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  1. Recycle! By:Noelly!

  2. Why is recycling so important? .Recycling is one of the best ways for you to have positive impact on the world in which we live. Recycling is important to both the natural environment and us.

  3. Magazines we should contact local doctors' and dentists' surgeries, or hospitals, to see if they would welcome magazine donations for their waiting rooms. Preschools may also be interested in taking old magazines for creative projects. Where can we recycle? • Carpets! • Instead, if your carpet is in good condition, try selling it! Advertise in local papers or on community notice boards. • Or donate it! Give it to a charity shop, school or jumble sale.  • Furniture re-use groups will accept clean unwanted carpets. • Local gardening groups may also be interested, as carpets make good mulch

  4. Reduce your need reuse bags until they're torn. Use old bags to pick up dog waste.

  5. Do you like being GREEN? Yes or No? 99.9% people don’t care about our world, they don’t care if its dirty or clean but people should care what's going on in our world if we want our world to be clean! • If .1% of the world recycled just newspapers and soda cans it would make a huge difference.! • Being green can be as easy as that.

  6. How can you change our world by recycling? • In the past, renewable energy projects proved difficult to sustain long term due to operational costs, so the costs were passed on to consumers. • The European Union’s agrees that by 2020 renewable energy targets will be met. • Governments are taking recycling and renewable energy seriously. • They are setting aside larger budgets to support green energy projects.

  7. How many kinds of waste do you recycle?? I have four recycling containers. There's a box for the glass and cans, a bag for paper and card, a brown wheelie bin for the garden waste and a green wheelie bin for the rest.

  8. The End !