Needs harbor

No atmosphere Drag

Little TPS required

No gravity well

Cargo transfer to a different vehicle

Not yet commercial

Logical node

Commerce emerges

Needs transportation node

LEO is like a ShorelineEarth to LEOLEO to Moon
nodes as bases
LTS suspects a node approach to commercial cargo will emerge in sustainable transport market to & from the Moon

Nodes will grow with innovation and commerce emerging at the nodes by offering services to transportation suppliers

What will a node look like over time & What Commerce will possibly emerge with PPPs?

Propellant Cryo storage

Payload handling

- Payload storage

Later tethers, humans, etc

Payload & Vehicle Transportation Enhancement

Partial gravity for liquid management

Traffic both direction

Nodes as Bases
stage 1 transportation node
Stage 1 Transportation Node
  • Uses LTS discarded mass
  • Still Diameter constrained
  • SDV hardware emerging
  • Unmanned, scaleable
  • Entrepreneurs. + $s
  • Evolves into long axis
  • Commercial international involving PPP venture including public & Private
stage 2 transportation node
Stage 2 Transportation Node
  • Adds mass ET
  • ET cryo storage
  • Tether operations
  • Robotics
  • Track & Truss
  • Aft Cargo Carrier+
  • Tether catches vehicle
stage 3 node as transport bases
5 ETs & $500m lower than other solutions

A node approach to commercial cargo in the ESMD market

Nodes: innovation, market commerce at nodes

What will a node look like over time & what commerce?

Propellant cryo storage

Payload handling

ET mass, gravity gradient

Stable, axis to center moon

Later tethers, humans, etc

Commerce includes some habitation volumes

Logistics storage base

Stage 3 Node as Transport Bases
bringing the society along
Spread the cost for a bigger space economy

Increases the voter interest

Confirms a leader nation position

Is a technology area where others can follow and use the “Railroad to the Moon”

Creates a bigger game for all and a bigger space economy

Leads to an energy solution by decreasing dependence of foreign oil

Bringing the Society Along
conclusions on ppps
Public Private Partnerships can help

Stretches Govrn. Space Budgets

Brings Private Investment

Accelerate Space Development

Stimulates Innovation in Hardware & Commerce

Provides Lunar Sustainability & Costs Sharing

Brings Society along with Voter support

More info:

Conclusions on PPPs

QUESTIONSLunar Transportation Systems, Inc. (LTS)Thomas C. Taylor, Vice President 3705 Canyon Ridge ArcLas Cruces, NM 88011USAPhone 505-522-2192 505-522-2495 FAX Email: taylorT@mac.comwww.lunartransportationsystems.comBackup Slides

Nodes stimulate commerce on earth

The moon is on the new trade routes

Lunar resources needs a 50 year 2 way non-cargo system that is sustainable & affordable

Pass “Stimulation Legislation” for private investment commercial space innovation

Space travel needs to be fun, because there are plenty of negatives to overcome

Space is the economic frontier for the World’s taxpayer and their governments, PPP can help!