local government issues dick hayter l.
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Local Government Issues Dick Hayter

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Local Government Issues Dick Hayter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Local Government Issues Dick Hayter Involvement C. Clyde Jones Rick Mann “The good men may do separately is small compared with what they may do collectively .” Benjamin Franklin Involvement Leadership Communication Opportunities

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local government issues dick hayter

Local Government IssuesDick Hayter


  • C. Clyde Jones
  • Rick Mann
“The good men may do separately is small compared with what they may do collectively.”Benjamin Franklin
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Opportunities
leadership peter drucker
Leadership Peter Drucker

“An effective leader is not someone who is loved or admired. He or she is someone whose followers do the right things.”

leadership jon wefald
Leadership Jon Wefald
  • Vision
  • Communication Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Hire good people & then delegate
  • Consistent Values
  • Self-Confidence
  • Determination
  • Caring
  • Sense of humor
  • Trust in others

“Communication is depositing a part of yourself in another person.”

Source Unkown

communication skills
Sending Skills



Receiving Skills



Communication Skills
sending skill speaking
Sending Skill - Speaking

S = Structure

P = Purpose (Personal)

E = Enthusiasm

A = Audience

K = Knowledge

sending skill speaking9
Sending Skill - Speaking

“Keep everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. ”

--Albert Einstein

receiving skills listening
Receiving Skills - Listening

“. . . a large part of communication skills, which people forget, is listening.”

John Chambers

President & CEO


receiving skills listening12
Receiving Skills - Listening

“ Active listening is more than hearing. Listening is a learned behavior that attaches meaning to sound. It is the hardest role in the communication process.”

Prof. Holly Deforest

Park College

receiving skills listening13
Receiving Skills - Listening

“ God gave us two ears and one mouth. It is wise to use them in that proportion.”

R. Hermstad

September ‘99

receiving skills listening14
Receiving Skills - Listening

L = Learn

I = Interest

S = Supportive

T = Think

E = Evaluate*

N = Need

receiving skills listening15
Receiving Skills - Listening

* “When you look at people, observe their abilities, not their disabilities.”

Christopher Reeves


Receiving Skills - Listening

“ A closed mouth gathers no foot.”

Source Unknown



resources continued
Resources Continued


volunteer appointed boards
Volunteer & Appointed Boards

Why Participate?

  • Professional Development
  • Business Development
  • Personal Interest
  • Altruistic Values (Community Service)
volunteer appointed boards23
Volunteer & Appointed Boards

Professional Development

  • Advances in Technology
  • Changes in Laws or Procedures
  • Legal Requirements for Licensure
  • Professional Advancement
    • Formal Requirements
    • Personal Growth
volunteer appointed boards24
Volunteer & Appointed Boards

Business Development

  • Influence on public policy by associations and professional societies
  • Networking
    • Client Building
    • Professional Relationships
volunteer appointed boards25
Volunteer & Appointed Boards

Personal Interest (at variety of levels)

  • Youth programs
  • Sports
  • Hobbies
volunteer appointed boards26
Volunteer & Appointed Boards

Altruistic (Community Service)

  • Two Levels
    • Program or project participation
      • Continuing Service
      • Special Project
    • Boards and Councils
volunteer appointed boards27
Volunteer & Appointed Boards

Appointments to Public Boards

  • Individual Appointments
  • Representative Appointments
volunteer appointed boards28
Volunteer & Appointed Boards


volunteer appointed boards30
Volunteer & Appointed Boards


  • Say “yes” more than “no.”
  • HOWEVER, it’s okay to say no!
  • Include your family or personal needs for your time when you say “yes.”
  • Identify your successor early and know who will be responsible.
  • Is there a specified term?
volunteer appointed boards31
Volunteer & Appointed Boards

Advice Continued

  • Check your priorities
    • Personal
    • Employer
    • FAMILY
  • Check the priorities of those with whom you will work or who will influence the outcome.
running for office
Running for Office
  • Why
  • Campaigns
  • Obligations
running for office33
Running for Office


  • Personal Interest in Forming Public Policy
  • Issues
  • Long term political interest
  • Masochistic Desires (Pleasure in being abused)
running for office34
Running for Office


  • Experience in serving others helps but not essential.
  • Decide early
  • Identify leadership team
  • Develop campaign plan including schedule, volunteer needs and costs
running for office35
Running for Office

Campaign Continued

  • Develop financing plan
  • Delegate campaign management to leadership team
running for office36
Running for Office

Campaign Continued

  • Seek advice from those who have held office in the past.
  • Become familiar with issues facing the office and determine your position. (Do not limit your knowledge of issues to only those of personal interest to you.)
running for office37
Running for Office

Campaign Continued

  • Meet with key staff
  • Meet with elected officials with whom you wish to serve.
running for office38
Running for Office




“Vision without action is merely a dream and action without vision just passes the time, but vision with action can change the world.” Joel Barker