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Joe Topichak - A Glimpse into Corning, NY PowerPoint Presentation
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Joe Topichak - A Glimpse into Corning, NY

Joe Topichak - A Glimpse into Corning, NY

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Joe Topichak - A Glimpse into Corning, NY

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  1. A Glimpse into • Corning,New York • By Joe TopiChak

  2. The first settlement in the town of Corning, a city in Steuben County, New York, UnIted states, on the Chemung River, was made near the site of the future city in 1796. The community was set apart from the town as a village in 1848 and incorporated as a city in 1890. As the glass industry developed, Corning became known as the "Crystal City.”

  3. It is named for Erastus Corning, an Albany financier and railroad executive who was an investor in the company that developed the community.

  4. Corning changed lighting forever by creating a way to mass-produce the bulbs, making incandescent lights widely affordable, after Thomas Edison asked The Company Named Corning to produce glass envelopes, or bulbs, for his newly invented incandescent lamp, in1879.

  5. The world's premier collection of glass containing over 45,000 objects covering over 3,500 years of the art and history of glass is contained in The Corning Museum of Glass.

  6. The most comprehensive collection of Western Art sculpture east of the Mississippi is housed in the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, assembled over the past 40 years by Robert F. and Hertha Rockwell.

  7. In 1997, Corning contributed a colossal mirror to the Subaru Telescope. Over 26 feet across and 8 inches thick, this 27-ton piece of glass is one of the largest ever made.

  8. Benjamin Patterson Inn, (formerly Jenning's Tavern in Corning), is the oldest frame structure in the valle, built in 1796. • Now called the Benjamin Patterson Inn Museum, it depicts life in the early 1800’s.

  9. Corning Community College has its own planetarium and observatory complex, offering shows to groups and to the public.

  10. Corning supplied the windows for some of the United States’ earliest spacecraft — including the Friendship 7 flown by John Glenn for the first U.S. manned orbital flight — and continues to supply NASA with specially engineered windows designed to withstand the rigors of space conditions.

  11. Historic Market Street in Corning is the model for a national program aimed at revitalizing historic downtown districts.

  12. Corning is home to one of the United States’ earliest R&D facilities. Corning established its science and technology laboratory in 1908, when only a handful of companies were engaged in formal research and development.

  13. Each piece of exquisite Steuben Crystal is a unique piece of art created by hand at only one location in the world- Corning, New York. • It is a well-known gift to United States presidents and international dignitaries.

  14. “Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration.” • - Charles Dickens