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  • Uploaded on Multimedia. October 1, 2006. Competitive Convergence. Philosophy & Staffing. The story is more important than the storyteller. We strive for subject-driven narrative where people, places, and events drive the visual story.

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The story is more important than the storyteller.

We strive for subject-driven narrative where people, places, and events drive the visual story.

Footage from the field is more important than in-studio presentation.

Showing is better than telling. We trust our audience to understand our narratives and draw their own conclusions.

Experimentation with visual language and narrative structure is continuous. We expect our shooters, editors, producers, and audience to help shape our quest for meaningful innovation.


Split between video/photo/audio producers.

Split between unfolding news and feature contextual packages.

Cover news desk 18 hours per day, seven days per week.

Five full-time video journalists, two full-time video editors, one part-time video editor, five full-time photo editors, three part-time photo editors, two full-time audio producers supporting Washington Post Radio.


The newspaper and web site each maintain television studios, where we produce:

Interviews with Post and journalists for use on local and national broadcasts, or for the web site.

Audio/video podcasts.

Thrice-daily live business reports for the local NBC affiliate.

The Converged Newsroom

slide18 has a multimedia control room, where we produce:

Breaking news audio and video for the site.

Video content shot by Post and reporters.

All of’s contributions to Washington Post Radio.

Documentary video work shot by video journalists

The Converged Newsroom

The newspaper and web site each have built radio studios, where we produce:

More than 10 hours a day of programming for Washington Post Radio.

Fifteen live daily newscasts for Washington Post Radio.

Audio podcasts off of radio programming.

Narrated photo galleries.

The Converged Newsroom

slide20 recently began supplying Post reporters with cameras that can produce video, audio or photos.

Approximately 50 reporters now have the equipment. handles the training.

We are now running 6-8 reporter-shot videos per week.

The Converged Newsroom

National Competition

Outstanding Achievement in Content for Non-Traditional Delivery Platforms

Travis Fox, Coverage of Hurricane Katrina

Local Competition

Best Public/Current/Community Affairs Program or Special

Ben de la Cruz for his "Homeless in D.C. Series"

2006 Emmy Awards

Annual Video Contest

1st place, Web content: Travis Fox, “Living in Deserted New Orleans”

2nd place, General News Special Effects: Pierre Kattar, “Antiwar Protest”

3rd place, General: Ben de la Cruz, “Missing Connections in New Orleans”3rd place, Web content: Travis Fox, “Voice from the Line”

3rd place, Editor's Feature: Travis Fox, “Chathura’s Story of the Tsunami”

Honorable Mention, Topical Category (Hurricanes): Travis Fox,“US Army Patrols New Orleans”

Honorable Mention, Editor's Feature: Travis Fox, “Sunday Mass for Pope John Paul II"

National Press Photographers Association

Annual Video Contest won 31 of the 90 prizes awarded.

White House News Photographers Association

Annual Video Contest

Editor of the Year: Travis Fox

1st place: Documentary, Travis Fox: Inside Egypt's Opposition

1st place, General News: Travis Fox, In Line at Rosa Parks Funeral

1st place, Day Feature: Travis Fox, U.S. Army Patrols New Orleans

1st place, Sports: Jenn Crandall, Gridiron Divas

1st place, Political: Travis Fox, Senate Intelligence

1st place, News Feature Editing: Travis Fox, Voices From the Line

1st place, Presidential/Politics Editing: Christina Pino-Marina and Ben de la Cruz, Immigration Issue Heats Up in Herndon

White House News Photographers Association

Annual Video Contest

2nd place, Spot News: Pierre Kattar, Journalist Assassinated

2nd place, News Feature: Travis Fox, Returning to Flooded New Orleans

2nd place, Sports: Travis Fox, D.C. United's Biggest Fan

2nd place, Audio: Travis Fox, The Funeral of Pope John Paul II

2nd place, Same-Day Editing: Travis Fox, U.S. Army Patrols New Orleans

2nd place, Sports Editing: Travis Fox, D.C. United's Biggest Fan

3rd place, Feature: Travis Fox, Tsunami Mass Grave

3rd place, News Special Reports/Series: Travis Fox, Still Living in Tents, a Year After the Tsunami

3rd place, Network: Travis Fox, Fueling Azerbaijan's Future

3rd place, Spot News Editing: Pierre Kattar, Journalist Assassinated

White House News Photographers Association

Annual Video Contest

3rd place, Documentary Editing: Travis Fox, Inside Egypt's Opposition

Award of Excellence, Spot News: Pierre Kattar, Antiwar Protest 

Award of Excellence, Day Feature: Pierre Kattar, Student Bus Rally in Beirut

Award of Excellence, News Feature: Pierre Kattar, D.C.'s Papal Museum

Award of Excellence, Feature: Ben de la Cruz, A Jazzman Returns

Award of Excellence, News Special Reports/Series: Christina Pino-Marina, A Life Lived in 4/4 Time

White House News Photographers Association

Annual Video Contest

Award of Excellence, News Special Reports/Series: John Poole and Jenn Crandall, The Sheriff of Gay Washington

Award of Excellence, Same-Day Editing: Pierre Kattar, Gubernatorial Kickoff

Award of Excellence, Same-Day Editing: Christina Pino-Marina, Surviving War, Then Katrina

Award of Excellence, Editing Short Form: Travis Fox, Living in Flooded New Orleans

White House News Photographers Association

Annual Video Contest

Award of Excellence, Sports Editing: Ben de la Cruz, Neighborhood Fight Night

Award of Excellence, Sports Editing: Christina Pino-Marina, From Russia, With Game

Award of Excellence, Presidential/Politics Editing: John Poole, Congress Plays Ball

White House News Photographers Association

Traffic to web video isn’t where it needs to be.

Broadcast-affiliated Web sites have a significant natural advantage in the multimedia space.

Search engines still don’t do a good job of indexing multimedia content.

Multimedia content is expensive and time-consuming to produce.

Multimedia content is not yet driving significant ad revenue, although things are looking up.

Strategic Challenges

Time pressure is constant and ferocious. Demand is 24/7; staffing is not. There’s often and single editor on duty nights and weekends, and overnight, no support at all.

Content must be built with different rhythms than the newspaper, i.e. we need to react in moment and adjust over time as new material arrives.

Publication is the beginning of distribution process, not the end — content is often updated to add new material, etc.

Syndication over multiple platforms requires strong upfront conceptualization of content.

Syndication often requires re-editing, re-encoding of video and audio assets.

Operational Challenges

Continue to build upon’s outstanding reputation in the multimedia space.

Generate more multimedia content by equipping willing reporters with multi-use devices that can generate audio, video or photos.

Seek distribution opportunities through broadcast and Web outlets.

Create strategy to allow us to feature high-quality, externally produced video, a la HBO documentaries.

Generate more streams via deals with local TV stations, cable outlets.

Experiment with ways to get our multimedia content on alternative devices, i.e. iPods, cell phones, etc.

Sell more high-margin video ads to support the cost of creation.