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Ed-Co. Vision: To produce a product which is both fun and useful To rule the world Members: Scott Ferrell – Sensors and Communications Jeremy Griffin – MCU and GUI Aric Kalynchuk – Software Development and Research Daisuke Kubo – Power and MCU Chad Shaffer – Communications

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ed co



To produce a product which is both fun and useful

To rule the world


Scott Ferrell – Sensors and Communications

Jeremy Griffin – MCU and GUI

Aric Kalynchuk – Software Development and Research

Daisuke Kubo – Power and MCU

Chad Shaffer – Communications

Brent Thompson – Sensors and MCU

  • System Concept and Components
  • Background and Market Research
  • System Descriptions
    • Control
    • Radio Frequency (RF) Direction Finding
    • Communications and Graphical User Interface
  • Cost and Schedule
  • Project Future
system components
System Components
  • Extremely mobile user interface
    • Personal digital assistant
    • Nintendo Game Boy
  • Radio Frequency Beacon
    • Mobile RF signal generator
  • Small autonomous car
    • Modified remote controlled car with a microcontroller unit and sensors
system concept
System Concept
  • A mobile controller transmits drive parameters to vehicle
  • The mobile controller receives sensed data from vehicle
  • Two modes of vehicle operation
    • Vehicle can track a RF beacon
    • Vehicle can follow waypoints
mode concepts and reasons
Mode Concepts and Reasons
  • Track
    • Will locate and follow a RF beacon
    • To show all of our skills
  • Point to Point
    • For vehicle testing
    • Allows for future scalability
market research
Market Research

Competing Technology

  • Remote car and sensor platforms being researched from MIT to high school students
  • Most projects do not provide tracking/sensing technology that is integrable or upgradeable with current market technology

Computer controlled sensor platforms. →

←Computer controlled racing, based on pre-programmable behavior.

market research1
Market Research

Largest Markets

  • Safety
    • “after an accident, the violations that frequently top the list are failures to keep pathways clear, floors clean, and emergency exits freely accessible”
    • Jan Schut, www.plasticstechnology.com
  • Scientific Research
    • The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (H.V.O.) is a good example of an organization that regularly monitors and studies volcanic activity
  • Entertainment
    • Sam’s Club is selling twenty-four different types of RC monster trucks this holiday season…Smart Track is the natural integration of technology that Sharper Image and Radio Shack customers already use and are willing to buy
system overview
System Overview
  • RF beacon
  • Vehicle
    • RF receiver
    • Vehicle controls
    • Wireless comm.
  • Base station
    • Graphical user interface (GUI)
rf direction finding
Horn antenna gain pattern consists of a single beam with minimal sidelobes

Allows for a very simple RF direction finding algorithm

Measure received power from both antennas

Turn in direction of antenna with greater received power

RF Direction Finding

Horn 1

RF Beacon

Horn 2

vehicle speed control
Vehicle Speed Control

Speed Demand

  • Determined based on the distance to the beacon

Motor Speed

  • Controlled by switching the motor supply “on” and “off” very quickly
  • Responds only to the average effect
    • Longer “on” – speed increase
    • Longer “off” – speed decrease
vehicle direction control
Vehicle Direction Control

Turn Demand

  • Determined based on position with respect to the beacon

Turning Control

  • Two servo motors on the front wheels control the direction
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) determines the angle of rotation of the motor
    • Longer pulse – motor turns more
    • Shorter pulse – motor turns less
vehicle microcontroller unit
Vehicle Microcontroller Unit
  • ATmega32 MCU
    • I/O
      • 32 programmable I/O lines
    • Operating voltage
      • 4.5 V ~ 5.5 V
    • Speed grades
      • 0-16 MHz
    • Power consumption at 1 MHz, 3V, 25ºC
      • Active mode: 1.1 mA
      • Idle mode: 0.35 mA
      • Power-down mode: <1μA
choice of communication
Choice of Communication
  • Bluetooth: powerful but expensive, complex, and power-hungry
  • Zigbee: developed for industrial applications… not present in consumer devices
  • Wireless fidelity (WiFi): integrated into PDA’s Game Boy, and many handheld platforms
extremely mobile user interface
Extremely Mobile User Interface
  • Has a very short setup time
  • Easy to pack away
  • Familiar technology to consumers
  • Able to operate while client is in motion
  • Possible languages and operating systems being considered are (Visual) C++, PalmOS, Java/Flash
project schedule1
Project Schedule
  • First half of winter quarter:

Building components

  • Second half of winter quarter:


  • Everyone works in all areas, but responsibility focused for concurrent work

System Components and Pricing



ATmega32 MCU


Lantronix WiPort


WiPort antenna


RC monster truck


Laser distance finder


RF antennas


Wiring, components


Cost per system






Development Components and Pricing



STK500 DevKit


WiPort DevKit




Beacon antenna


Signal generator



$50*, **



Cost to develop





system futures
System Futures
  • The beacon tracking mode
    • Hunter-seeker applications
  • The waypoint mode (greatest potential)
    • Games
    • Data sensing in hazardous areas
    • Security patrols
ed co needs you
Ed-Co Needs You!
  • Your project not what you expected?
  • Feel like you don’t really matter?
  • Looking for a group with vision and a future?
  • We have an opening in the software development department
  • Ed-Co is on its way up, join now and become a founding partner