gray wolves n.
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Gray Wolves

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Gray Wolves. By Ryder & Jeston. This gray wolf is growling. Wolf pup. Mating gray wolves. Fangs. Gray wolves are the largest of all canis canines. Gray wolves are also known as the Timber Wolf.

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gray wolves

Gray Wolves

By Ryder & Jeston


This gray wolf is growling

Wolf pup

Mating gray wolves



Gray wolves are the largest of all canis canines. Gray wolves are also known as the Timber Wolf.

Gray Wolves hunt larger animals such as Elk but when alone they hunt smaller animals such as rabbits. If Gray Wolves have not had enough food they eat up too a fifth of there body weight.


Gray Wolves are at the top of the food chain they are great hunters and eat meat. Gray Wolves run up too 65 km per hour. Gray Wolves only have one predator …Humans.

Gray Wolves even hunt Coyotes.


When a wolf wants to play, it prances about happily.


Gray wolves live in the red now & used to live in the green & red.


Gray Wolves live in (or near) snow.

Gray wolves live in North America, Asia & Europe.

Gray wolf in its natural habitat


Gray Wolves used too have the largest population apart from humans

Gray Wolves became endangered in 1973

Gray Wolves used t be non protected and hunted now they are protected but people in the US want to hunt them and they may be unprotected.


Gray Wolves communicate with more ways than howls They whimper and whine, growl and bark, yelp and snarl.

Gray wolf howling.

Gray Wolf communicating to a far off pack in the sun set.


Playing Pups.

Gray Wolves hunting Elk.

New born litter of pups.


Pups hiding in a den.

Gray wolves need food and no hunters to survive.