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benefits of https over http n.
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Benefits of Https Over Http PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Https Over Http

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Benefits of Https Over Http
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Benefits of Https Over Http

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  1. Benefits of HTTPs over HTTP?

  2. What are the Benefits of HTTPs over HTTP?

  3. Have you moved your website to HTTPS? If not, then you can make the shift as Google has probably considered it as a ranking signal.

  4. redirect your website from HTTP to HTTPs and update all pages with canonical tags or .htaccess file edit, shifting the incoming external links, and deploying the protocol independent URLs. Besides ranking signal, there are other benefits of having HTTPs instead of HTTP.

  5. 1. Provides Website Security and Protection First, HTTPs plays an essential role in saving your website from hackers. HTTPs provides more web security as compare to HTTP as it uses Secure Sockets Layer

  6. For instance, if you own an e-commerce website, it would be most important for you to build credibility and reliability by offering data protection to your online customers as they need to make money transfers for their chosen products or services. In this situation, you must go for HTTPs rather than HTTP.

  7. 2. Secure DNS Infrastructure The encryption in HTTPs provides a number of benefits including integrity, identity, and confidentiality. It means that you are inadvertently giving controls to your keyboard. You can understand in such a way that either you are sharing photos on Facebook (HTTPs) with security controls or giving control to someone to share your photos on Facebook (HTTP).

  8. HTTPs can offer secure DNS infrastructure to a large extent as compare to HTTP. On the contrary, HTTP does not offer the same level of security about DNS infrastructure.

  9. 3. Higher Security for Browsers HTTPs offers more security to browsers as compare to HTTP. It means that you can offer fewer opportunities (tracking, attacks etc.) to hackers while using HTTPs as a communication and server channel.

  10. A few years before, Facebook served its login page as HTTP. Hence, the hackers from the Middle East injected a JavaScript to steal the user’s passwords from login page. As a result, Facebook implemented HTTPs and they will never move to HTTP for sure!

  11. In the conclusion, I believe that you must use HTTPs over HTTP if you are running e-commerce website(s) or a site where you accept online payments from your visitors. You can also take a SSL certificate for few dollars. So don’t wait and grab an SSL certificate to offer a secure and hacker-free experience to your customers.

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