Managing a “virtual”
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Managing a “virtual” single window organization. Roger Scott-Douglas Director, Service Canada Implementation Team May 14, 2001. Presentation Overview. Overview of Service Canada Elements of a virtual organization Assessment to date -- options for the future. Accessibility to Canadians.

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Managing a “virtual”

single window organization

Roger Scott-Douglas

Director, Service Canada Implementation Team

May 14, 2001

Presentation overview l.jpg
Presentation Overview

  • Overview of Service Canada

  • Elements of a virtual organization

  • Assessment to date -- options for the future

Results for canadians l.jpg

Accessibilityto Canadians

Service Canada



Quality and Satisfaction





Government On-Line

Results for Canadians ….

…an integrated citizen-centred service agenda

Service canada l.jpg

Access Centres

1 800O-Canada

Service Canada

Government On-Line

Service Canada...

  • A New Service Face - integrated access across in-person, telephone and Internet channels

  • A New Service Approach - delivery of services in ways that make sense to citizens

  • A New Service Mechanism - providing government with a means to manage its service presence and profile

…developing a new vision of service delivery

Service canada what canadians experience l.jpg

122 Access Centres

1 800 O-Canada

Service Canada: What Canadians Experience

  • Trained service providers

  • Information & referral to 1000 federal programs & services

  • 35 printed forms & brochures (most in demand)

  • Assistance using electronic & telephone channels

  • Information & referral to 1000 federal programs & services

  • Broader range of information (enhancements to database)

  • On-line forms & publication order service

  • Redesigned Canada site with information and services clustered around the needs of Canadians, Non-Canadians, and Businesses,

  • On some departmental sites, testing of new Internet services (e.g., on-line self help, voice-to-voice on-line help & clustering)

…our face and approach

Organizational goals for service canada l.jpg
Organizational Goals for Service Canada….

Service Canada

Services for You

  • Use the government’s existing service infrastructure networks, as well as GOL, to maximum effect

  • Maintain the right balance between serving Canadians and reducing delivery costs

  • Bring together all major one stop service initiatives to improve coherence and avoid duplication

  • Provide a cost-effective common service provider for departments to use

  • Provide government with a means of managing service presence and profile in rural and remote communities

…our mechanism

A virtual organization with over 100 partners l.jpg

Advisory Committee on Service and Innovation (S&I)

Federal Regional Councils

S&I Regional Executives

Service Canada (SC) Coordinating Committee


Points of ServiceSub-Committee

SC Implementation Team








PWGSC (Internet)

PWGSC (Telephone)

1 800 O- Canada

Access Centres (122)

SC Network DevelopmentSub-Committee

SC CommunicationsSub-Committee


Consumer Gateway


Eco Comm.

Seniors and Veterans

In-Person Working Group

Service Dev’t Working Group

Community Network Working Group

Auto Responder

Electronic Post Office


Telephony Working Group

PortalWorking Group

Full ServiceFederal Sites (48)

CommunityNetworks (67)

HRDC (27)

CanadianHeritage (7)

CanadaPost (14)


QC (CED 9)


NB (IC 22)

ON (IC 14)

NS (HRDC 11)


Self-ServiceFederal Sites (3)

SpecializedSites (3)

3rd Party(3)

CCRA(2 )


Youth(HRDC 1)

Francophone (CH 2)

Regional InformationServices (3)

Note: AAFC involved

A Virtual Organization with over 100 Partners


The pivotal point involvement versus full commitment l.jpg
The Pivotal Point: Involvement Versus Full Commitment

  • Key Conclusion

    • Strong support for one stop access within the service departments;but

    • Virtual partnership not sustainable over the long term if significant growth is desired

  • Key Findings - Partnerships

  • (CAC)

  • Strengths

  • Improved client service

  • Joint marketing

  • Improved sustainability of existing infrastructure

  • Improved departmental products & services

  • Linkages between internal departmental units strengthened

  • Potential savings through economies of scale

  • Weaknesses

  • Slow process

  • Unwieldy governance

  • Heavy time commitment

  • Unclear accountability

Moving forward with service canada l.jpg
Moving Forward with Service Canada

  • Smooth operations on a larger scale will require the integration of policy, operational and communications activities

  • More rigorous governance mechanisms and fewer delivery partners needed to improve management of network over the longer term

  • A policy framework for one-stop access is needed to improve co-ordination and channel management and integration

  • Building on the potential of GOL

In person channel what it might look like l.jpg
In-Person Channel - What it Might Look Like

Hub and spoke structure with manageable number of partners

Utilizing existing networks most Canadians will be able to reach an Access Centre easily

Possible links to provincial one-stop access in longer term

Strong coordination at regional level (tailored to meet local circumstances)

Telephony channel what it might look like l.jpg

| Departmental Call Centres | Agency Call Centres | Specialized Contacts

| Citizen Service Centres (Cluster-Based) | Business Service Centres (Cluster-Based) | Non-Canadian Service Centres (Cluster-Based)

| 1 800 O-Canada Enquiry Centre | Business Enquiry Centre | Non-Canadian Enquiry Centre

Telephony Channel - What it Might Look Like

General EnquiriesCentres

Investment in “smart” technologies, making judicious use of IVRs

Citizen Service Centres (on pilot basis)

Common platforms and protocols

Electronic channel what it might look like l.jpg

Canada Site | Agency Call Centres | Specialized Contacts




Electronic Channel - What it Might Look Like

All key programs and services online by 2004

Electronic infrastructure underpins and integrates all channels

Secure channel and trusted environment

Redesigned portal with clustered services

Necessary conditions for governance l.jpg

Channel | Agency Call Centres | Specialized Contacts





Service Canada

Services for You

1 800O-Canada

1 800O-Canada

Access Centres


Single window

Necessary Conditions for Governance




  • Achieving clarity of accountability and ease of decision-making

  • Maintaining shared ownership and participation in Service Canada

  • Practicality of implementation (e.g. gaining acceptance, cost-effectiveness, etc.)

  • Management efficacy (e.g. operational coherence)

  • Positioning for the future

    • Being able to support the capability for channel/service integration

    • Supporting the management of the whole-of-government transition engendered by GOL

Possible options for an organizational structure l.jpg

  • 1. Virtual Entity | Agency Call Centres | Specialized Contacts

    • Voluntary participation -- self interest as driver

    • Neither front or back end integration

    • Low risk

  • 2. Service Utility

    • Partner departments work to single business plan -- self-interest as common interest

    • Front end integration, not back end

    • Medium risk



  • 3. Department or Agency

    • Delegation of authority to a new service organization to deliver certain services -- common interest as self interest

    • Front and back end integration

    • High risk

Possible Options for an Organizational Structure

Slide15 l.jpg

Service Canada | Agency Call Centres | Specialized Contacts

Services for You