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Tips to Write More Articles PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips to Write More Articles

Tips to Write More Articles

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Tips to Write More Articles

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  1. Tips to Write More Articles Brought to you by:

  2. Article writing is the skill of writing articles. It an important way of driving traffic and building backlinks to your site. Brought to you by:

  3. The more articles that you write, the more backlinks you will get and the more traffic or visitors to your site.In this video I will be sharing some tips to write more articles: Brought to you by:

  4. Tip No.1If you had written previous article, then reread it to find some points to expand upon. These could be sub-headings or keywords of minor importance. These can inspire more ideas resulting in new articles. Brought to you by:

  5. Tip No.2 Search a topic you wrote about in the search engines and get ideas from the results displayed. Sometimes a simple search will uncover sub topics that one can expand upon. Brought to you by:

  6. Tip No.3 Rewrite an article from scratch using the title of an article you wrote some time ago. Do not look at its content! The knowledge you would have gained would result in a different and more informative article. Brought to you by:

  7. Tip No.4 Go to an article directory where you had submitted a previous article. Browse the related categories and sub-categories or suggestions and topics to get more ideas. Brought to you by:

  8. These tips should help you to write more articles. They will also mentally prepare yourself to beat "writer's block" and hopefully write more articles that you can submit to article directories for more backlinks and traffic.. Brought to you by:

  9. For more FREE tips like these about article writing and earning money online, please visit The Fastest Growing Resource About Earning Money Online Brought to you by:

  10. Thanks for your time! Brought to you by: