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How to choose the right selenium automation testing tools? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to choose the right selenium automation testing tools?

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How to choose the right selenium automation testing tools?
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How to choose the right selenium automation testing tools?

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  1. How to Choose the right Selenium Automation Testing Tools? Prepared by: Nexsoftsys

  2. Selenium Automation Testing Services • Selenium is an Open-source(Free) automated tool. • Selenium is used for web application across various platforms and browsers. • It is not a single tool but it is a set of software which are supporting automation testing. • Selenium is developed by Jason Huggins in 2004to do testing in web application. And it has many others developer too. • When it developed it was known as JavaScriptTestRunner , latter its changed with Selenium core. • It is very flexible compare to other testing because it is supporting multiple browsers and languages. It is the key feature of selenium automation testing .

  3. Selenium Automation Testing Tools Suits • Selenium has 4 components: Selenium (IDE), Selenium RC, WebDriver, Selenium Grid Selenium IDE Selenium RC Web- Driver Selenium Grid Selenium 2 • Selenium 2 is combination of Selenium RC and Web driver and Selenium 1 is RC.

  4. Brief Description on Selenium Testing Tools • Selenium QA Tester focuses on the tools they needed but to know all the selenium automation testing toolsare sometimes beneficial. Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) • It is very Simple and Easiest to learn • It is a Firefox extension so just like other plug-in we have to add extension only. • It is also providing recording services which will be helpful in future to check past records. • Its not require programming knowledge or special qualifications, • Limitations: It can be useful only in Firefox and creates only prototypes of tests. It is not supporting Conditional and iteration operations.

  5. Selenium Remote Control (RC) • Selenium RC is the first tool who allows the user to choose the language they prefer like Java, C+, Python, Ruby, Perl. • It is executing faster than IDE and support data driven testing. • It can be perform the iteration and conditional operation. • it is also known as Selenium 1 and it is provide a support and some features which are also not available in selenium R2. • It supports to almost all browsers. • Limitations:It is needed Programming knowledge. Installation is complex than IDEand execution is slower than webDriver . Result is inconsistence and API contains some confusing commands.

  6. WebDriver • Its have many features where are best than Selenium RC and IDE. • It is not depend in Java Script and it controls browsers by direct communications. • It can be simply installed than Selenium RC and browser realistic is more reliable. • It is supported many languages same as in Selenium RC. • It has a purpose to provide a friendly API that's easy to explore and to learn, and to use than the Selenium-RC (1.0) API, which will assist to make tests easier to understand and maintain. • Limitations: It Cannot support to the new browsers. It can not generate test results or any recording services.

  7. Selenium Grid • It is used with Selenium RC to run simultaneouslytests across various machines and browsers all at the same time. • You can boosts up performance substantially of slow-running test suit or large test suit by using selenium grid tool. • So, it is saving lots of time by dividing tests o various platforms and doing parallel works. • Limitations: It needs to maintain other system on which node are running. It have no capability for user input if your test needs user input.

  8. Selenium 2 • To make a powerful tool in 2008, Selenium team decided to merge selenium and WebDriver together. • It is the answer of limitation of all others selenium tools it is more modern and object-oriented APIs.

  9. Conclusion • For Beginner, it is good to use Selenium IDE, it is only an add-on so you can easily do small tastes within seconds. • To effectively use selenium for automation testing use Selenium 1 or selenium2 as per suited to your test suits. • In terms of cost and flexibility, selenium is better than QTP(Quick Test Professional). • It is flexible because you can add your functionally in script or framework of selenium tools. So you can customize the selenium test suits. • These all are the reasons why selenium is the best Automation testing services.