Promises of Realtors When Dealing
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This saves time, money, and energy of the client and they can enjoy their purchase or sale deal with better shape of mind.

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St george realtor

Promises of Realtors When Dealing

With Consumers

There is a huge difference between real estate agents and realtors, but a lot of people are

interchanging them, which is not right. Aside from the things that St George Realtor can do for

you, they also pledge to do 17 things that will be beneficial for consumers and these are the


St george realtor

They promise to treat two different parties honestly, and to make sure that they put the interest of

their clients ahead of their own.

A realtor should never exaggerate or misrepresent properties that are for sale. They are required

to disclose all the information that they know to their clients.

If the client wishes to cooperate with brokers, the realtor has no right to decline.

If the realtor is a principal participant in a transaction, he needs to disclose it to other parties.

A realtor should not provide professional services if he has an interest, or is a principal

participant, in the transaction.

They are not allowed to collect commissions without informing the seller about it. He is also not

allowed to accept any fee from other parties without informing the seller.

A realtor shall refuse service fees coming from two different parties without informing both

parties involved.

They are not allowed to combine the funds of their clients and their own funds; thus keeping two

separate accounts for them and their clients.

Realtors should always provide copies of all transaction documents to all parties that are

involved, and be sure that it is understandable to anyone.

They are not allowed to discriminate any of their clients, regardless of the status or race of the

buyer or seller.

A realtor has the ability to refuse the service of an agent, especially if he is aware that the agent

is incompetent or is not qualified.

They should never deal with untruthful advertisement. All information that they need to provide

should be based on facts and real figures.

A realtor should never deal with law-related issues, unless they are a lawyer by nature.

Realtors are required to cooperate whenever there is a complaint against them, and present all the

documents that are being requested by court.

They should never discredit their competition, and will never file complaints without solid


A realtor is not allowed to solicit or talk to another realtor's client, nor get into another

transaction wherein another realtor is already present.

When problems arise, a realtor should always seek for arbitration in order to solve different