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Palm Juneirah - Dubai





Originating in London in the mid 1980s Communication & Control Technology Ltd. was the first “CCT” company, established to provide consultancy and technical services in telecommunications and control systems engineering.

Operating predominantly within the offshore oil and gas industry, CCT gained a reputation for cost-effective solutions and responsive services to clients, including several of the World’s largest energy producers.

In addition to energy, CCT was also active in space exploration and earth satellite technology, providing reliability, system assurance and quality assurance services to European Space Agency and its major contractors.

In the transportation sector, CCT became involved in the Channel Tunnel project, with conceptual design studies for telecommunication systems and establishing computer systems and software engineering requirements.

CCT InfoTech Limited was formed in 1991, as the “IT” arm of CCT with emphasis on industrial networks and high integrity real-time computer solutions.





Throughout the 1990s CCT InfoTech’s market expanded to include software-based systems for roads, bridges, harbours, ferry terminals and tidal barriers, in addition to process and manufacturing applications.

In 1995 CCT InfoTech became involved in railway communication systems, with responsibility for management of a major telecommunications replacement contract for London Underground.

In 1997 CCT undertook the management and leadership of a technical studies contract for communications and main control system for a new railway in Hong Kong, leading to the establishment of CCT InfoTech (Hong Kong) Limited as the focal point for development of business in South East Asia.

From 1998 to the present day, CCT has undertaken numerous contracts and consultancy assignments throughout Asia and the Middle East, most recently on projects in Taiwan and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.





  • CCT originated in UK in 1984
  • CCT InfoTech Ltd founded 1988 in UK
  • { ISO 9000 Accredited in 1997 }
  • CCT InfoTech (HK) Ltd founded 1997
  • E-Consult founded in 1999(& formed partnership with CCT)
  • CCT InfoTech (NZ) Ltd founded 2004





With the objective of strengthening regional coverage of the Pacific Rim, CCT InfoTech (New Zealand) Limited was established in Christchurch, New Zealand as the latest company to be formed within the CCT Group.

The relationship between E-Consult and CCT Group companies is illustrated below:





CCT regional coverage is defined in the table below:




Services Provided by CCT & E-CONSULT

CCT/ E-Consult Group companies provide a range of services under the following main headings:

  • Systems & Software
  • Control Engineering
  • Safety and Protective Systems
  • Environmental Services
  • Project Services

Some examples of these services are described on the following pages:




Services Provided by CCT Group

The diagram opposite illustrates the sub-division of disciplines within the main categories of services provided by CCT





Services Provided by CCT:Software Assurance

Software Assurance is a discipline employed to provide confidence that software produced will be fit for its intended purpose in every respect.

Such assurance is of particular importance for safety critical and safety related applications and for any software required to have increased integrity.

CCT has recognised the importance of software assurance since the company’s formative years, with involvement in space satellite technology, transportation and energy production projects.

The company draws on broad experience of its professional staff, from many branches of engineering, to establish standards of excellence for cost-effective software solutions. A systematic and structured approach has been the key to CCT’s success in this field.

A successful software lifecycle begins with good planning and the establishment of requirements that are clearly and unambiguously defined and culminates in the whole-life maintenance of the application. CCT Software Engineers and Assurance Consultants have extensive experience in the delivery of successful software solutions, on-time, within budget. Since the early 1990’s CCT has participated in software projects ranging from the provision of engineering and programming to overall management of turn-key solutions, to satisfy the most demanding requirements of clients.

CCT has been awarded numerous contracts for software assurance services, verification and validation services, auditing and assessment on large-scale projects, to satisfy client’s requirements for software quality, safety and integrity. CCT has been appointed Independent Software Assessor for safety critical and safety related software, to comply with International Standards such as IEC 61508 and EN 50128.




Services Provided by CCT:EMC

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) can be defined as the ability of a device, equipment or system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to anything in that environment.

In a broader sense, Human beings may be considered as part of a “system” in which electromagnetic effects must be minimised and controlled.

In the design phase, the EMC measures applicable for the project should be incorporated into the design. In the procurement phase, the requirements that have been specified during the design should be met by the supplier and during the commissioning phase the EMC requirements as specified in the design need to be checked on site, as part of the overall EMC verification and validation process..

Calculated Magnetic Field in a Railway Signaling System ATO Loop

CCT and it’s partner company, Bit Tips Asia have extensive experience in EMC relating, in particular to transportation projects, providing expertise in EMC over a wide range of systems and applications, applying International EMC standards where appropriate.

CCT and Bit Tips Asia provide in-depth EMC knowledge to multi-discipline teams on a wide range of systems engineering projects and have been involved in extensive testing performed at EMC Certification Laboratories to ensure compatibility requirements are fully satisfied.




