by daniela jimena and soledad n.
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By: Daniela, Jimena and Soledad PowerPoint Presentation
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By: Daniela, Jimena and Soledad

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By: Daniela, Jimena and Soledad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From the foundation of Rome to the Republic. By: Daniela, Jimena and Soledad. Menu. Tarquin II. Foundation of Rome. The she wolf, Romulus and Remus. The Republic. The Etruscans. Continuation of the Republic. Pictures of the Etruscans. End. Roman legend: Romulus and Remus. Menu.

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by daniela jimena and soledad

From the foundation of Rome to the Republic

By: Daniela, Jimena and Soledad


Tarquin II

Foundation of Rome

The she wolf, Romulus and Remus

The Republic

The Etruscans

Continuation of the Republic

Pictures of the Etruscans


roman legend romulus and remus
Roman legend: Romulus and Remus


  • According to a Roman legend, the city of Rome was begun in 753 BC. The legend said that it founder was a man named Romulus. He and his brother Remus had been brought up by a wolf! Later they were discovered by a shepherd, who carried the boys home and looked after them as if they were their own children. They grew up strong and brave. Romulus then begun to build a city of his own. But Remus made fun of him and the city he was building. The twins fought each other and Remus was killed. But Romulus carried on building. He called it Rome.
the etruscans
The Etruscans
  • Archeologists have discovered that there were a number of important regions in Italy. One of this was Etruria, where the Etruscan people live. They were skilled in metalwork, land drainage, trading, building and road making.


tarquin ii
Tarquin II
  • An Etruscan (Tarquin II) had made himself King of Rome, a town beside the river Tiber. In 509 BC, a number of wealthy families forced the King to leave the city.


the republic
The Republic


  • When the last king had been overthrown in 509 BC, Rome became a republic. Power was held by the rich families. They met together in the senate and were called senators. The senate was the main law making group in Rome. Each year, two senators were elected as consuls to run the city. In an emergency, the two consuls chose one man to be a dictator. Woman were not allow to take part. Other man were elected as magistrates. Some helped the consuls.
However, there was often rivalry between the wealthy families. These families were supported by their followers or clients. Many poorer citizens, called plebeians, were not happy. They did not own much land and were often in debts. In the 450 BC, plebeians took action to have Roman laws property written down. These were called The Twelve Tables. In 492 BC, some plebeians were appointed as tribunes .


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