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  1. CHARLI CHAPLIN 制作人:田先仁

  2. Introduction of Charlie Chaplin. • Skimming the passage. • Scanning the passage and grasp the main idea . • Language study. • Consolidation exercises. Charlie Chaplin 教学设计:

  3. Charlie Chaplin

  4. 返回

  5. Read the title ,the first paragraph and the last one.Then answer the two questions : • Who was Charlie Chaplin? He was one of the greatest and funniest actors in the history of the cinema. 2. Why was he honored in a number of ways? For his great contributions to the film industry.

  6. Read the text and decide whether these statements are true or false. • Charlie Chaplin is considered one of the greatest actor in the history of the cinema. • He not only acted in films but wrote and directed films as well. • Altogether he wrote ,directed and acted in 69 films during his lifetime. • He wrote music for his films “Modern Times” and “The Gold Rush”. • His early films were silent because he was uncertain about making films with dialogues? ( F ) ( T ) ( F ) ( F ) ( F ) 返回

  7. Note making: Born: ______________________________ Died and buried:___________________________________________ First appearance on the stage:_________________________________ First film part in the USA:___________________________________ Acted in :_________________________________________________ Wrote,directed and acted:____________________________________ Most famous films:_________________________________________ What he looked like in his early films:__________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ in London , in 1889 in 1977, buried in Switzerland when he was five during his second trip to the USA in 1912 82 films during his lifetime in 69 films City lights, Modern Times wore a small black hat,very wide trousers,a moustache; carried a stick that he swung in the air; had his way of acting,such as walking ,turning and so on

  8. Give the main idea of each paragraph. Charlie Chaplin is considered one of the Paragraph 1:____________________________________ ________________________________________________ Paragraph 2:____________________________________ ________________________________________________ Paragraph 3:____________________________________ ________________________________________________ Paragraph 4:____________________________________ ________________________________________________ Paragraph 5:_____________________________________ greatest and funniest actors in the history of the cinema. Chaplin started acting as a child and got his first film part in the States. Chaplin developed his own manner of acting as early as his second film. Chaplin’s earliest films were silent with music and two of his greatest films were among them. Chaplin’s later films were not well received. 返回

  9. Language points: • consider 认为;考虑; • We all consider him (to be) an honest boy. • Don’t you consider it important to learn English well? • Lincoln was considered (as) one of the greatest presidents in the history of America. 2.set off: set out ;start (off ) 出发;动身 • When will you set off for that factory? • She said that she set off on his journey early that day.

  10. 3. be (un)certain about 对……有(无)把握/信心 • Are you certain about the facts? • He is uncertain about his success. 4. Honour 尊敬;给予荣誉;以……为荣 • Children shouldhonour their parents. • We would be honoured if you visited us. *in honour of 为向……表示敬意;为了纪念…… • There is a party tonight in honour of our new president. 返回

  11. Fill in the blanks with the right words. Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest and f________ actors in the history of the cinema.He made a great c__________ to the film industry. He was h________ in many ways during his lifetime. He began his a______ at the age of five. All his life he acted, wrote and directed a large number of films. His earliest films were s______ , because the sound equipment had not been d________ . In fact he was u________ about making films with dialogues. Chaplin’s own manner of acting made him world-famous. He wore a small hat, very w______ trousers and a moustache. He came out with a stick and he s______ it in the air as he walked. Even his way of walking down the street and turning a corner was very special and could be r_________ as his own. Today some of his earliest films are still p_______ . unniest ontribution onoured cting ilent eveloped ncertain ide wung ecognized opular

  12. Describe the life of Charlie Chaplin according to the order of time. in 1889; in 1894; in 1897; in 1906; in 1912; by the end of 1914; from 1915 to 1918; between 1940 to 1966; in 1977

  13. DISCUSSION 1. Describe Charlie Chaplin’s manner of acting. 2. Why do you think the development of film with sound became a problem for Chaplin? 返回