ibm global technology services tss software support services l.
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IBM Global Technology Services TSS – Software Support Services PowerPoint Presentation
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IBM Global Technology Services TSS – Software Support Services

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IBM Global Technology Services TSS – Software Support Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IBM Global Technology Services TSS – Software Support Services Philip Green Business Development Manager Organizations need streamlined, comprehensive support to maximize system uptime Most IT environments today are a mix of hardware and software from a variety of vendors

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Presentation Transcript
ibm global technology services tss software support services

IBM Global Technology ServicesTSS – Software Support Services

Philip Green

Business Development Manager


Organizations need streamlined, comprehensive support to maximize system uptime

  • Most IT environments today are a mix of hardware and software from a variety of vendors
  • Your ability to conduct business effectively and profitably demands maximum system uptime
  • Quick access to technical experts with knowledge about your heterogeneous IT environment
  • Prompt response to problem reports
  • A single, trusted, knowledgeable support team to manage and resolve IT problems regardless of platform or vendor
  • Faster problem determination and resolution
  • Reduced IT support costs

Why customers buy IBM Support Services

  • Flexibility… “on demand” .. 9x5 and 24x7
  • Seamless support ‘how do I ?’ non-defect and Defect support
  • Reduced recruitment / retention / management issues
  • Experience & Technical capability
    • We encourage customers to visit the Support centres
    • Technology knowledge covers new support areas such as Linux, VMware and Storage
  • Less education issues & access to latest technology skills
  • Allow client’s to concentrate on their core business
  • Access to the Labs/Vendors for support… REAL DIFFERENTIATOR

MTS also offers..

  • Seamless interlock with IBM HWMA service with ETS
  • range of remote & onsite support services available
  • Ability to work and buy via partners to get complete solution
why sell ibm software support solutions
Why sell IBM Software Support Solutions?
  • Margin
    • all BP’s earn margin from reselling IBM Support Services
    • annuity Maintenance revenue is great for business
  • IBM offerings available for sale with new hardware
    • Support Line, SWMA, ETS
    • Complimenting partners technical skills and services
  • We provide an excellent service – 85% NSI
  • We can & do respond to specific client requirements
  • Clothing solutions
    • IBM can add small or large elements to customer solutions
partner benefits6
Partner benefits..
  • Something available from day one
    • Support and services mean you can sell once with new hardware
    • You can enhance base services included with Software
    • Customised and packaged offers available
    • Utilising IBM’s services for you to build customer solutions
  • Lock your Client into you!

Don’t leave the gate open to other competition

    • The competition often leads with Services
      • Sell first. Keep them out..
    • more reasons to contact your Clients
    • more chances to sell more hardware & software
    • more chances to sell your value
    • Annuity business.. Keep coming back for more
essential technical support
Essential Technical Support


  • Remote Telephone Support
  • Mission critical Support 24x7 (9am-5pm optional on some ServicePacs)
  • Defect & non-defect support for the infrastructure
  • Support for solutions - not just products
    • Win/Lin Support – combined operating system support
    • Enhanced VMWare – Win/Lin & VMware support
      • Customers do not have to contract separately for VMware / Microsoft / Linux and Director support
    • New – Combined Pacs for HW and Software Support


new combined pacs
NEW !! - Combined Pacs…

Combines HW & SW Support

  • Single Part number
  • Provides 3 year 24x7x4 Warranty Service Upgrade
  • Windows/Linux/Director Support
  • 24x7 Support
  • Lower combined price
  • 3 Year part


support line or service pac
Support Line or Service Pac ?

Support Line ideal for….

  • Multiple machines on one contract
  • Linux Subscriptions
  • Microsoft Applications
  • Where customers don’t want to register
  • Additions during the contract term
  • Annuity business

ServicePac’s ideal for….

  • Single machines
  • When you don’t want to get a customer signature
  • Where customer’s don’t mind registering


support line or software servicepac
Support Line or Software ServicePac…

Remote telephone & electronic Support

  • 24x7 Severity One remote telephone support9am-5pm Monday-Friday for all other severities** Some ServicePacs are 9-5 Only – beware !
  • 2 Hour target response time to new requests
  • Defect & Non Defect “How-to” Support
      • Resolution of defect issues (creation of fixes)
      • Answers to short duration ‘How-to’ questions
  • Access to IBM’s skilled services specialists
  • Unlimited calls
    • Customers can call as much as they want on covered systems/products
  • Electronic support and problem submission
    • optimise time and give full online tracking of open support items
linux subscriptions
Linux Subscriptions..
  • IBM can sell Red Hat and SUSE Linux subscriptions
  • Additional service when sold with Support Line
    • WW interlock between IBM and Linux Vendors is initiated
    • Allows IBM to work with vendor to resolve issues
    • More resources to bear on issues
  • Gives customers the best of both worlds…
but what do i sell
But what do I sell ?

Once question is really all you need….

Do you use VMware ?

If yes…

Sell the Enhanced VMware ServicePac


Support Line for VMware with optional App support

If no….

Sell the Combined HW & SW ServicePacs


enhanced support
Enhanced Support
  • ETS from IBM brings:
  • Integrated Hardware and Software Support
  • Performance reports and recommendations
  • Enhanced Services Levels
  • Proactive approach
  • Critical Situation management
  • Access to Account Advocate teams
  • Rapid Response
  • From our partners:
  • Additional customer services



future offerings
Future Offerings … ?

In development….

  • Support Line – Online pricing & ordering
  • Support Line with ETS – Online pricing & ordering
  • Technical Support for Storage – Online pricing & ordering
  • Enhanced Technical Support for Storage – Online pricing & ordering
  • ServicePac for Storage support
  • More combined HW & SW Pacs



Key tips to drive your revenue

  • Sell software support services with Hardware & Software
    • feed the pipeline for growing annuity revenues
    • think beyond base support
    • Ensure renewals are done in time
    • IBM may be able to help with gaps in your service offerings
  • Make your clients aware of their service options
    • Come customers need more than the base!
    • Up-sell enhanced or premium support
    • Customise for your client’s needs and satisfaction
  • Check out the new System x offerings
    • New ServicePacs
    • More to follow
  • Include Enhanced Technical Support
    • Increasing value to your customer
    • Proactive approach to support
  • Familiarise with IBM’s offerings
    • If you want help.. Call me or use the IBM channels team !
    • More than happy to do one on one BP Sessions.