Tips for writing impressive essay
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Look over these few tips and you can surely construct a meaningful essay. for more information, visit:

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Tips for writing impressive essay

Tips for writing impressive essay

Important guidelines

Important headings
Important headings

  • Research

  • Filter

  • Format

  • content

  • Use of words and composition

  • Length, spelling and Grammar


  • It is an initial procedure in essay writing.

  • Research indicates depth study on the given subject.

  • Research work is usually time taking and extensive.

  • The study can be conducted using different medium like textbook, magazine, internet, news, videos etc.

  • Collecting information’s that are related to the given topic is the major goal for research in essay writing


  • The output of research work given lots of scattered yet important information's.

  • Hence, from these bundle of information, only those that are important to be included in the given subjected are sorted out.

  • Therefore, the process of selecting important points and cutting down the irrelevant portion is called filtering.

  • It is an important step that makes the essay loaded with useful content.


  • Format is basic step to file a constructive essay.

  • Content in improperly framed format sound meaningless to the reader.

  • The format of essay includes introduction, body and conclusion.

  • Introductory portion constitute the initial paragraph in essay. This section provides brief idea to the reader on the subject of the essay. So, using appreciable sentence can be a positive sign to make the essay noteworthy.

  • Body constitute the content of an essay. It can be divided into different paragraphs and sub- paragraphs to maintain the flow of information.

  • Conclusion is the closing section of the essay. Information in this portion must be excellently framed to make the reader think deeply on the topic.


  • The well- structured information in essay constitute the content.

  • Body section includes the major content of the essay.

  • It must be full of useful information's and recent updates.

  • There must be proper flow of every sentence in a paragraph; breaking information in between the paragraph can create a negative impact in the readers mind.

  • Mixing of information must be avoided.

  • Opinion and views of writer must be given major priority for the given subject.

Words and composition
Words and Composition

  • Relevant and appropriate words must be used in the essay.

  • Strong and difficult word can make it time-taking for the reader to go on with the essay.

  • Simple yet effective words can have a greater impact.

  • Repetition of important words must be avoided.

  • Proper construction of sentences is major essence of the essay.

  • Use of words in a sentence and use of sentence in construction of paragraph, must be carefully done in order to make essay meaningful and impressive.

Length spelling and grammar
Length, spelling and Grammar

  • Essay must not be too lengthy or too short . It must include all the important points that influence the reader to go on further with the essay.

  • Spelling error can be a greater drawback in essay writing. So, words and spellings must be re-checked before submission.

  • Grammatical error must be avoided.

  • A complete essay can be constructed with use of simple present and simple past tense for simplicity. Moreover, it depends upon the situation mentioned in the format of the essay.

Expert help
Expert help

  • For more information and ideas on essay writing visit: