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ONYX FirstVision. Interactive Firefighter’s Display John Brady National Account Manager, Fire Services. Agenda. Technology Defined Evolution Benefits Event Command Challenges Applications Codes and Approvals Sample Screens. Technology Defined.

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Onyx firstvision

ONYX FirstVision

Interactive Firefighter’s Display

John Brady

National Account Manager, Fire Services


  • Technology Defined

  • Evolution

  • Benefits

  • Event Command Challenges

  • Applications

  • Codes and Approvals

  • Sample Screens

Technology defined
Technology Defined

  • Revolutionary navigation tool for firefighters and emergency responders

  • Interactive interface for firefighters

    • Tool for assessment

  • A touch screen PC that displays critical information

Evolution development
Evolution – Development

  • Began Development in 2003

    • Need addressed: more information available on fire ground for a fast and accurate response to help reduce loss of property and life

  • Firefighter’s View of the World

    • Extensive focus groups by Honeywell Labs

    • Match fire commander’s model

    • Visual, No text

Evolution development1
Evolution - Development

  • Time Sequencing & Animation

    • Enhance perception of speed, direction, pattern of smoke

  • Intuitive Visual Codes and Symbols

    • Mimic physical appearance & action

  • Minimal Interaction

    • Maximum info, single screen

    • Touch screen PC, big buttons

  • 100% Intuitive - Initial assessment, 30-60 seconds

    • No training required for firefighters

Evolution development2
Evolution - Development

Finding and Fighting Fire More Effectively

  • Wayfinding Technology

    • Where you are

    • Best route to destination

    • Recognizing the destination

    • Finding your way out

Evolution present
Evolution - Present

  • Enhancements just released (January 2007):

  • Increased Flexibility

    • Additional initiating device types

    • Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, etc.

    • Building Information and Contact List

    • Custom icons

  • Additional Icon

    • You Are Here

    • Area of Refuge

  • Printer Icon

Evolution future
Evolution - Future

  • Campus View

  • Wireless Fire Fighter Tracking

  • FirstVision 3D

Event command challenges
Event Command Challenges

  • Many unknowns

  • Top priority is to locate and rescue any occupants

    • Occupants evacuating a building during a fire emergency are often confused and may even be injured.

    • They need to find or be led to the safest path out, trying to avoid intense areas of fire and smoke.

Event command challenges1
Event Command Challenges

  • Locating the seat of the fire and potential spread

  • Identify and locate unique building hazards

    • Structural hazards

    • Chemical

    • Process

    • Floor plan with the locations of hazardous materials

Firstvision benefits
FirstVision Benefits

Identifies crucial information

  • Where in the structure did the fire start?

    • What smoke/heat devices are active?

  • When did the fire start?

    • How long have the devices been in alarm?

  • How is the fire progressing?

    • Sequence of detector activation

  • What hazards exist?

    • Chemical storage

    • Physical hazards

      (airshafts, elevators, etc.)

Firstvision benefits1
FirstVision Benefits

Improves firefighter and emergency responder safety

  • Responder immediately sees where the emergency is located and where he/she is in reference to the fire

  • Response team can be mobilized immediately to the proper area via the safest route

  • Indicates location of hazardous materials and structural hazards (e.g. bar joists and tension cables)

Firstvision benefits2
FirstVision Benefits

Improves building occupant safety

  • Responders plan the safest escape route for occupants to minimize occupant exposure to fire or smoke

  • Lists occupancy levels during the day versus evening so firefighters can quickly estimate the number of occupants

Firstvision benefits3
FirstVision Benefits

Reduces the risk of property loss

  • Helps preserve property by allowing the firefighter to locate and extinguish the fire sooner

  • Identifies exactly where in the building the emergency originated

  • Firefighters have the information to make accurate decisions about where to first send a response team

  • Displays time sequenced activated detectors to show the fire progression

Firstvision benefits4
FirstVision Benefits

Minimize business interruption

  • Locate the fire faster and easier

Firstvision benefits5
FirstVision Benefits

Minimize business interruption

  • Immediately accessible on scene

  • Wall-mounted in building entrances, security offices and fire command Centers

  • Cabinet door unlocks automatically upon alarm - no key is required from a Knox Box or similar secure enclosure


High Life Safety Issues

  • Occupied by a large number of people need fire response personnel immediately directed to the fire event location

  • Examples:

    • Hospitals

    • Schools

    • Dormitories

    • Assisted Living Facilities

    • High-Rise Residential/Commercial


Buildings with Complicated Layouts

  • Graphic site plan and floor plans to expedite fire service identifying the fire location and best way to reach the fire

  • Examples:

    • Shopping malls

    • Convention centers

    • Large distribution centers

    • Manufacturing plants


High-Value Facilities

  • Facilities with hazardous materials can clearly see the location of these materials on the floor plan

  • Examples:

    • Laboratory facilities in hospitals and universities

    • Telecommunications

    • Manufacturing

    • Research

    • Financial

Evolution of technology and codes
Evolution of Technology and Codes

  • Historically, everything associated with Fire Alarm system is code driven

  • Technology will grow incrementally faster than the code’s ability to keep up with it

  • Proactive instituting and using new technology that can improve the safety of firefighters and building occupants alike

  • New technology of FirstVision will enhance the fire service response, not change the fundamental approach.

Firstvision codes and standards to date
FirstVision Codes and Standards to Date

  • UL/ ULC Listed

  • NEMA SB30 Fire Service Annunciator and Interface standard adopted

  • NIST- Submitted proposal to NEMA for en-route display, colors and icon standards

  • NFPA 72 2007 Annex will include NEMA SB30 standards

Nema standard announcement
NEMA Standard - Announcement

NEMA Introduces New Fire Service Standard 

Dec 2005

  • (ROSSLYN, VA) - NEMA’s Signaling Protection and Communications Product Section, representing elements of the fire alarm industry, recently released SB 30-2005, Fire Service Annunciator and Interface.

  • SB 30 was developed jointly by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Building and Fire Research Laboratory, NEMA, and the U.S. fire alarm industry.

Thank you

Thank You

John Brady