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Helminths Virology PowerPoint Presentation
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Helminths Virology

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Helminths Virology
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Helminths Virology

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    1. Helminths & Virology 2004-page195 2005-page190 2006-page150

    2. Virology Establish a pattern for memorizing details of the tables. Point out key exceptions to patterns. Focus on viruses with which we are not as familiar. Viral nomenclature was by design, (i.e. picoRNAvirus, coRoNAvirus, aReNAvirus)

    3. Characteristics DNA or RNA? ds or ss? Linear or circular? Icosahedral or Helical Capsid? Enveloped or non-enveloped (naked)? Infectious?

    4. General Patterns for DNA and RNA Viruses DNA virus characteristics: linear, dsDNA, icosahedral, replicate in nucleus RNA Linear, ssRNA, icosahedral/helical, replicates in the cytoplasm BOTH: to envelope or not to envelope, that is the question.

    5. Memorize the 6 HHAPPPY DNAs Pop A Potato; Non-enveloped? PAP =naked Hot Hot Pox. protection=enveloped They gain their envelope as they leave, from the Plasma Membrane.

    6. 6 DNA viruses, 5 exceptions Only one Grade A 100% DNA virus linear, dsDNA, icosahedral, replicate in nucleus A Adenovirus, adeno=glandular, Upper Resp Infections E#1: Parvo is small, (-) sense ssDNA Par-One Hole in golf B19, mild infection

    8. DNA Exception #2 of PAP,HHP: Pa-po-va virus is CIRCULAR dsDNA Papule=circular pimple. PApilloma HPV POlyoma JC Polyoma, PML in HIV, memory loss, poor speech, loss of coordination (profile of JCPenny shopper?) VAcuolating virusmonkeys only

    9. DNA Exception 3 of 5, HEPadna Hep B is PARTIAL CIRCULAR dsDNA; Recombinant Vaccine

    10. Exception 4 of 5 Herpes develops its envelope from deeper inside the cell, From the nuclear membrane, instead of the PM. Herpes builds itself hidden inside. HSV1&2, VZV, EBV, CMV, HHV6,7,8

    12. 5th exception RULE: linear, dsDNA, icosahedral, replicates in nucleus Pox in a Box, HUGE, carries its own DNA-dpdnt RNA polymerase, very complex-beyond Icosahedral. Replicates in cyto. Molluscum contagiosumgenital wart

    13. RNA Viruses Linear, ssRNA, icosahedral/helical, replicates in the cytoplasm

    14. Differences among RNA viruses Icosahedral or Helical Capsids (+) or (-) sense strand To envelope or not to envelope.

    15. Two Groups of RNA Viruses (+) Party Group Icosahedral capsid (-) BARF POD Boring, helical capsid

    16. Which 7 viruses are the (+) PARTY types? [icosahedral]

    17. PicORNa?

    18. CALIcivirus? Reo-de-Janerovirus?

    19. Flava-Flavivirus? Toga? Retro?

    20. Delta-virus (Hepatitis)?

    21. Corona, of SARs/common cold?

    22. Negatives, NOT at the Party Bunion-virus Arenavirus=this is a party, not a rodeo RHABid DOg Filo, hemorraghic virues Paramyxo Ortho = not at the party, STUDYING Ortho have 2 exceptions: Influenzae Segmented (so is reo), pandemics possible Does go into the nucleus, and replicates there Delta virus (-) ssRNA, helical capsid

    23. Exception and Special Cases 1 Exception: Corona is in a helical capsid, so remember: corona=sun=HELOS Reo=River en espanol, ds Rotavirus (kid diarrhea) is reovirus; segmented!!! Colorado River, mild Colorado Tick Fever

    24. Weirdo Exception Retroviruses (HIV, HTLV) have their own reverse transcriptase and carry TWO identical copies of their genome. Diploid (most viruses haploid, one copy of DNA or RNA) Replicates in nucleus, along with Influenza

    25. Naked/Enveloped RNA Viruses NAKED: Cali, Rio de Janero, PicORNa

    26. Linear v. Circular RNA Circular, Round Rodeo Area, Bunion, Obese Delta Burke

    27. Polio Vaccine SalK, Killed-vaccine Humoral immunity only IRAkilled, Influenza, Rabies, Hep A Sabin, attenuated vaccine Humoral & cell mediated immunity, RISK Latter part of alphabet, Smallpox, Varicella, Yellow Fever.

    28. Phenotypic mixing. Thank you.