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sequence+radio trailer

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Presentation Transcript

In what ways does your media product use, develop and challenge codes and conventions of real media products?



Thesewereused to show subject’sname and relation to thetopic.

Alwaysusedinprofessionaldocumentarieslike „In TheTeeth of Jaws”


ourtitlein stopmotion

Documentaryhavetitlesmadein a conventionalway and related to theirtopic. We usedourcreativity and produced out titlein stop motionusingcoffeebeans.

For example, documentaryabout „Jaws” has big red lettersconnotedwithdanger and bloodrelated to the film.


FreakLike Me

Intervieweesaresituated on theside and havetheir ‘space to talk’. Theyshould not lookdirectlyintothe camera but to an interviewerwhoasksthemquestions.

We usedthisconventioninourdocumentary. Itisalsopresentedin „FreakLike Me”.

These sort of shotsaredescribed as ‘talkingheadshots’

WhatHaveYou Bean Drinking?


In TheTeeth of Jaws


Interviewsare a vital part of everydocumentary. We haveusedthisconventioninourdocumentary as wellwithrelevant mise en scene (apartfromthe interview withthecoffeeworker).

WhatHaveYou Bean Drinking?

authority figures
Authority Figures

Authority figuresareusedindocumentaries to make themmoreconviencing and factual. We usedthisconvention by interviewing an NHS nurseinheroffice so itlooksprofessional.

For examplein „MethEpidemic” an expertisbeinginterviewedaboutdrugsand environment looks scientific justlikeinourdocumentary.

voiceover and narrative
Voiceover and Narrative
  • Voiceoverin most documentariesshould be authorical.
  • In ourdocumentarythevoiceoverisbothauthorical and enthusiasticaboutthetopic so theaudiencegetsexcited.
  • We alsousedthe same voiceoverinour radio trailer so thewholeproducthasitscontinuity.
  • Thenarrativestructure of ourdocumentaryislinearbecauseitstartsat one point and reachesconclusioninstead of going back to thebeginninglikein „DevilMade Me Do It”.

We haveused voxpops inourdocumentary to giveitmoreconviencing style as opinion of general public matters to ouraudience. They will be morelikely to believeinfactspresentedintheproduction and alsoidentifywithstrangersindocumentary (by identifyingwiththeirviews). Voxpops werealsoshownin „FreakLike Me” to show audiencethatpeoplewithweirdhabits and obsessionsareperfectlynormal.



In one moment we adjustedspeedduration of a number of voxpops so itlookslike we actuallyasked many peopleaboutcoffee. Thismakesthecontentmoreconviencing to ourviewers.

editing transitions
Editing - transitions
  • To avoidmorejumcuts we haveincludedtransitionsuch as dissolveinourdocumentary. Thisis a typicalconvention for otherdocumentaries as shown on therightin „FreakLike Me”

Variouscutawayshavebeenusedinourdocumentary to avoidjumpcuts and addvisualstimuli for theaudience. Thisisalwaysusedinprofessionaldocumentaries.

In ourdocumentary we usedrelevantcutawayswhenneeded to show theconnectionjustlikein „FreakLike Me”

In „FreakLike Me” when a womantalksaboutsqueezingspotstheaudienceispresented a cutaway of spots and later – hersqueezing out herownspots. Thiscreates a connectionbetweenwhatshesays and whatisbeingpresentedby thedirector.


For example, whenthenurse was talkingaboutteenagers and coffee we presented a teenage girl wakingup and someonehandinginher a cup of coffee.





„In TheTeeth of Jaws” thedirectorispresentedwith a relevant mise en scenewithJaws poster on thewall. Thisremindspeoplewhatthedocumentaryisabout.

We haveusedthisconventioninourdocumentary by puttingsomecoffeerelatedobjectsbehindourinterviewee – thecoffeeworkerwhoisinher uniform withthe Cafe Nero sign. We alsofilmedthewhole interview inthecoffee shop whichisvisibleinthesequence. We alsofilmedour voxpops in front of the Cafe Nero coffee shop.

montage sequence

Usuallymontagesequencesindocumentaries show brieflyin an energeticwaywhatthedocumentaryisgoing to be about. We didthisinoursequencehoweverin a minimalisticway as opposed to themontagesequencein „FreakLike Me”. We showedtheprocess of makingcoffeewhereasin „FreakLike Me” Russell Kane presentshabitsin a rathersymbolicway, e.g. tidiedupsockspresent an obsessionwithtidiness.

archive material
  • Archivematerialis a convention for professionaldocumentariesas itlookslikethedirectorhasused many sources to findinformation on thedocumentary’ssubject. For theaudienceitappears to be moreobjective. Alsoitiseasier for thecrew to findsuchmaterialratherthan film it. We usedfootagefromYouTube to obtaina video of civet ->
radio trailer
Radio Trailer
  • Professional documentariesusethe same voiceover for theirdocumentaries as well as radio traiers. We haveusedthisconvention as thisgivescontinuity to ourfinalproduct.
  • Musicisalsorelevant and linked to thesubject, itisperformed by Blur – Coffe and TV (usedinboth, trailer and documentary)
radio trailer18
Radio Trailer
  • We usedextractsfromourdocumentary, for example „Itstarted of in America first”
  • Voiceoverasksrethoricalquestions so doesourtitle
  • WhatHaveYou BEAN Drinkingisspelledwrong on purpose. Thiscanattractmoreattention to thetitle and looksoriginalbecauselinks to documentary’s idea.