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Introduction to Ornithology PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Ornithology

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Introduction to Ornithology
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Introduction to Ornithology

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    1. Introduction to Ornithology CVM 6880 Avian Core

    3. Birds and Humans Domestic poultry Companion birds Collections of birds (aviaries) Zoological collections Conservation efforts Wildlife rehabilitation Sporting activities - falconry, racing pigeons

    4. Good News/Bad News Bird Diversity Good news Exciting areas of study form, function, diets, etc Bad news Challenges re. care of the birds and their diverse (and perhaps unknown) needs

    5. Ornithology Science pertaining to birds Phylogeny Evolutionary relationships Construct classification or orderly arrangement Taxonomy Science of naming and classifying birds

    6. Taxonomy Class Aves - contains all species of birds Order (formes) Family (idae) Genus - groups of similar species Species approximately 9000 species

    7. Birds and Veterinary Care Ratites Domestic poultry Fowl-like birds (chickens, etc) Waterfowl Companion birds Doves and pigeons Raptors

    8. SuperOrders and Orders Palaeognathae - Ancient birds (Ratites) 4 orders Neognathe - Modern (all other birds) Galliformes (chickens) Anseriformes(waterfowl) Psittaciformes(parrots) Passeriformes (song or perching birds) Columbiformes (pigeons) Falconiformes (hawks, falcons) Strigiformes (owls)

    9. Ratites Superorder Palaeognaths Rehiformes/Rehidae Rheas Struthioniformes/Strut-hionidaie Ostriches Casuariiformes/Dromi-ceidae Emus Characteritics ancient flightless reduced wing bones sternum without keel long necked strong legs

    10. Domestic Poultry Order - Galliformes Fowl-like birds Families Phasiandidae Numididae Characteristics Med/Lrg size Short wings Terrestrial Limited flying ability Well developed keel Muscular gizzard Large ceca

    11. Breeds of Poultry For Images and Description:

    12. Domestic Poultry Galliformes/Phasianidae World wide distribution chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail Chickens - jungle fowl (Gallus gallus) Meat and egg type Exhibition Turkeys - Wild (Meleagris galloparvo) Domestic - Large White

    13. Domestic Poultry Galliformes/Numididae Guinea fowl Africa origination Domesticated (Numida meleagris)

    14. Domestic Poultry Order - Anseriformes Waterfowl Families Anatidae Characteristics Assoc. with water Dense waterproof plumage Webbed feet Short legs Flattened blunt tip bill

    15. Domestic Poultry Anseriformes/Anatidae Subfamily - Anserini Swans and geese Subfamily - Anatini Ducks - dabbling ducks - ancestors of domestic ducks Domestic ducks Pekins Muscovies Indian Runners

    16. Companion Birds Order - Psittaciformes Families Psittacidae Cacutuidae Loriidae Characteristics Small -med size Stout hooked bills Fleshy tongue Gregarious Vocal Use bill and feet for feeding and climbing

    17. Companion Birds Psittaciformes/Psittacidae Parrots short tailed large beaked stocky in body type Large Parrots African grey Amazon Small Parrots Lovebirds Parakeets Long tailed Parakeets Budgerigar Cockatiels Conures


    19. AMAZON



    23. BUDGIES


    25. Companion Birds Psittaciformes/Psittacidae Macaws long tails large beaks strong potentially destructive Hyacinth (100 cm) Noble (30 cm)

    27. MACAW

    28. Companion Birds Psittaciformes/ Cacutuidae Cockatoos med to lrg size white feathers erectile crest Sulfur crested Moluccan

    30. COCKATOO

    31. Companion Birds Psittaciformes/Loriidae Lorries & Lorikeets Size Brush tipped tongue Brilliant colors

    32. Companion Birds Order - Passeriformes Families Estrildidae Waxbills Fringillidae Canary Sturnidae Mynahs Starlings Characteristics Perching or song birds One-half of all species Small size Terrestrial Increased MR

    33. FINCHES

    34. CANARIES

    35. Companion Birds Order - Piciformes Families Ramphastidae Hornbills - Toucans Characteristics Large brightly colored bills Fruits/insects Neotropical - forest Nests in tree cavities

    36. Doves and Pigeons Order - Columbiformes Family- Columbidae ~ 300 species Rock Dove Homing pigeon Characterisitics small-large plump body small heads large crop pigeons milk

    37. Raptors Birds of Prey Order Falconiformes Families (5) Accipitridae (hawks) Falconidae (falcons) Characteristics Carnivores Short strong hooked bills Sharp curved talons Females larger than males

    38. Raptors Birds of Prey Order Strigiformes Families (2) Tytonidae (Barn-owls) Strigidae (Owls) Characteristics Carnivores Nocturnal Large rounded heads Ears shaped - sound location Long hooked bills Soft plumage - silent flight