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IMF Advocacy in Kenya & Opportunities for Involvement PowerPoint Presentation
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IMF Advocacy in Kenya & Opportunities for Involvement

IMF Advocacy in Kenya & Opportunities for Involvement

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IMF Advocacy in Kenya & Opportunities for Involvement

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  1. IMF Advocacy in Kenya &Opportunities for Involvement Lucy Chesire ACTION Project KENYA AIDS NGO’S CONSORTIUM INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE 2008, MEXICO CITY

  2. Outline • IMF Advocacy w/support from RESULTS Educational Fund (as part of project supported by Open Society Institute) • Health Sector Funding in Kenya • IMF activities in Kenya • KANCO’s involvement in IMF advocacy • Opportunities for partnership Kenya AIDS NGO's Consortium (KANCO)

  3. IMF Advocacy • Advocacy campaign on IMF restrictive fiscal/monetary policies and its impact on Africa’s capacity to address health crises in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia • Purpose: To create awareness and knowledge among civil society and government within partner countries and within the IMF itself of the impacts of IMF-led policies on the ability of the countries to respond specifically to TB and HIV/AIDS. TB and HIV&AIDS are key examples of disease specific impacts with broader implications for countries’ ability to effectively address other health crises and develop sustainable health systems. Kenya AIDS NGO's Consortium (KANCO)

  4. IMF Advocacy Kenya AIDS NGO's Consortium (KANCO)

  5. Health Sector Funding in Kenya • Overall actual government expenditures on health have increased from KSh 16 billion (2003/04) to KSh 27 billion (2006/07). • According to projections, the health sector would require KSh 72. 8 billion in 2008/9 to accomplish its targets. • However, only KSh 52.9 billion is available in 2008/9, resulting to a gap of about 27% hence, the need for prioritization. • The public health allocation averages 8 percent compared to a recommendation by the Abuja Declaration where African governments made a commitment to allocate 15 % of their spending on health care. Kenya AIDS NGO's Consortium (KANCO)

  6. HIV/AIDS & TB Funding Gaps in Kenya Critical areas that require scale-up in funding • Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDRTB) care and prevention • Laboratory capacity strengthening • Community based DOTS • Programme based research • Patients in need of ART 392 000- Patients who are on ART 212 000 • Pediatric ART • The female condom-cost and accessibility • VCT services friendly to People with disabilities Kenya AIDS NGO's Consortium (KANCO)

  7. IMF activities in Kenya • December 2007 three women’s rights and health advocates participating in ActionAid’s IMF project in Kenya, Sierra Leone and Malawi traveled to Washington DC • shared with the House Financial Services Committee onhow IMF fiscal and monetary policies are undermining higher social spending by constraining national budgets. • ActionAids’s multi-country Economic Literacy and Advocacy Project (The IMF project) • includes macroeconomic literacy trainings about alternative policies for increasing public spending and a series of national advocacy initiatives over a two year period, 2007-2009 Kenya AIDS NGO's Consortium (KANCO)

  8. Progress in IMF research phase Data collection currently being undertaken by researchers Analysis of IMF policies Survey of stakeholders setting, implementing policies Respondents drawn from the Government sector ( MoF, MoPHS MoP) Donor sector (WB DFID, IMF, USAID) International NGOs ( Action Aid) NGOs (KANCO, KEDREN, IEA) Research to be complete by end of September 2008 Dissemination of research findings through a civil society stakeholder event

  9. IMF advocacy phase • Participation in ActionAid’s Macro Economic Literacy Training • Formation of a working group on IMF advocacy which KANCO is co-chairing (IMF coalition) • Facilitation of increased organizational knowledge and capacity on IMF issues • AIDS 2008, Mexico City • ICASA 2008, Dakar- Senegal Kenya AIDS NGO's Consortium (KANCO)

  10. Opportunities for advocacy • Global Civil Society sign-on letter to IMF director and board. To raise CSOs agenda with IMF officials around the Annual Fall meetings (11-13 October) • Join discussions with IMF Coalition both at the country and regional level Next meeting • Briefing sessions with CSOs Dissemination of research findings • IMF skills building workshop during the international Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa ICASA 2008 Dakar Kenya AIDS NGO's Consortium (KANCO)

  11. KANCO’s involvement in IMF advocacy • Tracking outcome of IMF missions in Kenya • Media engagement including press release, individual outreach to journalists for interviews • Meetings with IMF country representatives • Engaging government allies and champions • Increased media attention to IMF issues- educational training /briefing for targeted journalists Kenya AIDS NGO's Consortium (KANCO)

  12. THANK YOU For More Information Contact: Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium (KANCO) Chaka Road off Argwings Kodhek Road P.O. Box 69866 00400, Nairobi-Kenya Tel: 254-20-2717664, 254-20-2715008Fax: 254-20-2714837Mobile: 254-0722 203 344,0733 333 237 Email: Kenya AIDS NGO's Consortium (KANCO)