the history carbon emissions explanation and research behind it n.
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The history, carbon emissions, explanation and research behind it. Standby {me} Power. We fixed the leak…. Original term for standby power was “leaking electricity”. Term was first introduced as part of a research paper in 1993 at a conference in Europe.

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we fixed the leak
We fixed the leak…
  • Original term for standby power was “leaking electricity”.
  • Term was first introduced as part of a research paper in 1993 at a conference in Europe.
  • After much debate (who knows how long?!) between industry, government and research organizations we agreed on a term….



vampires phantoms oh my

Official Definition of Standby Power:

“The power used when an electrical device is at its lowest power mode.”

  • Commonly Accepted Terms are: Phantom loads, vampire power, leaking electricity and standby power.
Vampires & Phantoms… OH MY!


it s electric
It’s electric!
  • Question: What’s an appliance or an electrical appliance?
  • Answer: Anything that plugs into a wall socket and uses electricity.


i m wasted electricity
I’m wasted…..electricity.
  • Why do appliances use standby power if it accounts for wasted power and money?
  • Answer: For consumer convenience.
  • What does convenience mean?
  • Answer: Allowing consumers to use electric appliances more efficient with respect to the time they spending using the appliance.
  • Ex: Photocopier is on all day so that when you want to use it you can just press a button and go.
mo money mo problems

A current estimate indicates that residential consumers in the U.S. spend over 4 billion dollars on standby power every year.

Based on 2006 statistics, the average consumer wasted 25 to 300 dollars annually on standby power.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems


we re related

Power plants burn fossil fuels to create steam. This steam turns turbines and generates electricity. Carbon is then emitted as a byproduct from the burning of fossil fuels.

Between 70% and 85% of the total amount of electricity generated is from the burning of fossil fuels.

We’re related?


let s burn one down
Let’s Burn One Down!
  • In 2006, the emission of carbon dioxide from energy consumption was 2,459,800,000 metric tons.
  • Standby power is responsible for emitting 80 million metric tons of carbon each year.
  • Based on 2007 data released from the Department of Energy (D.O.E.) the national average for the generation of 1 kWh is equal to about 1.34 lbs of carbon.
  • Using the given information, standby power results in 3.2% of carbon emissions, from energy consumption, each year.


what s your shoe size
What’s your shoe size?
  • There are many factors involved with calculating carbon emissions as a result of electricity use, some of these are:
  • Population
  • Energy Sources
  • Power Plant Regulations
  • Regional Location
  • Commonly, the numbers used in the calculation are generalized based on national, regional and state averages of carbon emissions.
  • Typically, the generation of power differs from state to state and even power plant to power plant (renewable vs. nonrenewable electricity).


don t stop believing
  • “Whole House Measurement of Standby Power Consumption” study was done by the University of California at Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • Study was conducted on 10 house-holds in Northern California.
  • 190 Appliances were audited.


the final countdown
The final countdown


guilty until proven innocent
Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  • The study done in California suggests standby power may range between 6% and 26% of national energy consumption.
  • Another studies indicates standby power consumption ranges from 2% to 5% of consumption in industrialized nations including the U.S.

Why do you think the range of standby power consumption has such a big gap?