social marketing adapting service delivery methods to meet audience needs n.
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Social Marketing: Adapting Service Delivery Methods to Meet Audience Needs PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Marketing: Adapting Service Delivery Methods to Meet Audience Needs

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Social Marketing: Adapting Service Delivery Methods to Meet Audience Needs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Marketing: Adapting Service Delivery Methods to Meet Audience Needs. Tamie Kellogg Kellogg Consulting Inc . Mary Rabourn Communications, LHWMP. Definition of Social Marketing. Influencing Public Behaviors for Good

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social marketing adapting service delivery methods to meet audience needs

Social Marketing: Adapting Service Delivery Methods to Meet Audience Needs

Tamie Kellogg

Kellogg Consulting Inc.

Mary Rabourn

Communications, LHWMP

definition of social marketing
Definition of Social Marketing

Influencing Public Behaviors for Good

Use marketing practices in analysis, planning, strategy, evaluation to influence voluntarybehaviorof target audiences to improvetheir welfareand society’s.

social marketing principles
Social Marketing Principles

Top Five

  • Impact (Goal + Key Audience)
  • Explore what’s been done before.
  • Start with target audiences most ready.
  • Promote single, doable behaviors.
  • Understand audience barriers and motivations
why social marketing vs education
Why Social Marketing vs Education
  • Natural Yard Care Results
    • 18 Month Plan
      • 99% mower at 2 inches
      • 99% avoiding pesticides
      • 58% choosing native plants
      • 45% watering deeply/infrequently
      • 43% using organic or slow-release fertilizers
      • 39% planted drought-tolerant plants
      • 39% applying organic layer of mulch
      • 26% called the garden hotline
  • Attendees shared workshop and tips w/ 5 others
  • Average cost to reach a gardener and friends ($17)
on education
On education

“ alone often has little or no effect upon sustainable behavior.

…programs that make use of information intensive approaches…have very little likelihood of changing behavior.”

  • Fostering Sustainable Behavior, Doug McKenzie-Mohr, PhD
our goal today
Our Goal Today:

Practice applying Social Marketing to the work you are doing everyday!

  • Start with a problem statement. What is the current behavior?
  • Name the specific behavior, knowledge, and attitude you want to change?
  • What motivates, benefits or challenges our audience?
i am not my audience or am i
I am not my audience….or am I?
  • Sort into groups: wildlife person/cat person
  • In your group answer what you believe would be the other groups response to:
    • Barriers and challenges to keeping a cat indoors.
    • Benefits and motivation
instead social marketers gather and use audience information
Instead Social Marketers Gather and Use Audience Information:
  • What would benefit or motivate this audience?
  • What is in the way? What would it take to do the behavior?
social marketing strategy
Social Marketing Strategy
  • Is driven by using the right amount of audience information to guide strategy development.
  • Strategy matches the audience needs and increases project effectiveness
multimedia and outreach
Multimedia and outreach
  • Hispanic Outreach Novella TV Clip
  • Hispanic Outreach Novella TV Clip, Testimonial
social marketing resources
Social Marketing Resources

Online and Email Resources:

  • Georgetown listserve
    • Send an email to
    • In the message write “Subscribe soc-mktg (your name)”
  • Doug McKenzie Mohr Community Based Social Marketing
    • Website includes: forums, e-book and educational information


  • Fostering Sustainable Behavior: An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing
    • Doug McKenzie-Mohr, 2011
  • Social Marketing: Influencing Behaviors for Good
    • Nancy Lee and Philip Kotler, 2008
  • Social Marketing in the 21st Century
    • Alan R. Andreasen, 2006
additional online communities forums and resources
Additional Online Communities, Forums and Resources
  • Puget Sound Chapter, International Social Marketing Association (iSMA)
    • 3 Quarterly Meetings, and annual Conference
    • For more info contact
  • North Carolina PH Social Marketing Site
  • Social Marketing National Excellence Collaborative
  • The Social Marketing Place
  • CDC National Center for Health Marketing
  • National Social Marketing Centre (UK)
  • Social Marketers Global Network
  • International Social Marketing Association (iSMA)

Mary Rabourn

Communications, LHWMP


Tamie Kellogg


Kellogg Consulting, Inc.