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benefits of back links more than seo n.
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Benefits of Back links more than SEO PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Back links more than SEO

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Benefits of Back links more than SEO
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Benefits of Back links more than SEO

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  1. Benefits of Back links more than SEO Google’s search algorithm places such immense stress on build up of backlinks that link builders can fail to remember the value of a link beyond search. Yup, superiority back links can carry massive weight and help to carry site to the peak of an aggressive SERP. This is not the only function of a link, however. If you see now a day’s mostly each and every one is after the search traffic only, for them link building is not that much important but link building have so much benefits in different ways. Given below are the few benefits: Referral Traffic Branding Building Authority Building Relationships Promotion

  2. As people now a day’s avoid to do link building in today’s scenario. According to me I think links are most important part of ranking. Google is also keep updating and check for the wrong practices like spammer/black hat and penalise them hard. It’s not every time that links will help you in ranking but it may provide you many other benefits in different ways. Referral Traffic: - It has been noticed that about 48% of traffic came from direct search, this means that you require high ranking for direct search. But same has been found that about 15% of visits came from referral links. So if you have placed link at better place it’s going to benefit you from there also. So it’s my advice not to underestimate the power of link. Branding: - Because Links are source of branding of your business. And links are visible source to get referral traffic for the visitors. If Google found no visible links then they will get penalise even that site may not found in Google after that. They get penalty because links are required to visitors not for the search engine. So in this way links used for branding. Links are making your website brand and once people start clicking on your link you will be considered as brand very soon.

  3. Authority: - It has been seen that links are so helpful to create authority. For example your band is now visible between visitors, and there is well established brand that have great brand name in the market. And if you had placed your link there it will get reputation and authority at search engine and most important is that it will going to get the vote of confidence of visitors and in this way you will become the brand. Relationship Building:- It has been found that if you are doing link building with relationship building have great result of that and this is right way of link building also. If we say our main motto is to get the visibility with use of social media. We make followers on social media and when you build relations with them then you start do link building also and that give you great link. Building relations help the client outside of SEO also. Give option to create partnership and other ways to do mutual business and that all happen due to link building. Promotion: - Link building is also helpful in promoting the great rich or text content which you have. How you will going to promote without link building. May be your answer will be Social Media and you think it will be the best channel to promote. But as social media is not the part of Google’s algorithm it works in other different way. As we know that social media is powerful tool for promotion but you can’t ignore the importance of promoting your content through link building Article Resource: