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FEMP Assistance Meeting Forest Service Needs Energy Savings Performance Contracting ESPC PowerPoint Presentation
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FEMP Assistance Meeting Forest Service Needs Energy Savings Performance Contracting ESPC

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FEMP Assistance Meeting Forest Service Needs Energy Savings Performance Contracting ESPC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FEMP Assistance Meeting Forest Service Needs Energy Savings Performance Contracting ESPC Definition of ESPC

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FEMP Assistance Meeting Forest Service Needs Energy Savings Performance Contracting ESPC

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definition of espc
Definition of ESPC
  • ESPC is a no-upfront-cost contracting method. The contractor incurs the cost of implementing energy conservation measures (ECM) and is paid from the energy, water, wastewater and operations savings resulting from these ECMs.
espc achievements
ESPC Achievements*
  • $1.9 Billion Investment
  • $5.2 Billion Savings
  • Annual energy savings:

16 trillion Btu

Equivalent to the energy consumed by 173,000 households or a city of a half million.

*2005 data, reported June 2006.

espc achievements4
ESPC Achievements
  • Over 400 Federal ESPC projects through FY05
  • 19 different Federal agencies and departments in 46 states
  • DOD has done 60% of the projects and 70% of the investment dollars
why do an espc
Why do an ESPC?
  • Meet energy reduction and environmental goals
    • Affirm agency commitment to these goals
  • Improve facilities: comfort and reliability
  • Provide critical facility data
  • Save taxpayer money
  • Faster process
  • Better quality
  • Good for community relations
  • Fixed price contracts - change orders aren’t needed
  • Avoid cost of delay and inaction
  • Fast construction
  • Avoid deferred maintenance
more on why do an espc
More on: Why do an ESPC?
  • ESCO has incentive to find all ECMs
  • ESCO has incentive to provide high quality equipment that will perform long after installation
  • ESCO has incentive to do all punch list items timely
  • ESCO has incentive to commission well

Reallocate the Government’s Utility Bill

  • Pay a lower utility bill
  • Pay the contractor
  • Achieve cost savings for the government

DOE ESPC Final Rule (1995)

  • Takes precedence over FAR
  • Allows unsolicited proposals
  • Specifies procurement procedures and bases for selection of ESCOs
the two types of super espc
The Two Types of Super ESPC
  • General (by DOE Region)
  • Technology Specific (National)
      • Photovoltaics
      • Geothermal
      • Biomass and Alternative Methane Fuels
      • Solar Thermal
Verifies guaranteed savings:

1. ESPCs are financed using avoided cost as a revenue to service debt.

2. A critical part of this financing tool is the ESCO-provided savings guarantee.

3. M&V assures the government that savings have been fully achieved before full payment is made to ESCO.

For a successful DO, both parties must understand and agree on the M&V strategy.

Why Do You Need M&V?

interagency agreement
Interagency Agreement
  • FEMP provides technical assistance to assure a successful ESPC.
  • To get started, FEMP provides free services without the need for an IAA.
  • After the IP phase, FEMP services are provided on a cost reimbursable basis. The IAA spells out level and cost of FEMP project facilitation.
super espc key points
Super ESPC Key Points
  • Guaranteed Savings are Mandatory
  • Measurement and Verification is Mandatory
  • Contract term cannot exceed 25 years
espc process requires
ESPC Process Requires
  • Require project facilitator
  • Require financing competition
  • Emphasis on M&V and Pricing
  • Change in contractor selection process
super espc steps
► Meet with DOE

► Pick Contractor (ESCO)

► Initial Proposal (IP)

► Notice of Intent (NOI)

► Detailed Energy Survey (DES)

► Delivery Order

► Final Design

► Installation

► Acceptance

► 1st Year Measurement & Verification (M&V)

► Annual M&V

► Complete contract

Super ESPC steps
bamf super espc process









Negotiate Final DO



BAMF Super ESPC Process







Exit ramp



No obligation exit ramp

biomass and alternative methane fuels energy services companies escos
Biomass and Alternative Methane Fuels Energy Services Companies (ESCOs)
  • Nation-wide Coverage
  • Ameresco Federal Solutions
  • Constellation Energy Services
  • DTE
  • Energy Systems Group
  • Honeywell
escos by doe regions regional espc
ESCOs byDOE Regions (Regional ESPC)
  • Constellation Energy Services
  • Ameresco Solutions
  • Johnson Controls
  • Honeywell Building Solutions (SES)
  • Honeywell International
  • Johnson Controls
  • Select Energy Services
  • Honeywell Building Solutions (SES)
  • Consolidated Edison Solutions
  • Constellation Energy Services
  • Honeywell International
  • Select Energy Services
  • Honeywell International
  • Johnson Controls
  • Honeywell Building Solutions (SES)
  • Ameresco Solutions
  • Honeywell International
  • Johnson Controls
  • Honeywell Building Solutions (SES)
  • Ameresco Solutions
  • Chevron USA
  • Johnson Controls
  • Honeywell International
  • Honeywell Building Solutions (SES)

For contact info: www.


