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Roy Lichtenstein

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Roy Lichtenstein
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Roy Lichtenstein

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  1. Roy Lichtenstein Pop Artist

  2. Early life • Roy was born on the 27th October 1923, in Manhattan New York. • Roy grew up going to a public school and when he reached the age of 12 he went to Manhattan’s Franklin school for boys ,where he spent his secondary school education. • Roy was a big fan of jazz music and he often attended concerts at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem where he drew pictures of the orchestra. • After graduation from Franklin, Lichtenstein enrolled in summer classes at the Art students league of New York. • Lichtenstein then left New York to study at the Ohio state university, which offered Art courses and a degree in fine arts. • Roy's education was then interrupted by the second world War and he also had no time to study when his poor father was tragically dying. Shoes he drew when he was younger

  3. Roy’s rise to fame • Lichtenstein began teaching in the state university of New York at Oswego in 1958. • In 1960 Rutgers University where he was heavily influenced by Allan Kaprow , who was also a teacher at the university. • At this school he started to be interested in Proto- pop imagery and in 1961 he began his first pop painting using cartoon images. • He soon became very popular as his work was put into a lot of galleries in New York. One of Roy’s most famous pictures was the drowning girl!

  4. FAME!!!!! • It was at this time, that Lichtenstein began to find fame not just in America but worldwide. His paintings were increasingly popular as his pictures were used for comic strips in DC comics .

  5. Roy Lichtenstein sadly died on the 29th September 1997, at the age of 73. Roy Lichtenstein was a talented artist and he painted many amazing pictures in his life time! He also made many sculptures which are placed around the world. The head sculpture, Barcelona

  6. HIS PICTURES His second most famous Not all of them !!!!!

  7. More of his pictures

  8. The End By Rebecca Brown and Amy Jones