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  1. Dispatch Use of consoles

  2. The Console

  3. The Console The console has been set up for ease of use for Dispatchers. The top is used for paging Fire Depts. And for tornado alerts. The middle is used for transmitting to different departments. The bottom is used for transmitting, selecting multiple channels, and paging.

  4. Single Dept paging

  5. Single Dept. paging Top Left part of console All fire depts. Are listed here. Used to page single fire depts. For medical calls, grass fires, meetings, classes, test, etc. To page: To arm button push fire dept button once to light up green light, the page button at the bottom of the console will flash. Push this button to page dept. (you will here the tone go out. After tone, the green light will flash. After tone you are ready to talk on dispatch channel. To reset- push button once, now the green light will be lit up you can page again or disarm the button by pushing it again and light will go out.

  6. Single Dept. paging Multiple Depts. Can be paged on this side of the console by pushing the buttons of the depts. you want to page and then push the flashing page button. Example: if you wanted to page Perryville and Houston on a big grass fire you would push the button for Perryville and then the button for Houston, both depts lights will be lit up solid green. Then you can push the page light that is flashing and both Perryville and Houston’s tones would go out. It would be the same if you wanted to page 3 or more depts at the same time.

  7. Structure Fires and multiple department paging

  8. Structure Fire paging Top right side of console For paging depts. For structure fires Every Fire dept is also listed on this side Pages the dept listed as well as surrounding mutual aid depts. (mutual aid depts. Were decided by each individual dept.) Since these buttons page out the dept. listed and mutual aid depts. You only need to press the appropriate dept. button and then press the flashing page button. You do not have to press the dept. button on the left side of the console and the auto aid button.

  9. Structure Fires What’s Programmed into the Structure Fire Buttons? These are the departments that are programmed into each button • Perryville - Perryville, Harris brake, Cherry Hill, Houston • Perry - Perry, Adona, Perryville, Houston • Adona - Adona, Perry, Casa • West Pulaski - West Pulaski, Bigelow, Williams Junction, Harris Brake • HarrisBrake - Harris Brake, Perryville, Williams Junction, Houston • Bigelow - Bigelow, Harris Brake, West Pulaski, Stony Point, Houston • Cherry Hill - Cherry Hill, Perryville, Nimrod/Aplin • Casa - Casa, Adona, Perry • Nimrod/Aplin - Nimrod/Aplin, Cherry Hill, Hollis • Williams Junction - Williams Junction, West Pulaski, Harris Brake • Houston - Houston, Perry, Perryville, Stony Point, Bigelow, Harris Brake • Hollis - Hollis, Nimrod/Aplin • Stony Point - Stony Point, Bigelow, Houston Green and Purple highlighted names indicates Depts. on frequencies other than Perry County fire channels.

  10. All Page • Used to page all Departments with one page. • Used for county Training, Meetings, or if help is needed by all fire departments. • At this time not all radios are programmed to pick up this page, it should work correctly when radios are reprogrammed by 2013.

  11. Tornado Sirens

  12. Tornado sirens These buttons control the functions of the Tornado sirens Test- This will only test the sirens for 30 seconds -Test are done every Wed. at noon Cancel- This will cancel the Tornado siren Test or Alert Alert- This will alert the sirens for 3 minutes - Only used when advised of a tornado warning *(Remember) As of right now the only sirens in the County are in Perryville and Perry. Hopefully more will be installed throughout the County in the future.

  13. Programmed FrequenciesTalking to different Departments

  14. Frequencies • There are 7 different departments programmed into the console(only 6 in one console- no Hollis) • Perry co. S.O., Perry Co. road dept, Central Fire, East Fire, West Fire, West Pulaski(Chenal), Hollis. • 6 Buttons under each Department. You only have to worry about a few of the buttons. • Top Button (Green)- This is the channel select button • What ever channel is selected this is your main channel. The big main transmit button at bottom of console can be used to transmit on this channel, as well as the foot pedal. Multiple Channels can be selected for announcements to all Departments, we will go over this later.

  15. Frequencies Mute Button (Yellow)- This will mute the specific channel to a minimum (will not completely mute, a channel should never be muted to were it cannot be heard). Patch Button (Blue)- This button is for patching to frequencies together so two different agencies can talk to each other on there own frequency. XMT Button (Red)- This is to transmit on the channel it is under. This will work on a specific channel no matter what channel is selected.

  16. Frequencies In the picture the S.O. channel is selected (since this is the channel that will be used most frequent, it will stay selected majority of the time). To transmit on this channel you can use the XMT button under the S.O. channel, or the big transmit button , or the foot pedal. If you wanted to transmit at this time on the central fire dept channel, Instead of changing your selected channel you can just push the XMT button under central fire and talk to the fire dept.

  17. Selecting two or more channels at one time

  18. Simul-Select To select more than one channel (frequency) at a time; you would push the select button on one channel to select that channel and then press and hold the Simul-Select button while pushing the select buttons on the other channels that you would like to talk on at one time. Now all cannels that you are wanting to talk on should have the select buttons lit up. This is helpful if you are wanting to talk to the Police and the Fire Depts. at one time. Example: if you have a missing person that everyone is looking for and the subject is found, you would select the Police channel and then press and hold the Simul-Select button while selecting the Fire channel. Now the police and Fire channel select buttons should be lit up. You would now press the big transmit button and your transmission will go out on both channels at the same time.

  19. Simul-Select and Structure Fires • When paging for structure fires with departments on different frequencies the simul-select has to be used or else one or more depts. will not here the information. • All departments are dispatched from the central repeater except for: Nimrod, Hollis, and West Pulaski. EX: Paging a structure for West Pulaski, if you key to talk on West Pulaski’s channel it would go over West Pulaski only and not over the Perry Co. Channel. To keep this from happening you would use the simul-select and choose both West Pulaski and Central Fire channels and talk over both of them at the same time.

  20. Simul - Select • To return to normal operation after using the Simul – Select, You would just push the select button under whichever channel you wanted to use. • Ex: You have the Police, Central fire, and West Pulaski channels selected using the Simul – Select. To return to normal just push the select button for the Police and just the police channel will be selected.

  21. Last Call Transmit

  22. Last Call Transmit Last call transmit button is used to see what channel was used last. If someone calls into dispatch and you do not know who it was or what channel it came in on, you can press the Last Call Transmit button and the channel that was used will light up.

  23. F1 and F2 – F3 and F4 buttons

  24. F1-F2 and F3-F4 buttons • These buttons should remain on F1 at all times. • These will hopefully be programmed later so you can change to different channels with these buttons in case a repeater goes down.

  25. Group Select 1 and 2 These buttons will select numerous channels with the push of one button. These can be preprogrammed to select the channels that best suite your needs.

  26. Patching • Use the patch option to patch two frequencies together. • Ex. = if the Police and Fire are on an incident together and they needed to talk to each other, the S.O. channel and the Fire channel would be patched together and each agency could talk to each other from their own frequency.

  27. Talking to Fire Departments • One point to remember with the Fire Departments. The fire dept. have three repeaters, Central, East, and West. • If you are having problems hearing a Fire Dept on the radio, have them switch to the East or West repeater depending on where they are at in the County.

  28. Talking to Fire Departments • The East repeater works best from the East part of Houston’s fire district to the East. • The West repeater works best from Nimrod and Casa Fire Districts to the West. • Do not feel bad telling a Dept to switch to a closer repeater, if they don’t know to do it themselves they need to be told.