competitive swimming with trowbridge asc
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Competitive Swimming With Trowbridge ASC

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Competitive Swimming With Trowbridge ASC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Competitive Swimming With Trowbridge ASC . By Pete Crudgington Jan 2010. Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), The Swimmer Pathway. TRAINING TO WIN typical age 16+ girls, 18+ boys ICT at Bath Uni & Team Bath YAG. TRAINING TO COMPETE typical age 14-16 girls, 15-18 boys

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competitive swimming with trowbridge asc

Competitive SwimmingWith Trowbridge ASC

By Pete Crudgington

Jan 2010

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), The Swimmer Pathway

TRAINING TO WIN typical age 16+ girls, 18+ boys

ICT at Bath Uni & Team Bath YAG

TRAINING TO COMPETE typical age 14-16 girls, 15-18 boys

Team Bath Youth and Age Groups & TASC Squad

TRAINING TO TRAIN typical age 11-14 girls, 12-15 boys

TASC Squad Sessions & Team Bath YAG

SWIM SKILLS typical age 8-11 girls, 9-12 boys

TASC Club Sessions (NPTS 8 -10)

FUNdamentals typical age 5-8 girls, 6-9 boys

Bradford on Avon pool (NPTS 1 – 7)

(NPTS is the National Plan for Teaching Swimming)

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Progress Through the Club

Learn to Swim at Bradford on Avon (Wednesday)

Move to Trowbridge, minimum of two sessions per week, may get selected for SJL, C team and possibly qualify for the Wiltshires. Enter level 3 and 4 Open Meets.

Invited to join Trowbridge ASC Squad, 4 or more sessions per week, SJL, B Teams, possible A Team, qualify for Wiltshires and Possibly Districts.

Invited to join West Wilts Force 5 to swim in the Arena National Swimming League. (Still represent Trowbridge ASC in all other events and open meets)

Invited to join Team Bath Youth and Age Groups. SJL, A Teams, Wiltshires, Districts and possibly Nationals. (Still represent Trowbridge ASC in most events)

Invited to join ITC at Bath Uni, this Intensive Training Centre at Bath Uni is for National Level swimmers, one of 5 centres in the UK it prepares swimmers to swim for their country in European and World Events.

Most swimmers get to level 2, about 50% get to 3, as in most sports only the very best make it to the top through putting in many thousands of hours of work.

Competitive Swimming V2.2

What’s Available for Competitive Swimmers?
  • Trowbridge ASC is a competitive swimming club.
  • It gives swimmers the chance to compete in many different forms of competition as set out below:-
  • Trowbridge ASC Club Champs
  • Southern Junior League
  • Wiltshire “Moonraker” Summer and Winter Leagues
  • Open meets from level 4 to level 1
  • Wiltshire County Championships
  • South Western District Championships
  • ASA National Championships
  • Arena National Swimming League via West Wilts Force 5 (WWF5)
  • Masters in the Wiltshire Masters

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Trowbridge ASC Club Championships
  • Age Groups U8, 9&10, 11&12, 13&14, 15&16 and 17 and Over
  • Split into Boys and Girls
  • Distances 25m to 1500m
  • No qualification times (Level 4 meet)
  • Bradford swimmers should only do 25m and possibly 50m in best stroke
  • Used to qualify for Wiltshire County Championships
  • Don’t enter too many events in any session, 3 is about right.

Competitive Swimming V2.2

The Southern Junior League or Diddy’s
  • First taste of competition out side of club
  • 3 galas in May and June each year
  • Age groups 9, 10, 11 and 12 years olds Boys and girls
  • Age as on last gala in series
  • 49 events per gala, individuals in all strokes plus 4 x 25m relays in Free and Medley
  • Individuals are 25m for 9 year olds, 50m for the rest.
  • Last event is the 8 x 25m cannon
  • Team Manager is Sue Tucker
  • Invitation only event with selection based on performance.

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Wiltshire ASA Moonraker Summer League
  • Trowbridge has an A and B team
  • Takes place from May to September
  • 26 teams across 7 leagues compete
  • Last year A team 2nd in Dev 1, B team 2nd in Dev 3
  • Ages U12, U14, U16 and Open (age on 31st August)
  • Individual events in all strokes and 4 x 25m relays in Free and Medley
  • Gala starts with a IM for Open Men then Open Ladies
  • Events are 50m for U12’s and U14’s, 100m for U16 and Open
  • A Team Manager Michele Greenan
  • B team Manager Kevin Fricker
  • Invitation only based on performance

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Wiltshire ASA Moonraker Winter League
  • 4 galas, December to March
  • 25 teams in 2 Divisions
  • All Teams compete against each other, points given 1 to 25 per event.
  • Age groups 9 to 12, U15, U17 and Open (age at end of March)
  • 39 events all relays, Free, Back, Breast, Medley and Squadrons
  • 4 x 25m for all except open which is 4 x 50m
  • A Team Manager Michele Greenan
  • B Team Manager Kevin Fricker
  • C Team Manager Pete Crudgington
  • Invitation Only, based on performance and availability.