More ESPC Info

Super ESPC Workshops for 2008

Check with us about Intro and Advanced ESPC training workshops for 2008.

Check with us about on-line or on-site training.

Energy 2008

August, 2008

Phoenix, Arizona

ESPC info on the Web:

forest service espc history
Forest Service ESPC - History

Edd Bills

Biomass and Alternative Methane Fuels (BAMF) Super ESPC

Project Facilitator

forest service espc history20
Forest Service ESPC - History
  • 1998 Region 6 Corvallis Forestry Lab, Heating retrofit & Bldg Automation Systems

$740,528 Cost - $769,001 Total Savings - 10 Year Term

  • 2005 Region 2 Mystic Ranger District Office, Biomass Heat

$211,449 Cost - $397,726 Total Savings - 20 Year Term

Project aborted at Final Proposal due to size (economics)

  • 2005 Region 4 Idaho City Ranger District Compound

Biomass heat and power

Project aborted before Initial Proposal due to size (economics)

forest service espc current
Forest Service ESPC - Current

Regions 2/4 Region-wide ESPC

  • Biomass Heat, Lighting, Wind, Solar, Water
  • Region 2, Part 1 - $1.9 Million cost - $2.9 Million total savings - 15 year term
  • Region 4 Part 1 - $2.1 Million cost - $3 Million Savings (estimate)
  • All indications point to at least 2 successful projects
regions 2 4 region wide espc cont d
Regions 2/4 Region-wide ESPC cont’d
  • Region 2 - Detailed Energy Survey (DES) in-progress
  • Region 4 - Initial proposal 1st wk of Dec 07

ESCO Proposed Model

  • Part 1 – Large enough for project viability small enough for investigation efficiency.
    • One volunteer Forest has comprehensive DES.
    • All Forests in the region investigated for light and water.
    • Measures of interest are considered (e.g. Forest has wind).
  • Part 2 – Ideas coming out of Part 1 applied.
    • All interested Forests have DES.
    • Large scale biomass heat and/or power will be considered.
fs currently exploring espc
FS Currently Exploring ESPC
  • Regions 2/4
  • Region 1
  • Region 3
  • Job Corps
  • Research Stations
  • Forest Products Lab
forest service espc lessons learned
Forest Service ESPC Lessons Learned
  • “Bundle” small projects for success
  • Region(s)-wide effort is an excellent method of bundling (is a national ESPC possible?)
  • Grass roots interest is essential
    • Each Forest must stand alone –
    • Energy savings are retained locally
  • One Contracting Officer over several projects is very beneficial - cuts 6 months off a project.
  • Grants and Agreements people add an approval layer
forest service espc challenges
Forest Service ESPC Challenges
  • Educating Contracting (and Grants/Agreements)
  • Working around fire season
  • Investigating spread-out, and remote locations
  • Economical Measurement and Verification (M&V) on Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) at small, spread-out, and remote locations
recommendations to streamline the espc process at fs
Recommendations to Streamline the ESPC Process at FS
  • Execute a National Interagency Agreement out of FS HQ (avoids duplication from region to region)
  • Assign a “specialist” Contracting Officer for ESPC
forest service biomass issues
Forest Service Biomass Issues
  • Size is everything – Small is challenging
    • Small facilities must have help from lighting, water, etc to make ESPC economical.
    • Currently the threshold seems to be around 30,000 ft2
  • Midsize biomass heat can pay back quickly
  • Fuel procurement responsibility is an issue
femp support for the forest service
FEMP Support for the Forest Service

Biomass and Alternative Methane Fuels (BAMF) Super ESPC

Technical and Team Lead

how can we help
How can we help?
  • Biomass expertise within FEMP
  • DOE – FEMP Training
  • Contract Officer Training
  • Dean Graham – familiar with FS and ESPC
wood to energy

Using wood:

  • Reduces hazardous forest fuels – promotes healthy forests
  • Reduces use of fossil fuel
  • Lowers net carbon to the atmosphere
  • Helps meet EPAct 2005 and Executive Orders
  • Saves energy dollars
fs doe synergy
FS – DOE Synergy
  • Large Scale Biomass Power Plant(s) for Federal Sector Power.
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Energy Parks – Ideal locations for heat and power applications
fs doe opportunities
FS – DOE Opportunities

Fuel Available

Favorable State for Wheeling

High Voltage Grid Nodes



DOE Southeast Region

Geothermal Heat Pump ESPC

Photovoltaic ESPC

Biomass ESPC

Doug Culbreth

U.S. Department of Energy