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EOC Review. Goal 5. Objective 5.01. Which is the best example of an effort to reach a compromise? A presidential veto A conference committee between Senate and House members A Supreme Court decision with nine different opinions A ballot initiative.

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objective 5 01
Objective 5.01
  • Which is the best example of an effort to reach a compromise?
    • A presidential veto
    • A conference committee between Senate and House members
    • A Supreme Court decision with nine different opinions
    • A ballot initiative
Which term BEST describes the process in which people with differing opinions meet to try to persuade those who disagree with them to accept their opinion that can sometimes turn into an argument?
    • Debate
    • Consensus building
    • Compromise
    • Peer mediation
objective 5 02
Objective 5.02
  • What questions do both federal and state appeals courts try to determine?
    • Whether a jury is needed during the appeal
    • Whether the trial court followed the correct rules and procedures
    • Whether lawyers are needed
    • Whether to rehear the evidence
The U.S. Supreme Court would be LEAST LIKELY to have original jurisdiction in which type of case?
    • One involving a diplomat from another country
    • One involving a dispute between two states
    • One involving a dispute between a state and federal government
    • One involving a citizen’s violation of federal law
How long do U.S. Supreme Court justices serve?
    • Until the president replaces them
    • 10 years
    • For life
    • Until they are voted off the bench
objective 5 03
Objective 5.03
  • Who is MOST LIKELY to be adversaries in a criminal court case?
    • The bailiff and court clerk
    • The plaintiff and defendant
    • The defendant and the state
    • The witness and district attorney


  • Fine
  • ?


  • Which word BEST completes this diagram?
    • Parole
    • Probation
    • Verdict
    • Complaint
Which right protected by the U.S. Constitution protects people testifying in court cases?
    • Right to free speech
    • Right to a jury of one’s peers
    • Right to avoid self-incrimination
    • Right to bear arms
What does a grand jury do?
    • Decide questions of law
    • Decide questions of fact
    • Decide whether to issue an indictment
    • Decide whether a case can be appealed
What does an appellate judge issue if he or she agrees with the court’s decision but not its reasoning?
    • Remand opinion
    • Dissenting opinion
    • Concurring opinion
    • Majority opinion
objective 5 04
Objective 5.04
  • Who takes part in joint conference committees in state governments?
    • Lobbyists and senators
    • Members of both houses
    • Citizens and lawmakers
    • Members of the judicial branch
When the legislature cannot reach an agreement, the referendum process can be used to have which of the following pass the law?
    • Governor
    • Mayor
    • Voters
    • Judges
objective 5 05
Objective 5.05
  • When is representative democracy more appropriate than direct democracy?
    • When there are many citizens
    • When there are small numbers of citizens
    • When citizens all have the same point of view
    • When citizens have many day-to-day responsibilities
Which statement is true about municipal ordinances?
    • They have to comply only with state law
    • They have to comply with state and federal law
    • They apply countywide
    • They are approved by referendum
objective 5 06
Objective 5.06
  • Which of the following is true about special-interest groups?
    • The information they provide is often biased
    • The information they provide must be interpreted by the courts
    • They are created by the mass media
    • They oppose political parties
Primary elections are conducted by which of the following?
    • Political parties
    • Individual citizens
    • Mass media
    • Interest groups
Which is the BEST reason that a citizen should be aware of and study all sides of an issue?
    • To protect his or her economic interests
    • To protect his or her civil rights and liberties
    • To be able to explain the issues to friends
    • To understand complex issues and make an informed decision
A newspaper article discusses only the arguments in favor of a bill before the legislature. Which form of propaganda is being used?
    • Glittering generalities
    • Card stacking
    • Bandwagon
    • Symbolic