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Open Meets
  • Held by many clubs throughout the year, including Trowbridge ASC
  • Graded Level 4 to Level 1
  • Level 4, no qualification times. 25m Pool
  • Level 3 To Qualify for County Championships
    • 25m or 50m pools
    • Qualification and Cut off times
    • 200m free, Boy of 11 time between 2:27 and 3:07 (long course)
  • Level 2, to qualify for Districts and Nationals
    • 25m pools only
    • Qualification times
    • 200m free, boy of 11 time better than 2:54.8
  • Level 1, to qualify for Districts and Nationals
    • 50m pools only
    • Qualification times
    • 200m free, boy of 11 time better than 2:51.3
  • Age typically as on last day of meet
  • Results all published on ASA web site (details at end)

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Wiltshire County Championships
    • Held in spring at the Link in Swindon and Bath Uni (Long distance events)
    • Age Groups of BAGCAT’s and Youths
    • BagCats, Boys 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 (Age on 21st March)
    • BagCats, Girls 9, 10,11, 12 and 13 (Age on 21st March)
    • Awards given for individual events and overall BagCat performance
    • BagCat points given for Sprints, Form, Medley, 100’s and Free
    • Sprints are Best of 50 free, breast, back and fly
    • Form is best in 200 Breast, Back or Fly
    • Medley is best in 100, 200 or 400 IM
    • Free is best is 200m or over Freestyle
    • Ensure you do enough events for BagCats
    • 42 Trowbridge Swimmers Competed last year.
    • (BAGCat’s are British Age Group CATegories as defines by the ASA)

Competitive Swimming V2.2

The Regional’s
  • ASA South West Regional
  • June at Millfield
  • Times are Fast
  • 200m Free for 11 year old boy is 2:29.2
  • Age on 21st June
  • Trowbridge ASC had 22 swimmers last year at the Regional's.

Competitive Swimming V2.2

The National Swimming Championships
    • The National’s are held at the end of July at Ponds Forge in Sheffield
    • Only the best in the country get there and the entry times are very fast.
    • Again for an 11 year old boy the 200 freestyle qualification time is 2:19.75 (In a 25m Pool) or 2:23.47 in a 50m one.
    • A full list of the entry times are shown on the next slide.
    • Note that it is your age on August 1st 2010 for BagCat’s so when your birthday falls between March 21st and August 1st you will be in different age groups for the Wiltshire’s, Regional’s and National’s
    • Each year a number of Trowbridge swimmers make it to the nationals, last year 9 swimmers made it and Hayley Towner was National Champion at 100 fly in her age group.

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Tip for Galas and Open Meets
  • Enjoy yourself!
  • Clothes, make sure you bring the following, a club hat, 2 pairs of goggles, 2 towels, a club T shirt and pair of shorts for on poolside and a spare swimming costume.
  • Bring some snacks and plenty to drink, fruit and nuts are good for snacks with squash being the best drink. Do not bring fizzy drinks
  • If you are invited please confirm with the Team Manager as soon as you can that you will be able to attend. Again if for any reason you are unable to make it please notify the Team Manager as soon as you can, due to the relay nature of some events if not enough people attend the team is unable to compete.
  • Make sure that once you are changed you take your bag onto pool side with you, it won’t be safe left in the changing rooms and you will need a towel, T shirt and shorts with you on poolside to stay warm between races.
  • Bring your parents with you to cheer you on!
  • Ensure your nutrition is correct see our Healthy Eating Leaflet For advice. Ensure you have a good meal 1 to 2 hours prior to the gala (Pasta or Rice)
  • The new FINA rules state that only 1 costume can be worn, must finish above the knee and be of permeable material.

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Helpers are Always Needed

For all events helpers are required, for the Winter League the following volunteers are required for each Gala:-

Team Manager, Judge, 2 timekeepers, 2 senders and 1 person each end of the pool to organise the swimmers, so a total of 8 volunteers are required for this. For our own club championships the number required is far greater and typically 16 to 20 people are involved.

Thus we always need more volunteers!

Senders and helpers are not qualified so any one can do it.

Timekeepers, Judges, Starters and Referees all have to be qualified via the appropriate training (at a cost to the Club)

Team Managers also require training.

As a club we also need Life Guards and Coaches, both require formal training.

If you would like to become more involved in supporting your child swim please contact Michele Greenan who will be able to advise when suitable courses are run.

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Who’s Who at Trowbridge ASC

See Web site for contact Details

Chairman Richard Smith

Secretary Lee Davies

Membership Secretary Sarah Hill

Head Coach Sarah Paton

Treasurer Phil Chow

A Team Manager Michele Greenan

B Team Manager Kevin Fricker

C Team Manager Pete Crudgington

SJL Team Manager Sue Tucker

Competition Secretary Sarah Hill

Child Welfare Officers Nance Davies & Rob Griggs

Education Officer Michele Greenan

Safety Officer and Life Guard Val Hampshire

Club Shop Rob Griggs

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Useful places on the Internet

As well as the ASA website that we will see on the next two slides the following are also worth visiting:-

The club web site at

The Wiltshire ASA web site at

The South West ASA web site at

Wiltshire Masters Swimming at

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Further Information

There is lots more detail on the ASA website, this is at

Scroll down in this area to see more quick links such as the rankings as shown on the next couple of slides.

Competitive Swimming V2.2

Seeing your Results on the ASA Website

Any licensed open meet that you compete in will upload the results to the ASA website, you can access it as follows:-

Click on this button in the quick links

It should bring up this screen

Then click on either of these

(Then see live demo)

Competitive Swimming V2.2