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Hank Suderman Collection

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Hank Suderman Collection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Highway and Motor Carrier Truck and Hazmat Shipment Tracking Presented by Highway and Motor Carrier Division Transportation Security Administration. Hank Suderman Collection. Highway and Motor Carrier. Hazmat Truck Security Pilot (Jan. 05 – Dec. 07) Objectives

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Highway and Motor Carrier

Truck and Hazmat Shipment Tracking

Presented by

Highway and Motor Carrier Division

Transportation Security Administration

Hank Suderman Collection

highway and motor carrier
Highway and Motor Carrier
  • Hazmat Truck Security Pilot (Jan. 05 – Dec. 07)


    • Identify, test, and evaluate technologically different tracking solutions (50 states) commercially available
    • Prototype centralized truck tracking center
    • Non-proprietary universal interface between tracking systems and a tracking center
    • Feasibility of utilizing a universal interface between a truck tracking center and a government intelligence operations center
    • Independent evaluation of tracking center, interface, and feasibility study.
highway and motor carrier1
Highway and Motor Carrier
  • The HAZMAT Truck Security Pilot was a congressionally mandated pilotproject to design and build a centralized truck tracking center capability.
  • TSA developed a set of protocols capable of interfacing with existing truck tracking systems.
  • The desired outcome was to test the feasibility of a centralized truck tracking center and capability that allowed TSA to continually track truck locations and HAZMAT load types in all 50 states and to receive exception based events.
highway and motor carrier2
Highway and Motor Carrier


October 2005 – Program Started

June 2006 – HAZMAT Tracking Security System (HTSS) Operational

September 2007 – HTSS Fully Functional

December 2007 – Pilot Concluded


Carriers – 10

Tracking Vendors – 7

Trucks - 128

  • Government
  • Regional Public Safety
  • Western NY
  • North Carolina
  • Metropolitan DC Area
  • TSA
  • Transportation Sector Network Management
  • Highway and Motor Carrier
  • TSA Freedom Center (aka TSOC)
highway and motor carrier3
Highway and Motor Carrier

Stakeholder Benefits

  • Real time exchange of critical information provides benefit
  • to all stakeholders.
  • Industry
    • Supports flow of commerce by:
    • -Using security threat information to adjust routes
    • -More timely identification and resolution of national
    • security events
  • Federal and Regional Government
    • Supports safeguarding security by:
      • -More timely awareness of carrier security events
      • -Comprehensive data set for emergency response
      • coordination
highway and motor carrier4
Highway and Motor Carrier

The Way Forward

  • The 9/11 Act, Sec. 1554- Motor Carrier Security-Sensitive
  • Material Tracking:

…shall develop a program to facilitate the tracking of

motor carrier shipments of security-sensitive materials

and to equip vehicles used in such shipments with

technology that provides:

  • Frequent or continuous communications
  • Vehicle position location and tracking capabilities
  • A feature that allows a driver of such vehicles
  • to broadcast an emergency distress signal
highway motor carrier pocs
Highway & Motor Carrier POCs
  • Bill Arrington, General Manager

Highway and Motor Carrier Security Division

Office: (571) 227-2436


  • Ray Cotton, Assistant General Manager

Highway and Motor Carrier Security Division

Office: (571) 227-4237


  • Steve Sprague, Branch Chief

Licensing & Infrastructure Branch

Office: (571) 227-1468


  • Phil Forjan, Branch Chief

Truck and Motor Carrier Branch

Office: (571) 227-1467


  • Bud Hunt, Branch Chief

Threat, Vulnerability, and Consequence Branch

Office: 571-227-2152


  • Paul Pitzer, Branch Chief

Policy, Planning and Stakeholder Coordination Branch

Office: 571-227-1233