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Securing Location-based Routing

Securing Location-based Routing. Zhou Zhi Supervisor: Dr. Yow Kin Choong. Outline. Security Issues Location-based Routing. 1. Security Issues. Physical Layer Medium Access Control Routing Key management. Routing. Attacks and Vulnerabilities Existing Solutions.

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Securing Location-based Routing

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Presentation Transcript

  1. SecuringLocation-based Routing Zhou Zhi Supervisor: Dr. Yow Kin Choong

  2. Outline • Security Issues • Location-based Routing

  3. 1. Security Issues • Physical Layer • Medium Access Control • Routing • Key management

  4. Routing • Attacks and Vulnerabilities • Existing Solutions

  5. Attacks&Vulnerabilities • Routing Misbehavior • Denial of Service Attack • Black hole, Routing loop, etc.

  6. Attacks&Vulnerabilities • Two sources of threats • External attacker • Internal attacker

  7. Existing Solutions • Ariadne, ARAN, SEAD, etc. • Authentication mechanism: MAC, signature • Watch dog, pathrater … • No solutions for location-based routing

  8. 2.Location-based Routing • Introduction • Problems • Research Objectives

  9. Introduction • Location info is used • Limit the flooding of routing packet • No routing table is required • Enhance the scalability of routing

  10. Location Service + Forwarding Strategy Restricted directional flooding LAR DREAM GPSR … GLS DLM … Greedy forwarding Introduction • Two building blocks

  11. L1 L2 … Li … Ln Update Query B A Reply Introduction • Location Service • Location update • Location query

  12. Problems • Update packet forgery, modification, blocking L1 L2 … Li … Ln M Update A

  13. Problems • Query reply packet forgery, modification, and blocking • Location server may be compromised L1 L2 … Li … Ln Update B Reply M

  14. Research Objectives • Guarantee location update • Achieve reliable location query • Tolerate compromised servers

  15. Thank you Zhou Zhi 2003-02-15 zhouzhi@pmail.ntu.edu.sg

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