Industry Sectors Served by CCT

Oil and Gas

The foundations of CCT were laid during the period of primary development of offshore oil and gas fields in the North Sea, serving major British, European and American corporations involved in exploration of new fields and construction of production and delivery facilities. CCT has also provided services for on-shore oil and gas facilities in the Middle East and Africa.


CCT was involved from its inception in the petrochemical industry, serving the operators of process plants from refineries to feedstock, fine chemicals, plastics, pigments and agro-chemicals. Projects included process control computer systems, safety systems, security and telecommunications, from conceptual design studies to commissioning.




Completed Projects:Process Control

In the major North Sea oil and gas development period, CCT was involved in the design, specification and implementation of computer based process control systems, employing proprietary distributed control and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. CCT engineers and programmers, trained in the special programming languages of the proprietary systems, designed and configured the application software to control and monitor offshore production platforms, oil and gas terminals, refineries and chemical plants. CCT was also engaged to install, test and commission the hardware and software for large systems, having may thousands of real-time inputs and outputs.

CCT completed the implementation of a design and build contract, supplying a metering and flow control system for one of the largest oil and gas gathering complexes in the North Sea. The system replaced the original equipment that had become obsolete and incapable of meeting the expanding capacity of the gathering facilities. CCT designed an built replacement control panels, programmed the controllers and special computers, installed and tested the complete system. The final stage of the project involved the transfer of operations from the original equipment to the new system, without shutting down the oil and gas flows through the offshore gathering platform.




Completed Projects:Offshore Control Systems Support

In offshore oil and gas development CCT InfoTech has provided on-site services for control and communications systems, ranging from providing advice on the choice of suitable hardware and software, installation, user training and technical support and maintenance.

CCT was appointed by Conoco to provide engineering and support services for computer-based control and communications systems used to monitor and control offshore gas production facilities delivering 50% of the natural gas energy consumed in the United Kingdom.

These systems were in operation 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and therefore demanded the highest possible integrity from the software employed. CCT consultants, engineers and technicians were assigned to provide support to Conoco in the development and maintenance of large-scale software applications, employing formal methods for production and life cycle management of the software, in addition to helping develop, prototype and implement bespoke electronic control and monitoring equipment.




Industry Sectors Served by CCT

Transportation - Railways

CCT companies have been involved in the development of some of the most advanced railways in the World, providing expertise in control and signalling systems, telecommunications, software assurance, reliability, safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Recent railway projects undertaken include high-speed rail, metro, light-rail and monorail systems, for railway operators including London Underground, KCRC in Hong Kong, LTA in Singapore, MMLRT in Philippines, THSRC in Taiwan and DMTD in Dubai, as well as contracts for numerous railway manufacturers, contractors and prime consultants around the World.




Current / Completed Projects:KCRC – Hong Kong

West Rail, Light Rail and East Rail Extensions

CCT InfoTech (HK) Ltd. has been involved with KCRC’s new rail projects since 1997 to the present day, with the contracts listed below:

  • West Rail Technical Studies – Telecommunications & Control Systems (TS1500)
  • West RailControl Systems – Control Centre Consoles & Ergonomic Studies (DB1510)
  • Light Rail Extensions & Grade Separation – Control, Communications & Signaling System Contract Specifications
  • West Rail Rolling Stock – Software Assurance (SP1900)
  • West Rail Communications - Software Assurance(DB1500)
  • East Rail Extension Ma On Shan LineCommunications - Software Assurance(DB1552)
  • East Rail Extension Lok Ma On ChowCommunications - Software Assurance(DB1562)
  • East Rail Extension Ma On Shan Line Rolling Stock – Software Assurance (SP1950)
  • Kowloon Southern Link Communications - Software Assessment (KRS950)
  • Kowloon Southern Link Main Control System - Software Assessment (KRS951)
  • Kowloon Southern Link Signalling Software Assessment (KGS419)




Current / Completed Projects:Taiwan High Speed Rail

Railway Systems Software Assurance Services

The Taiwan North-South High Speed Rail Project is the country's first and the largest build-operate-transfer (BOT) project. Under the BOT structure, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC) was awarded a concession to plan, design, finance, construct, commission and operate the railway for a period of 35 years by the Government of Taiwan. The railway is a high speed rail link between Taipei and Kaohsiung along the western corridor of the Taiwan island, approximately 345 km in length.

In January 2003, E-Consult International Limited signed an Agreement with Atkins China Limited, the appointed RAMS Consultants, to provide software assurance services to Japanese consortium Taiwan Shinkansen Corporation (TSC), the Prime Contractor for the “Core System” of the Taiwan High Speed Rail Project.

The scope of the Core System for the railway includes Rolling Stock and all project-wide signaling, protection, control, monitoring, information and communication systems. There are some 35 software-based subsystems, ranging from small embedded applications in rolling stock equipment to network-wide systems such as signaling, SCADA and telecommunications.

