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Stitching and Weaving Quotes PowerPoint Presentation
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Stitching and Weaving Quotes

Stitching and Weaving Quotes

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Stitching and Weaving Quotes

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  1. Stitching and Weaving Quotes

  2. Embedding parts of a quote into your own sentence You write the sentence; you just use the words of the quote to support your own ideas. You only use the most important parts of a quote. What is Stitching and Weaving?

  3. Dialog occurs in a story when two characters are talking- the author shows two characters are talking through quotation marks. A quote is when you use an author’s words in your own paper. You will put the quote in quotation marks to show that they aren’t your words. You don’t have to use dialog in your quotes- you can use any part of a story. Quote versus Dialog

  4. Original Passage: Caroline was an artistic girl, full of creativity and ideas. Stitching and Weaving: Caroline succeeded in all of her art classes because she was “full of creativity and ideas”(Ratliff 14). MLA Citation: (Author’s Last Name Page Number) What does Stitching and Weaving look like?

  5. Sally was a “beautiful, friendly” girl at the beginning of the story, but after her crisis, she becomes “sullen and withdrawn” (Smith 45). Timothy went through his rite of passage when he “felt like he had to keep up with the rituals of adult society” (Thomas 165). More Examples

  6. Original Passage: Frank was a loud and obnoxious child who always had a lot of energy. Louann Nelson, Page 79 Your Turn!!!

  7. Your Example