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Honors Program Advising Meeting. Welcome!. Policy Changes and Reminders. Admissions policy Graduating with honors Theology Track. Admission. Not after Sophomore year Must have a 3.5 GPA at CUA Application for current CUA students Interview with the Director. Graduating with Honors.

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Policy changes and reminders

Policy Changes and Reminders

Admissions policy

Graduating with honors

Theology Track


  • Not after Sophomore year

  • Must have a 3.5 GPA at CUA

  • Application for current CUA students

    • Interview with the Director

Graduating with honors
Graduating with Honors

Maintain 3.5 GPA

Complete at least one Honors track, with at least B- in all classes

Students on probation at the time of graduation will not receive Honors

Theology track
Theology Track

Honors TRS 201 counts toward the HSTR track.

TRS 201 + 3 of the HSTR courses (101, 102, 203, 204) qualifies for Honors in Theology.

We recommend that students take all four HSTR courses.


  • Ingrid Merkel Fund

    • Inaugural year!

    • To be used for academic travel

      • Conferences, study abroad, class trips

    • Submit a one-page letter with a description of their plans and a budget itemizing costs to Abigail Shelton prior to this Friday, September 30

    • Awards (up to $500) will be given on a competitive basis

Courses offered spring 2012
Courses Offered Spring 2012

  • HSPH 102, HSPH 204, PHIL 212

  • HSHU 102, 204

  • HSTR 102, 204

  • HSEV 102, 204

  • HSSS 102, 204

  • MATH 330

  • POL 505B (“Constitutional Democracy”) for UHP students

    • Graduate-level Politics course

  • Capstone seminar (on “Memory”) open to all graduating Seniors in Honors Program, including non-University Scholars

Honors events
Honors Events

  • Regan Tea

    • Alternating Fridays (9/23 onward) in Regan Faculty Apartment with Drs. Okuma and Gibbons

  • Fall Hike

    • Saturday, October 1 at Sugarloaf Mountain

    • 5-mile Northern Peaks Trail

    • RSVP at cua-honorsprogram@cua.edu

  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to Culture Mini-Lectures

    • Every other Friday (9/16 onward) in Gibbons lobby

    • Arranged by Lindsay Puvel and Connor Duffy, Gibbons RAs

  • Check Honors website for updates!

Medieval and byzantine studies

Medieval and Byzantine Studies

Jennifer paxton

center for medieval and Byzantine Studies

What is medieval and byzantine studies
What is Medieval and Byzantine Studies?

Interdisciplinary program drawing on expertise from faculty across the university

Offers Majors and Minors

Includes Islamic Studies

Why minor in mbs
Why Minor in MBS?

  • The practical reasons:

    • If you’re going to graduate school

      • It will set you apart from the crowd

    • If you’re not going to graduate school

      • It will demonstrate depth as well as breadth

      • It will demonstrate your interdisciplinary and cross-cultural credentials

Why minor in mbs1
Why Minor in MBS?

  • The frivolous (but fun!) reasons

    • You’ll be learning about fascinating people

    • You’ll have the longest and most impressive-sounding degree of anyone you know

    • You’ll understand popular culture much better

Requirements for the mbs minor
Requirements for the MBS Minor

One required gateway course: MDST 201: Medieval Pathways

  • Students in the Honors Program can substitute HSHU 102: From Charlemagne to Chaucer for MDST 201 with special permission.

More requirements
More Requirements

Three courses in specific distribution groups (one from each group):

History and Social Structures

Thought and Worship

Cultural and Artistic Expressions

Last ones
Last Ones!

Two approved electives:

  • Two additional courses from the three categories above OR

  • Relevant language courses (Latin, Greek, Arabic, Syriac, Coptic, Old English, Old French, and other medieval vernaculars)

How to minor in mbs
How To Minor in MBS

  • Good news for all!

    • You can double-count two courses from your major towards the Minor in MBS.  

    • Many courses used for distribution requirements will also count for the MBS Minor.

How to minor in mbs1
How to Minor in MBS

  • Good news for Honors Students!

    • If you are taking the Christian Tradition track, HSHU 101 and HSHU 102) count for the History and Social Structures requirement

    • If you are taking the Aristotelian Studium track, HSPH 204 counts for the Thought and Worship requirement.

