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Introducing The DAISY Faculty Award PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing The DAISY Faculty Award

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Introducing The DAISY Faculty Award
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Introducing The DAISY Faculty Award

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  1. Introducing The DAISY Faculty Award

  2. The DAISY Foundation • DAISY is an acronym • “Diseases Attacking the Immune System” • Founded in December, 1999, in memory of • J. Patrick Barnes who died at 33 from complications of ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura) Patrick Barnes August, 1999

  3. The DAISY Foundation • Pat Barnes’ legacy • “Whenever he came across anyone in need he never turned his back. He reached out to comfort and to make them feel okay.” • The DAISY Foundation was established to keep Pat’s spirit alive Pat and wife Tena, now DAISY’s Vice President, Co-founder

  4. Foundation Goals • Pat’s family was awed by the care and compassion he (and they) received from nurses during his hospitalization • Goals focus on serving the nursing profession by • Recognizing the extraordinary work nurses do every day (The DAISY Award) • As of February, over 500 hospitals committed to honoring their nurses with The DAISY Award • American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) collaborates with the Foundation to help expand the program to every hospital that wants it • American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) supporting The DAISY Award for all Magnet and Pathways to Excellence organizations – and those on the journey • Funding nursing research (J. Patrick Barnes Grants for Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Projects) • AND

  5. Introducing The DAISY Faculty Award • In recognition of the facts that • Nursing faculty has a profound impact on the future practice patterns of their students • Too often, these dedicated teachers do not receive the recognition they deserve • Feeling under-appreciated may contribute to difficulty in retaining faculty • The DAISY Faculty Award is designed to provide to colleges/schools of nursing a national recognition program • To demonstrate appreciation to teachers for their commitment to the profession and inspirational influence on their students

  6. How Does the DAISY Faculty Award Work? • Flexible so each school can tailor to fit your needs and culture • Turn-key implementation

  7. Implementation • A coordinator at each college is DAISY's key contact who will manage the award and assure the process • Foundation provides a Welcome Kit – a PDF with everything schools need to plan and implement the program • Includes nomination form template • Honorees are selected in a blinded review of nominations submitted to a committee assigned to this task

  8. Decisions for Each Participating School/College • Number of Faculty Awards to be presented each year/semester • Location of presentation to provide greatest visibility for the honoree. E.g. • Graduation ceremonies • Honors convocations • Pinning ceremonies • Award ceremonies • In classroom, surprising the honoree • Criteria for selecting honorees • Under banner of inspiring compassionate care as well as great clinical skill • In keeping with each school’s culture and language

  9. Implementation • Faculty are nominated by college peers, students, administrators and colleagues at clinical settings in which they work • Each nomination includes a story of what the faculty has done to merit recognition • Stories are the key! • To be read at the Award ceremony so everyone knows why this faculty member was chosen

  10. DAISY Faculty Award Gifts Provided by The DAISY Foundation, each Honoree will receive: • A certificate created for each • institution • A DAISY Faculty Award Pin

  11. DAISY Faculty Award Gifts • Shona Sculpture “A Healer’s Touch” • Hand-carved, signed by artists of the Shona Tribe in Zimbabwe • Shona people have profound respect for their traditional healers. • Traditional healers are regarded as “treasures” by those they care for, just as DAISY views nursing faculty

  12. DAISY Faculty Nominee Pins • Having someone take the time to write a thoughtful nomination is worthy of acknowledgement • For each nominee • Special daisy pin • Copy of nomination • Note to nominee from Dean of Nursing School

  13. Why Participate? • Nursing literature demonstrates that recognition is a key element in nurse retention. • We suspect this is equally important for nursing faculty retention • This is a unique program, celebrating the impact that nursing faculty have on their students and, therefore, future patient care • It is another reflection of your supportive work environment and dedication to employee satisfaction • It provides a team-building opportunity for staff who share in the implementation of the program • It is one more way of promoting the best of nursing faculty • The DAISY Foundation’s appeal is national & by many esteemed organizations , including AONE and Magnet/Pathways to Excellence

  14. Funding The DAISY Faculty Award • Cost to each school based on number of awards per year • Contact Bonnie Barnes, DAISY’s Co-founder/President for specifics

  15. Becoming A DAISY Faculty Award Participant • Email: to receive your Commitment Form • Your Welcome Kit will be sent immediately

  16. Thank You! We look forward to working with you to honor your Extraordinary Nursing Faculty -Bonnie and Mark Barnes, Co-Founders