the dawn of the modern era n.
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American Inventions

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American Inventions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Dawn of the Modern Era. American Inventions. The Typewriter. Invented in 1874 by Christopher Scholes. Telephone. Alexander Graham Bell. Bell and his assistant showing off their first Telephone. 1892 First phone call. NY TO Chicago. First Subway , ny city. 1870’s. Thomas Edison.

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the typewriter
The Typewriter

Invented in 1874 by Christopher Scholes


Alexander Graham Bell

daniel burnham and louis sullivan
DANIEL Burnham and Louis Sullivan

Flat Iron Building NY CITY

Guaranty Building Buffalo NY 1894

edwin drake
Edwin Drake

Titusville Pennsylvania---first steam powered oil drill

george westinghouse
George Westinghouse

Invented the Alternator and the Airbrake for trains. He is also credited with investigating electric current and safer ways of handling electricity

brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

Longest Suspension Bridge in the world for many years.

Completed at great cost in 1883

wright flyer
Wright Flyer

1903 The Wright Brothers of Ohio came to Kitty Hawk NC to test their powered flyer.

First Powered Flight

henry ford
Henry Ford

He didn’t invent the car. He simply mass produced it cheaply so everyone could afford one.

tuskeege institute
Tuskeege Institute

One of many Black Colleges opened during reconstruction

Made famous by its many high level graduates and talented professors!

george washington carver
George Washington CARVER

Famous for Chemistry and experiments for using peanuts for various purposes in order to improve agriculture and science