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J unk F ood. Created By: Rachel and A nika. Hamburgers.

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j unk f ood

Junk Food

Created By: Rachel and Anika


Hamburgers have lots of grease that is bad for your veins because the grease can get in them and slow down your blood. Hamburgers have many chemicals that are very bad for your heart because the chemicals are like germs and they could make your heart sick.

soda pop
Soda Pop

Soda pop has many chemicals including chlorine and many different sugars. I know you might think soda is good but when you think about it there is a lot of sugar and sweet liquids that could hurt your body. Soda also contains corn syrup a sweetener made from corn.


There are many different kinds of chocolate including milk chocolate/ dark chocolate and white chocolate. Sometimes if you have or eat way too many snickers then that could give you pimples or even acne. The milk in chocolate also contains many other ingredients that people don’t know of and is bad for them.


Sugar I know makes everything over the top well if you have a lot of it just alone with nothing else it might make you have a sugar rush and it could hijack part of your brain. Even though sugar is in many foods it could make you very sick and you could get really hyper. Sugar is the main reason lots of candies and sweets are unhealthy.


Donuts have most of the things we’ve already put on a slide like sugar/milk and chocolate frosting. Even though it tastes amazing if you eat too many you could always have a stomach ache. Donuts make some people throw up if they have way to many and get sick.

cotton candy
Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy may look like your going to choke but when you put it in your mouth and dissolves then you realize it’s just a bunch of sugar. It tastes good and looks good but it’s just too much sugar to even think about. Cotton Candy is sold at different games and sports and people don’t even care that it’s very bad for you.

our ending
Our Ending

I know these foods look delicious but you shouldn’t get too addicted because they can cause sickness and could give you a sugar rush. We worked hard on this and we hope you enjoyed it!