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Harrison Winn Amber Foreman Amanda Tetherow PowerPoint Presentation
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Harrison Winn Amber Foreman Amanda Tetherow

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Harrison Winn Amber Foreman Amanda Tetherow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We Like It Dirty. Harrison Winn Amber Foreman Amanda Tetherow. Company Background. Company name - We Like It Dirty Amanda was photographing Amber while she was racing in an international championship motocross race in the Netherlands Riding Suzuki CR250

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Harrison Winn Amber Foreman Amanda Tetherow

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harrison winn amber foreman amanda tetherow

We Like It Dirty

Harrison Winn

Amber Foreman

Amanda Tetherow

company background
Company Background
  • Company name - We Like It Dirty
  • Amanda was photographing Amber while she was racing in an international championship motocross race in the Netherlands
  • Riding Suzuki CR250
  • Millionaire, Harrison, who was there scouting for talent approached Amanda and Amber about starting a company so we made plans to meet when we all got back to the US.
team roles
Team Roles
  • Chief Executive Officer – Amber
  • Chief Financial Officer- Harrison
  • Chief Technology Officer - Amanda
  • Our main focus is on sponsoring serious riders and selling bikes to them and to up and coming racers. We also do some smaller activities, but those are all just in addition and support of sponsoring and selling.
  • Sponsor riders
    • Storefront & Online
  • Full service garage
    • storefront
  • Sell dirt bikes
    • Storefront & online
    • Specialize in racing bikes
    • Kids bikes
    • Street dirt bikes
    • Kawasaki, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha
  • Sell parts
    • After market parts
    • Standard parts
  • Clothing line
    • Storefront & online
    • Online
    • Women’s, men’s, children’s clothing
    • Women’s, men’s, children’s riding gear
customer demographics
Customer Demographics
  • Customer interests: like to ride and like to get dirty.
    • Our customers are people who are serious about or want to become serious about racing and riding. They are adrenaline junkies and love to ride for that reason.
    • Online customers are more interested in clothing and gear.
    • Storefront customers are more interested in the bikes themselves, some clothing and gear.
  • Young customers
    • 3-15 for kids line
  • target customers 15-35
    • Riders
marketing mix
Marketing Mix
  • Online
    • Online display ads – ads on the web on other racing info sites that provide a link to our site
    • Advertise on search engines – become one of the first sites to come up when key words dealing with our products
    • Email – email former customers with new products or news that comes up about the company
    • Coupons/sales – in the emails we can offer coupons and inform people of upcoming sales
  • Storefront
    • Video – create videos to show what our bikes and the riders we sponsor can do
    • Pictures – Use photos to give the store more curb appeal
    • Classifieds – Advertising in the newspaper
    • Billboards – advertise through billboards, making our company and riders popular through effective design.
  • We chose to use a CRM system since we are a new company trying to get customers and build customer relationships. We didn’t think that using an ERP system was the right choice since it is for a much larger corporation than ours that is trying to cut costs.
  • We decided on a program called Sales Cloud by Salesforce.
sales cloud
Sales Cloud
  • This program syncs the company together in a way that makes doing business simpler and more effective.
  • Features include: contract management, product tracking, mass email, dashboards that are customizable, tools for sales and marketing, solutions online from the company, mobile access, calendar integration to easily schedule meetings and appointments, user capability to synchronize changes with others on the network.
  • Other companies that have used Sales Cloud include Burberry, The American Red Cross, Dunkin’ Donuts, Electronic Art, Wells Fargo, Nikon, The State of Colorado, Yamaha, and NBC.
  • This system had the best reviews of any of the other CRM systems we looked at.
how we are going to use sales cloud
How we are going to use Sales Cloud
  • We are going to use Sales Cloud to help manage our company. We will use it primarily for the sales and marketing features, product tracking, and to maintain good communication within the company.
pros of sales cloud
Pros of Sales Cloud
  • Includes helpful features to improve communication, like Chatter.
  • Data management and sharing.
  • Great for smaller businesses.
  • More automatic than manually collecting information.
  • Easier access to orders, activities, and other sales information.
  • Flexible
  • Customizable
  • Stable
  • Intuitive
  • Identifies the most problematic and highest paying clients
  • Offers online classes for employees to learn the software
  • It wont help you to understand your customers at a deeper level.
  • It wont help you check on sales progress or on the effectiveness of your sales people.
  • It is only as good as the data you enter into it.
  • Regular maintenance and updating
  • $65/user/month for the professional package
e commerce revenue models
E-Commerce Revenue Models
  • Sales Revenue – we plan to use the sales revenue model primarily. Since we are a company that is mainly devoted to sales and service as a product, we will focus on sales revenue to bring in most of our revenue.
  • Affiliate Revenue Model – We will use this revenue model by sending our clients and website viewers to links to participate in motocross races and other competitions. We can then get a percentage of any resulting sales or registration fees.
web 2 0 technologies
Web 2.0 Technologies
  • Atendy – This is a technology that helps organizations manage, promote, and engage their events. We would use this technology to plan and promote races and other promotional events
  • BambooHR – This technology streamlines employee manganement. This centralizes employee data so it is easily accessible. We would use it to keep track of employees and it would help us to track things like sales and commissions of our employees.
  • Zaplee – this technology helps smaller businesses implement a call center using skype. We would use to create a small inexpensive call center that would help our customers with small problems so they could fix them without having to come into the shop.
  • Beetailer – this is a technology that integrates a company’s online store with Facebook. We would use this to gain more exposure and to make the ordering process easier for potential new customers. This also allows for customer feedback in the form of comments on Facebook.
  • vFlyer – this technology enables companies to create simple and very easy websites and flyers. It offers many customizable layouts and set up options. We would use this technology to set up a easily navigated, customer friendly website.

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