kansas nebraska
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Kansas-Nebraska. Missouri Compromise & Compromise of 1850 to the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. What is this?. Missouri Compromise Review. 1820 Admitted Maine as a free state Admitted Missouri as a slave state Prohibited slavery north of the 36° 30’ Louisiana Territory.

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kansas nebraska


Missouri Compromise & Compromise of 1850 to the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854

missouri compromise review
Missouri Compromise Review
  • 1820
    • Admitted Maine as a free state
    • Admitted Missouri as a slave state
    • Prohibited slavery north of the 36° 30’ Louisiana Territory
compromise of 1850
Compromise of 1850
  • Consists of five laws introduced by Henry Clay and Stephen Douglas
    • California entered as free state
    • New Mexico/Utah would have no restrictions on slavery
    • New Mexico-Texas border dispute settled in favor of New Mexico
    • Slave Trade in D.C. would be abolished
    • Stronger Fugitive Slave law
popular sovereignty
Popular Sovereignty
  • Before the Civil War, the idea that people living in a territory had the right to decide by voting if slavery would be allowed there
moving into new territory
Moving Into New Territory
  • Many people moving from northern states were settling in the unorganized territory just north of the 36°30’ line
  • The lack of slaveholders in the territory made South nervous
  • Senator Stephen Douglas suggested that the territory be divided into two sections: Kansas & Nebraska
  • His intent, similar to before, was to keep the peace and please both North and South
kansas nebraska act of 1854
Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
  • Introduced by Stephen Douglas as a means to expand westward and also appease both the North and South
  • Allowed Kansas and Nebraska decide whether slavery would be legal by Popular Sovereignty
  • Disagreed with the Compromise of 1850 and 36° 30’ line of the Missouri Compromise
  • Free Soilers: people living in Kansas who were against slavery and wanted the land to be free
  • Border Ruffians: people living in states bordering Kansas who would come into the territory to vote on important issues regarding slavery
problems in kansas
Problems in Kansas
  • The border ruffians out-numbered the free soilersin elections causing harsh pro-slavery laws to be passed
  • Free soilersthen organized their own free-state government with headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas
bleeding kansas
“Bleeding Kansas”
  • May 1856, 800 slavery supporters attacked the antislavery town of Lawrence, Kansas. They destroyed the town, and made arrests but no one was killed.
john brown pottawatomie creek
John Brown & Pottawatomie Creek
  • A very determined abolitionist who vowed to “strike terror in the hearts of the proslavery people”
  • Orchestrated the Pottawatomie Creek Massacre in which five supporters of slavery were killed
tipping point
Tipping Point?
  • In the two years prior to the Massacre 8 murders were attributed to the issue of slavery
  • Three months after 28 people were murdered*

*Watts, Dale E. “How Bloody Was Bleeding Kansas?” Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains18 (2) (Summer 1995): 116–129.

what would you do
What would you do?
  • Think about whether or not you would want to go to Kansas to join in the fight against slavery.
    • Create a magazine advertisement, billboard, or flyer either encouraging people to move to Kansas, or warning them to stay away.
    • You MUST use at least one specific reason from your notes
      • (GT you must use at least TWO specific reasons)