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CTE & Core Integration

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CTE & Core Integration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CTE & Core Integration. By Rujena Dotson. Reading/ Language + Math = Core. Everyone Is In The Boat Together. Title. CTE. Special Ed. CTE and Non-CORE Teachers say,…. “I’m not certified in math or English.” “I can’t cover my competencies let alone someone else’s.”

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cte core integration

CTE & Core Integration


Rujena Dotson

cte and non core teachers say
CTE and Non-CORE Teachers say,….
  • “I’m not certified in math or English.”
  • “I can’t cover my competencies let alone someone else’s.”
  • “I don’t have time.”
  • “I don’t know how.”
address two needs
Address Two Needs

Assess labs, clinicals, and shop work settings

Integrate writing and vocabulary into existing curriculum

writing assessment
Writing Assessment
  • Greatly impacted by vocabulary integration
  • Like all things is most effective when integrated or embedded within existing curriculum
additional notes of importance
Additional Notes of Importance

Children today are visual learners as opposed to auditory learners


Vocabulary Word____________________________________________Date______

team read write max teaching
Team Read & Write (Max Teaching)
  • Get together in a group of three
  • As a group view the vocabulary cartoon your group was given (each groups is different)
  • Need one piece of paper and a pen
team read write max teaching14
Team Read & Write(Max Teaching)

First person write what you did last night (keep it clean)

Next person please continue writing it is now a fictitious short story and you must integrate your vocabulary word

Next person please read and then continue the story


Vocabulary Word-Abut_to border upon or adjoin_____Date_8/17-8/21__

*Remember- Who, What, When, Where

why should i care about core academics
Why should I care about CORE academics
  • There will never be less accountability education
  • The focus will not be moving from Math and Reading/Language
  • Systems only have a certain amount of money
  • Systems may have to hire more academic teachers to get the desired core academic results
  • Funds may have to be diverted from non core academic positions