E-Consult provided a team of software assurance specialists, lead by a Software Assurance Manager, to establish the safety and quality framework for all Core System software (ranging from SIL 0 to SIL4) and to conduct audits and assessments, for compliance with EN 50128 and IEC 61508, throughout the development lifecycle of each software system.

In addition to auditing and assessment, the E-Consult team provided management and coordination of the software development teams to ensure adherence to software development standards, approval of Software Personnel appointed by the software developers, attended software audits conducted by THSRC, their Independent Checking Engineers and Independent Verification and Validation Engineers and convened periodic coordination meetings with TSC software suppliers.




Current / Completed Projects:Dubai Metro Rolling Stock

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is developing an integrated transport network that is to include an urban rail system known as the Dubai Metro, to support the rapidly growing population and enhance the public transport infrastructure, as a catalyst for tourism.

Dubai Metro is forecast to become one of the most advanced urban rail systems in the World, employing fully automatic, driverless operation. Safety and environmental impact considerations will be of uppermost importance to the Project. The Main Contractor (MHI) awarded a contract to KSCL for the supply of the rolling stock, comprising 99-5car trains.

Kinki Sharyo appointed E-Consult/CCT as Software Assurance Consultants and Independent Software Assessors for the Dubai Rolling Stock systems. CCT have undertaken similar roles for Kinki Sharyo on rolling stock for KCRC East Rail and West Rail in Hong Kong since 1999.

Dubai Metro statistics are as follows:-

System Length - 70km (50km Red Line, 20km Green Line), Projected Cost - $AE 14.3 billion ($US 4 billion), 57 Stations, Power Supply -Third rail, 3.5km Tunnels, Projected Ridership - 1.2 million per day, Minimum headway - 90 seconds, Projected Opening (Phase 1) – 2009.

Further details of the project can be found on the web site:-




Completed Projects:Transportation Communications Systems

CCT carried out design and build contracts for main contractors on Government and utility projects. A major area of activity for CCT was road, rail and marine transportation, in which CCT was responsible for the design and implementation of telecommunication and control systems for road bridges, marine freight terminals, tidal barriers and various other marine and water utility projects. Systems provided by CCT for these projects included public address, CCTV surveillance, mobile radio, telephone and data communications.

CCT were appointed by London Underground Major Projects Division, with responsibility for the management of major telecommunications contracts. CCT assigned the Telecommunication Project Manager for the New Northern Line project, to serve as the LUL Engineer responsible for co-ordination and approval of contracts having a value in excess of $US 100 million. The scope of the telecommunications contracts within the area of responsibility included trunked radio, optical fibre transmission (SDH) system, track-side to train-borne CCTV and data systems, as well as upgrades to the station communications systems.

In Singapore, CCT was subcontracted by PB-MM Consortium to conduct the pre-tender design review of Telecommunications Systems for Marina Line, the scope of which included Fibre-optic transmission backbone, TETRA trunked radio, telephone, public address, CCTV and passenger information systems.

CCT engineers were seconded to India to prepare tender specifications and provide radio systems technical support to Parsons Brinckerhoff on the Delhi Metro Project.




Current / Completed Projects:Palm Jumeirah Monorail - Dubai

E-Consult, in partnership with CCT and Lloyd’s Register Rail, have been appointed by Marubeni Corporation as RAMS and EMC Consultants for the Palm Jumeirah Monorail Project.

The RAMS approach is based on the use of proven monorail technology and detailed comparison will be made with selected “Reference Systems” to demonstrate that any differences in design, environment, application, operation or maintenance do not compromise RAM or safety.

This approach will provide a robust assurance of RAMS performance, while minimising the cost and burden of assurance activities on the project.

Marubeni are the main construction contractor for a straddle-beam monorail system on the man-made resort island of Palm Jumeirah, part of the largest land-reclamation project in history. Located in Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates, the monorail will provide transportation from Gateway Station at the island’s entrance to the marine resort complex of Atlantis. This automatic system will be 5.4 kilometers long and operate without a driver. Marubeni’s subcontractors for the project are Hitachi Ltd., Nippon Signal Co. Ltd., Omron Corporation, a joint venture of Obayashi Corporation and Oriental Construction Co. Ltd., Tonichi Engineering Consultants Inc., and Tostems Inc. The contract for the project is worth approximately $US 390 million.




Industry Sectors Served by CCT

Ports, Harbours and Tidal Barriers

CCT has designed and implemented automatic control communications and electrical systems for passenger and freight terminals and ports. The company also provided the complete electrical and control schemes for a mechanised tidal barrier, as part of the UK coastal protection and flood prevention measures.




