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Education Industry Association Legislative Update

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Education Industry Association Legislative Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Education Industry Association Legislative Update. Waiver Overview, Impact on SES, USDE Engagement and Future Opportunities. ESEA Reauthorization. Senate HELP Voted Bi-Partisan Bill-light on Federal Intervention and No SES. House Committee ESEA Bill includes SES.

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education industry association legislative update

Education Industry AssociationLegislative Update

Waiver Overview, Impact on SES, USDE Engagement and Future Opportunities

esea reauthorization
ESEA Reauthorization
  • Senate HELP Voted Bi-Partisan Bill-light on Federal Intervention and No SES.
  • House Committee ESEA Bill includes SES.
  • Both Are Important Place-marks For Future.
  • No Final Action on ESEA Until After Elections, and Maybe Not Even in 2013
  • Focus on Jobs and the Economy
esea waiver 101
ESEA Waiver “101”
  • Sec’y Duncan Invited States to Seek Flexibility in Conditional on Accepting Fed’l Ed Reform Priorities Based on Legislative Principles.
  • Apply by Nov. 2011, Feb. 2012 and Sept, 2012
  • External Review Panel With Guidance by USDE Staff.
  • “Rolling Admissions” with Great Effort to Accept Applications.
what gets waived
What Gets Waived ?
  • Multiple Areas of NCLB May be Waived-State May Select One or More:
    • Change AYP standards for 2014
    • Relax Mandated Use of SES/Choice
    • Rural Programs
    • School-wide Title I
    • Use SIG for Priority and Focus Schools
    • Reward Schools
    • Relief from HQT Requirements
    • Flexibility to Transfer Funds
    • Use 21st CLC During School Day
  • States Could Request Freeze to AYP waiver application at 2011-12 levels if they need more time to prepare –”AMO Waiver”
  • My “take”: New Federalism—State/Local Autonomy---Blurred Accountability and Muddy Interventions that was NCLB Hallmark
21 states most likely with ses in 2012 13
21States “Most-Likely” With SES in 2012-13:

Full Waiver Approved:

CO--- 15% set aside for Focus Schools

FL--- State Law; 15% set aside for Focus Schools

AR---No set aside for Focus Schools

ID---20% ; No Mandated Use of External Providers

SC- 20% mandated set aside

{WI and MA ---interesting RFPs for tutoring/SES

AMO- Waivers Approved:


Waiver Pending

IL---10% for Priority Schools for 2013 SY

SD---For Focus Schools

Unlikely to Apply or be Approved- Status Quo:


waiver recap
Waiver Recap
  • Full Waivers Approved as July 15: AR, AZ, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, ID,IN, KS, KY, LA, MD,  MA, MI,MN,MO, MS,NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK,OR, RI, TN, UT, VA, WA, and WI.
  • Pending Approval: IL, NV, and VT
major states not yet applying
Major States Not (Yet) Applying
  • Pennsylvania likely to apply by Sept. deadline-impact delayed until SY 2013
  • Texas unlikely to apply-status quo
  • California Seeks “Special” Waiver, including no mandates--Unlikely to be Granted
impacts on tutoring in waived states
Impacts on Tutoring in Waived States
  • No Mandated SES but…

States and LEAs Could Implement New Tutoring Interventions that Fix Past Problems:

    • Tougher Standards for Provider Approval
    • Closer Alignment of Tutoring to Classroom
    • More Control at LEA Level via RFPs for Tutoring in Focus and/or Priority Schools
    • Extended Learning Time will be “new” Student-centric Intervention
    • School Turn-around May Include XLT/Tutoring
eia engagement
EIA Engagement
  • Contacted All States on SES Best Practices and Reform Measures to Improve SES in Waiver
  • Met with Assistant Secretaries Carmel Martin and Michael Yudin:
    • Florida’s law/waiver conditions
    • States with SES in waiver appl
    • LEA waivers in non-waiver States
    • EIA Best Practices as Guidance for “waiver conditions”
  • Engaged CCSSO and NASBE support for EIA and States’ Rights
new business opportunities
New Business Opportunities
  • Tutoring Funded By Title 1 (non-SES)-$14B
  • Market Tutoring as Linked to Formative Assessments in Classroom
  • 21 Century Learning Centers ($1B)-watch waiver states:
    • Yes to 21st CCLC waiver: CT, DE, FL, IN, KY, LA, MA, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, and TN
    • No to 21st CCLC: RI, CO, GA, MD, and MN
  • English-Language Learners
  • RTI-Special Ed.
  • Test Prep for ACT/SAT/AP and State Assessments
  • Extended Learning Time
  • Credit Recovery and Support to Promote HS Graduation
  • Link to SIG/Turn-around Interventions
  • Professional Development
  • WIA, Youth Build
  • Get Accredited
  • Go on-line
to learn more
To Learn More….