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Vegetable IPM Program

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Vegetable IPM Program. Joseph Ingerson-Mahar Vegetable IPM Coordinator Kris Holmstrom IPM Program Associate Sally Walker IPM Program Associate. Program Areas. IPM Services Insect Traps Scouting Program Disease Forecasting Research Educational Outreach. IPM Services: Insect Traps.

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vegetable ipm program

VegetableIPM Program

Joseph Ingerson-Mahar

Vegetable IPM Coordinator

Kris Holmstrom

IPM Program Associate

Sally Walker

IPM Program Associate

program areas
Program Areas
  • IPM Services
    • Insect Traps
    • Scouting Program
    • Disease Forecasting
  • Research
  • Educational Outreach
ipm services insect traps
IPM Services: Insect Traps
  • Blacklight Trap Network: ~ 80 traps, + some pheromone traps
  • Grower/industry funded: $300/trap
  • Twice a week monitoring, May - Oct
  • Delivered directly to grower; summarized weekly for Plant & Pest Advisory
  • Crops impacted:

sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, snap & lima beans, lettuce, white potatoes

pest population maps
Pest Population Maps

GPS map of blacklight trap catches of European corn borer (ECB) as it appears on the internet.

B&W version of ECB and CEW maps are in the RCE Plant and Pest Advisory newsletter.

offshoots of trap network
Offshoots of Trap Network
  • Regional pest mapping project/web site
  • NJDA exotic insect survey
  • Private industry support - Seabrook Bros. & Sons, consultants, other agribusiness (chem dealers)
  • Two posters (National ESA Mtg; International Congress of Entomology), one journal article (Hort Tech)
  • Historical database

Corn Earworm

Regional Participating Farm Trap Catch Summary MapAverage Daily Trap Catches for the week ending: 9/9/2000

Maryland Department of Agriculture

New York State IPM Program

Penn State

Rutgers Vegetable IPM Program

University of Delaware

University of Maryland

USDA, Northeast IPM Program

Shelby's Sweet Corn Pest Alert Network

A cooperative project by Growers, Extension, Federal and State Goverment.

ipm services scouting program
IPM Services: Scouting Program
  • RCE Scouting Program
    • $300 + per acre fee/crop
    • Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, Cole Crops, Potatoes, Pumpkins for 2000
  • Collaboration with Garden State Pest Management company
  • Private Consultant, grower training, other tech support
ipm services disease forecasting programs
IPM Services: Disease Forecasting Programs

South: cooperative effort w/specialist

  • Potato IPM Fax - late blight, also tag on insect trap data (25 subscribers)
  • TomCast Fax - early blight forecasts for processing tomato growers (2 processors forward info to ~12 growers


  • Skybit available for tomato growers
  • Emphasis:
    • IPM strategies for new crops
    • Revising methods for current programs
    • Grower/industry requests, grants
  • Funding: grants, industry, internal
  • Advisory groups:
    • RCE Vegetable IPM Working Group
    • Pepper Grower Advisory group
    • White Potato Research committee
2000 research projects
2000 Research Projects
  • Development of an IPM poster for farm markets
  • Effect of ECB infestation on white potato yield.
  • Sampling and identification of soil insects on white and sweet potatoes.
  • Development of a comprehensive pumpkin IPM program.
  • Beneficial insect sampling in vegetable crops.
  • Identification of stinkbugs responsible for

injury to tomato fruit.

  • Sampling pest populations with pheromone traps

IPM Poster

Grant funded project

Educational poster targeting farm market clientele


Displayed at 10 farm markets in 2000

Fact sheets and a consumer questionnaire provided with posters

educational outreach
Educational Outreach
  • On-farm programs
  • RCE Plant and Pest Advisory newsletter
  • Field scout training: individual and group sessions
  • Various grower meetings (Twilight Mtgs, Atlantic City, Tomato School)
  • Other scientific outlets (conferences, journal and proceedings articles)
  • Annual report: long and short versions

Scout Training Sessions

Target audience: private scouts, consultants, growers

Individual and group sessions

2000, 2 group sessions: (Introduction to Field Scouting, Mid-season vegetable scouting)


Tomato ICM School

Grant funded

Fresh market growers - 56 south, 31 north

Follow-up field training sessions to be held this summer


Annual Report

Long version - RCE administrators, Veg Working Group

Short version - vegetable growers, legislators, general public

future plans
Future Plans

IPM Services

  • Add pumpkin scouting; delivery program in the north, demonstration project in south
  • Expand use of blacklight trap network to other commodities?


  • Depends on grant/industry funding
  • Continue to respond to grower advisory groups
future plans19
Future Plans

Educational Outreach

  • Continue scout training sessions - add more crop-specific field and off-season training sessions
  • Produce crop-specific scout training manuals/notebooks, IPM Fact Sheets
  • Market/promote IPM Poster