    • Courses from the Oxford Program count towards the Minor

What to do next
What To Do Next

Check out the list of approved MBS courses on our web site at http://mbs.cua.edu/current.cfm

Contact the undergraduate advisor, Dr. Jennifer Paxton, at Paxton@cua.edu

Spring break 2012 vienna

Spring Break 2012: Vienna

Vienna Trip with Dr. bornholdt: spring break 2012

Ger 120 vienna a walk through history
GER 120: Vienna: A Walk Through History

1-credit course offered in Vienna

March 2-11, 2012

We will ride the famous riesenrad in the prater
We will ride the famous artRiesenrad in the Prater

Honors program advising meeting
Cost art

Application Fee: $100 non-refundable, due at the time of application

Program Cost: $1,826 (includes one credit of CUA summer tuition and overseas program fee).

What's included:

CUA tuition for 1 credit

Hotel accommodation (2-bed rooms with private showers)

Field trips and museum entrance fees

Ground transportation

All pre-departure advising & services and on-site orientation

Emergency evacuation insurance

Official CUA transcript for non-CUA participants

What's not included?  Round-trip airfare, meals, passport, optional excursions, health insurance, and personal expenses

Http cuabroad cua edu programs springbreak viennaspringbreak2012 cfm

Honors program advising meeting

  • http://www.wien.info/en


    • http://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/springbreak/index.cfm

  • Dr. Claudia Bornholdt:

    • bornholdt@cua.edu

    • McMahon Hall 206b

Grants and fellowships

Grants and Fellowshipshttp://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/springbreak/viennaspringbreak2012.cfm

University Honors Program

Sara Sefranek

Fellowships Coordinator


What we offer
What We Offer…http://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/springbreak/viennaspringbreak2012.cfm

Personalized advising for grants and fellowships applications

Editing and revision of fellowship applications

Fellowship administration: interviews, workshops, and advising

General advice on “big” scholarships for Honors Program students

Fellowships scholarships and grants
Fellowships, Scholarships and Grantshttp://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/springbreak/viennaspringbreak2012.cfm

George J. Mitchell Scholarship

Marshall Scholarship

Fulbright Fellowship

Boren Scholarship

Harry S. Truman Scholarship

Truman scholarship
TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIPhttp://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/springbreak/viennaspringbreak2012.cfm

For graduate school in the US in a public service field

“Change Agents” - Are you one?

Begin application in spring of Sophomore Year (maybe fall of Junior)

Apply in spring of Junior Year

CUA APPLICATIONS DUE: January 10, 2012

Who we look for
Who We Look For…http://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/springbreak/viennaspringbreak2012.cfm

  • Stellar Academics (>3.7 GPA)

  • Sophomores and Juniors (now)

  • Individual research projects

  • Dedicated community service, internships, or volunteering

  • Engaging and Adventurous Personality

  • Graduate school plans (or “gap year”)

Post graduation plans

Post-graduation plans?http://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/springbreak/viennaspringbreak2012.cfm

Anthony buatti

Recruitment director

Teach for america

A great injustice
A Great Injusticehttp://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/springbreak/viennaspringbreak2012.cfm


  • 9 year olds living in low-income communities are 3 grade levels behind their high-income peers*

  • About half won’t graduate from high school. Those who do will perform on average at an eighth-grade level*

  • Only 1 in 10 students from low-income communities will graduate from college**

  • For 15 million children growing up in poverty today, these disparities severely limit opportunities in life.

  • Because African-American, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American children are three times as likely to live in a low-income area***, children of color are disproportionately impacted by this inequity.

*[Source: National Assessment of Educational Progress, 2005]

**[Source: Mortenson, Tom. “Family Income and Higher Education Opportunity,”Postsecondary Education Opportunity, 2005]

*** [Source: National Center for Children in Poverty, 2006]

The basics of teach for america
The Basics of Teach For http://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/springbreak/viennaspringbreak2012.cfmAmerica

  • Video: Teach For America

  • All majors and academic backgrounds

  • Two year commitment to teach in one of 43 regions next year

  • Extensive training and support

  • Full salary and benefits ($31,000 - $50,000)

    • Transitional expenses during first summer

    • Eligible for federal loan forbearance

    • AmeriCorps education award totaling $11,000*

  • Graduate school and employer partnerships

Honors program advising meeting

Contact Informationhttp://cuabroad.cua.edu/programs/springbreak/viennaspringbreak2012.cfm

To learn more about Teach For America, please visit www.teachforamerica.org or watch one of our online events at http://www.teachforamerica.org/admissions/meet_us.htm

Anthony Buatti

Manager, Campus Recruitment


Next Application Deadline:

Wednesday, October 26th @ 11:59 pm EST