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J. F. Kiely Construction

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J. F. Kiely Construction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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J. F. Kiely Construction Co., offers a diverse range of construction services in the New Jersey and surrounding areas.

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J.F. Kiely Construction Co. was founded by J.F. Kiely Sr. in 1952 and the company has been serving New Jersey and surrounding areas ever since. The company provides highly professional services with help of skilled employees and advanced equipment and their knowledge of the local terrain acts as an added advantage for all kinds of construction projects.


The employees at J.F. Kiely Construction Co. are experienced in working for a range of construction jobs, whether it is a long or a short term project. J.F. Kiely Construction Co. provides a range of construction services, from installation of underground utilities like natural gas, water, telecommunications, electric, sewer, snow control, fleet maintenance and they also offer complete line of traffic safety and attenuator services for rent.


J.F. Kiely Construction Co. has also received several awards for excellence in the construction business and the firm also sponsored the Sgt. Pat's 5K Run in April 2009. The proceeds collected from this event were donated to research for fighting mental illness and for giving scholarships to meritorious students. J.F. Kiely Construction Co. played a great role in bringing together the people of the NJ community together for a common cause.


About J.F. Kiely Construction Co.

Located in New Jersey, the J.F. Kiely Construction Co. is the premier construction company in the area and the company boasts of high profile clientele. Find out more about J.F. Kiely Construction Co. by logging on to