Current / Completed Projects:Control Systems

CCT has been involved in electronic and computer based control systems since the mid 1980’s, providing support to oil and gas production companies in UK and Middle East. Control systems engineering has continued to the present day, with experience in many applications and industries, including but not limited to:

  • Energy production and distribution
  • Rail, road, air and marine transportation
  • Freight services
  • Chemicals and plastics
  • Marine facitlities
  • Water treatment and supply
  • Building services and “Intelligent Buildings”
  • Manufacturing and heavy engineering




Industry Sectors Served by CCT

Horticulture and Agriculture

CCT has provided computer and automation systems and software services to the horticultural and agricultural companies in UK and middle east.

Roads and Bridges

CCT gained a reputation in UK as the leading supplier of computer control and monitoring systems for mechanised road bridges, including local road traffic control and communications.




Current / Completed Projects:Computer Control Systems

Within Government infrastructure and utilities projects, solutions have made extensive use of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), linked to computer workstations, running graphical user interface (GUI) software to provide the man/machine interface. CCT has developed special application software to interface the control and monitoring systems to hydraulic machinery for moving heavy loads such as road bridges and loch gates, traffic barriers, traffic lights and toll collection systems.

CCT InfoTech became involved in computer-based transportationcontrol systems, winning contracts in the UK, Hong Kong, Philippines, Signapore, Taiwan, Japan and Dubai (UAE).

During recent years, CCT and E-Consult have undertaken assignments or some of the World’s most advanced road and rail transportation projects, with sponsibility for the conceptual design and specification of traffic control, signaling, main control and SCADA systems, employing the latest technology to satisfy increasingly demanding, International safety and availability standards.




Industry Sectors Served by CCT

Telecommunication Networks

Since it’s foundation in 1984 CCT has been involved in the planning, design and implementation of local, national and international telecommunication networks, employing a range of technologies that include satellite, terrestrial radio, optical fibre transmission and broadband cable, in addition to secure data transmission and data management facilities.

CCT has been involved in the development of communications and astronomical satellites, including mission reliability work on Hipparcos, launched in the early 1990’s, which successfully pinpointed and photographed over 100,000 stars. Hipparcos laid the foundations of “astrometry”, measuring the positions, motion, colour and brightness of stars, which is scheduled to continue with European Space Agency’s “Gaia” mission, due to be launched in 2012.



Current / Completed Projects:Telecommunications Engineering

CCT partner companies have been involved in telecommunications engineering and management since 1984, with involvement in transportation, space satellite technology energy production and infrastructure projects. CCT won contracts with energy production companies involved in the development of oil and gas production facilities in the North Sea and the Middle East. CCT produced conceptual and detail design packages for telecommunication on major oil and gas production facilities. These systems included radio, cable transmission, audio and data communications. CCT consultants, engineers and technicians were also assigned to provide support in the maintenance and operation offshore telecommunications systems.

CCT telecommunications engineers were responsible for the development and design of radio systems providing the main communication links between remote offshore installations in the North Sea and onshore bases in the UK and Europe. The radio links employed predominantly microwave line of sight technology but for long distances, where the offshore facilities were located “beyond the horizon”, tropospheric scatter or satellite radio systems were employed. In addition to main onshore-offshore radio links, CCT was also involved in the specification and implementation of VHF marine radio, UHF short-range radio links and MF/HF emergency and general purpose radio systems.

In the desert oil field developments of the Middle East, CCT was involved in radio relay systems used to connect pipeline pumping and control stations. These systems employed microwave and VHF line of sight radio links or optical fibre cable transmission over long distances.




Completed Projects:Communications Transmission Systems

An International joint venture company, operating an oil pipeline and distribution system connecting refineries, operated by Conoco, Fina and Total, via a common pumping station to a marine loading terminal appointed CCT InfoTech UK Ltd. to carry out the detailed design of a new fibre-optic communication link. The link connects the customers premises with the refineries, pumping station and marine terminal. The fibre network, covering a total of approximately 10-km, was designed to carry data, video, voice, control and safety information, with capacity for the addition of future, undetermined traffic.CCT were also responsible for the hardware and software interfaces with existing and future planned systems which use the link.

From head quarters in Hong Kong, CCT has provides expertise in the latest telecommunications technology, to clients throughout Asia and the Middle East, with professional and technical resources permanently based in the region.

In other projects CCT pioneered the application of multi-media, broadband transmission technologies, in particular ATM, to private Metropolitan Area networks.

CCT InfoTech client base for telecommunications and control systems was initially energy producing companies, Government and public utilities. These clients became CCT’s first customers for data communications and computer networks. Applications for Information Technology services soon expanded into other areas of business including chemical and food production, manufacturing, legal and professional services, emergency and prison services, freight and transportation.




CCT / E-Consult Clients & Patrners


The following list includes some of the major companies CCT & E-Consult have worked with in recent years: