2 nd grade fish project l.
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2 nd Grade Fish Project

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2 nd Grade Fish Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2 nd Grade Fish Project. Fall 1999. Enchiwenmet gode gigok. Fish are fun. Alyssa. Ni se mine Anekwet gi bostoyak I waboyak I Dawat gi me’nodeyek. Anakwud and I were putting the screen on our habitat. Erynn. Ngi shema o gigo. I was feeding the fish. Kim.

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Presentation Transcript
Ni se mine Anekwet gi bostoyak I waboyak IDawat gi me’nodeyek.Anakwud and I were putting the screen on our habitat.


gi gowe bnadan i dawat e bon gweshkwadzet gi gigoyek
Gi gowe’bnadan I dawat e’bongweshkwadzet gi gigoyek.

I was putting on screen so the fish wouldn’t jump out of the habitat.


ngi se makage yan gi gigoyek mine gi me me yek i put down tobacco for the fishes and the butterfly
Ngi se’makage’yan gi gigoyek mine gi me’me’yek.I put down tobacco for the fishes and the butterfly.


e gi zhye yak cherry creek fish hatchery we went to the cherry creek fish hatchery in harvey
E’gi zhye’yak Cherry Creek Fish Hatchery.We went to the Cherry Creek Fish Hatchery in Harvey.


ngi medagwe ndan she nazwenen i kche gigo i liked the beautiful colors on the huge rainbow trout
Ngi medagwe’ndan she nazwenen i kche gigo.I liked the beautiful colors on the huge rainbow trout.

Pat Donovan

ngi medagwe ndan she o kche gigo i liked feeding and touching the lake trout
Ngi medagwe’ndan she o kche gigo. I liked feeding and touching the lake trout.

Karen Johns

nake she ewi de bwe yak e gi medagwe n demyak g i gigoyek without a doubt we love the lake trout
Nake she ewi de’bwe’yak,e’gi medagwe’n demyak gi gigoyek. Without a doubt, we love the lake trout.

Julian Trudeau

Wabshkyawa o gigo, nake mskwamget i meset. The albino fish is white. I guess his belly would get really red.

Carol Sagataw

Noeg egi ponzet o gigo.Fish can live up to seven years. It takes about one year for fish to get from the hatchery to the lake.



Ngi wabma o wabshkya gigo, mine mskwe’wamgezo mesetgigo, nake penoje’ gigo. I saw an albino fish, a fish with an orange belly, and a little fish.



Gi bosto o gigoyek she i kchedabyane’wi zhyat ibembes. The hatchery has a truck that they use to take the baby fish to the streams and lakes.


ngom e gi wabdayan gi bkanet gigoyek today i saw lake trout baby fish and an albino fish
Ngom e’gi wabdayan gi bkanet gigoyek. Today I saw lake trout, baby fish, and an albino fish.

Julie & Jennifer Halfaday


Ngom gi wabma kche gigo, mine penoje’ gigo, nakebkanet gigoyek. Today I saw big fish and baby fish.I saw a white fish and a red belly fish.

Eugene Thunder

nin se mine frank e gi ke ndesoyak gi gigoyek frank and i learned about fish together
Nin se mine Frank e’gi ke’ndesoyak gi gigoyek. Frank and I learned about fish together.

Lori Meshigaud

Gigok mine Bemadzejek e’bye’watchak she zheebmadzewat. Fish and people come in all sizes and colors.

Rhonda Malinowski

E’gi wabdiyak i wanage’i she gigo. My mother and I were lookingat the wet scaly skin and it was shiny.


ngi wabma nikan mnosen e gi gishktot o gigo i was watching brian s dad cut open the fish
Ngi wabma nikan mnosen e’gi gishktot o gigo. I was watching Brian’s dad cut open the fish.


E’gi mijet bkan gigo o gigo e’gi gishktoyan.When I got my fish, there was a fish inside of my other fish.


O gigo e’mnoshewe’bzet gishpen i nibi she wenet. A fish’s health is related to how healthyand clean the water they live in is.

Noreena Migwanabe

e gi dazgenje ne yan o nnikan gigoyek i was holding jesses fish they were tiny and the fish stunk
E’gi dazgenje’ne’yan o nnikan gigoyek. I was holding Jesses’ fish. They were tiny and the fish stunk.


e gi wabdiyak i gigo meset we saw the stomach the heart was red and the kidney was tan
E’gi wabdiyak i gigo meset. We saw the stomach. The heart was red and the kidney was tan.


ngwes nake ninse e gi wabdiyak i meset my son and i were looking at the stomach
Ngwes nake ninse e’gi wabdiyak i meset. My son and I were looking at the stomach.

Jesse Wandahsega

Mnos mine ninse e’gi mkanayak i nkon. Dad and I found the liver. Then I felt the liver. It was slippery.


frankie mine nin e dkashiyak e gishtoyak o gigo frankie and i were having fun dissecting fish
Frankie mine nin e’dkashiyak e’gishtoyak o gigo. Frankie and I were having fun dissecting fish.

Peter Long

e gi gishktoyan i nkon hau e gi bazmyagzet i was taking out the liver and it stunk really bad
E’gi gishktoyan I nkon, hau e’gi bazmyagzet. I was taking out the liver and it stunk really bad.


e gi mkanayan i gigo bide i gigo when i cut the fish open i found a small fish in the big fish
E’gi mkanayan i gigo bide i gigo. When I cut the fish open, I found a small fish in the big fish.


E’gi gishktoyak i gigo. Ni pi je i de’h, ni pi jei nkon. Nookshe ode Kenomagkwet,sheke’ e’gi mkan eyak i peshkwajis.

Betsy and I were dissecting a fish.

Hmmm, now where’s the heart?

Where’s the liver?

Look Teacher, we found the

air bladder all by ourselves!

Vivian Trudeau

ngi mikwe ndan e she schege yak shote this was an experience to remember
Ngi mikwe’ndan e’she schege’yak shote. This was an experience to remember.

Marlene Williams

thank you

Thank You!

The 2nd graders would like to express their appreciation to all who helped make Fish are Fun a successful project:

The support staff who took pictures

Gifted and Talented for providing t-shirts

Mike McNeely and Floyd Paquinfor providing the fish

The Cherry Creek Fish Hatchery

To our Tech Department for their computer expertise

To Don Perrot for transcribing English into Potawatomi

To NMU students who helped with the fish dissection

To the many people who “took a moment to help”

Paula Pare