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An Event In History Oklahoma City Bombing

An Event In History Oklahoma City Bombing. About the Building Who was Involved The Reasons The Consequences Bibliography More Information Wrap Up Picture Bibliography. By Laura Jordan October 3, 2005. The Murrah Federal Building.

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An Event In History Oklahoma City Bombing

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  1. An Event In HistoryOklahoma City Bombing About the Building Who was Involved The Reasons The Consequences Bibliography More Information Wrap Up Picture Bibliography By Laura Jordan October 3, 2005

  2. The Murrah Federal Building The Oklahoma Cit Bombing was one of the worst disasters on U.S. soil. Parents dropped their kids off at the Murrah Federal Building for day care and never even thought about what would happen. The Murrah Federal building was nine stories and was the offices of the Secret Service, D.E.A (Drug Enforcement Agency), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), and day care for the people working there and employees of other companies. Men, women, and children were lost and most were not found. In this essay I will show you just how difficult life was to know this preventable act was performed.

  3. Twenty-seven year old Timothy McVeigh rented a Ryder rental truck with plans to bomb the Murrah Building. Timothy McVeigh was a former member of the U.S. army and was a very devoted American, or so it seemed. McVeigh’s army friend, Terry Nichols was said to have had a major part in the bombing as well. On April 19, 1995 at around 9:00 am, people dropped off their kids at the Murrah Federal Building in down town Oklahoma. Three minutes later, the Ryder truck Timothy McVeigh rented, exploded blew the nine story building in half. Who was involved?

  4. What were the reasons? People don’t exactly know the reasons for the Oklahoma City Bombing. He said to have given explanations no one believed. Most people say in the end when he was executed, he was full of remorse and denied the world. This is hard for people to believe nothing else pushed him to such a hateful act, because of his active involvement in the army. There is just no other plausible explanation.

  5. Consequences of the bombing The consequences of this event were terrible. With in minutes, 168 people were dead, 19 of them children. Hundreds of people were injured in what was said to be one of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil. Tim McVeigh was pulled over on the Oklahoma Highway 90 minutes after the explosion for driving without a license. He was later arrested. Right before being released, he was recognized as a bombing suspect and was charged with the bombing. When police figured McVeigh and Terry Nichols were army friends, they questioned Nichols and found he too was a bomber. McVeigh was charged with the death sentence and for 11 murder charges.

  6. You have heard who was involved, the reasons for the bombing, when and where it occurred, and the devastating consequences. No I will tell you some relevant information. It took 44 days to fro the FBI to convince the car rental agency that one of their customers was Timothy McVeigh. People say that Tim McVeigh did not really die when he was executed and was sent to South America. He was given a new identity where no one knows who he is. Timothy McVeigh could be alive or dead but the tragedy of the Oklahoma City Bombing lives on. More Information

  7. Wrap Up Now you know about the Oklahoma City bombing and what was said to have happened. Although those men and women are gone, we remember them. The families and the friends of the victims were heart broken but had many stories to tell. Stories are also told at the memorial and museum of the bombing. We have caught the bad guys and almost completely solved the case. Regardless, we will never forget the Murrah Federal Building and victims, before, and after the tragedy.

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