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Lens Lady. The Lens Lady Cause:    500 million people need but don't have prescription eyewear.    Recycle your new contacts, used eyeglasses and sunglasses here!. Contact Lenses Online.

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lens lady

Lens Lady

The Lens Lady Cause:   500 million people need but don't have prescription eyewear.   Recycle your new contacts, used eyeglasses and sunglasses here!

contact lenses online
Contact Lenses Online
  • By the Eyeglass and Contact Lens rules of 1978 and 2004, we're all entitled to our eyeglass and contact prescriptions.
  • This is good news for contact-wearing consumers everywhere, as buying contact lens refills on the internet is almost always cheaper than a purchase direct from eye doctors or optometrist stores.
  • Even without free shipping on delivery, ordering contact lenses online allows for coupons, rebates and other discounts.
  • Every contact lens discount brings more people closer to seeing clearly.
eyeglasses spectacles lenses and frames
Eyeglasses (Spectacles, Lenses and Frames)
  • Choosing the right glasses for your eyes is an important vision and fashion decision.
  • That's why brand eyewear designers make glasses frames for different eyes, eye colors and face shapes.
  • Consider these glass styles when comparing prices, searching for rebates and shopping online.
  • And remember: Used eyeglasses are needed for donation.
sunglasses protect our eyes from the sun
Sunglasses Protect Our Eyes from the Sun
  • Doctors recommend we protect our eyes from the sun in order to maintain vision and proper eye health.
  • Better eyesight, enhanced eye safety, and fewer wrinkles are a few direct benefits of wearing sunglasses.
  • Try these sunglass styles when searching for price information, coupons and ordering sunglasses online.
  • As always, when buying prescription sunglasses, remember to donate when getting new pairs!
dear eye doctors optometrists ophthalmologists and webmaster bloggers who care
Dear Eye Doctors, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists...and Webmaster-Bloggers Who Care:
  • Not everyone has access to an eye doctor, eye exam and prescription eyewear...
  • This is a basic problem for humanity, and far beyond the need for LASIK or corrective laser eye surgery.
  • Reducing vision impairment and medical expenses of children, women and men everywhere would increase global GDP by 2% and make millions of people happier. Beyond this vision, preventing blindness and eye problems by treating cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration can help even more.
  • That's why Lens Lady supports contact lens, eyeglass and sunglass recycling. Bringing the best of these pearl gifts of vision promotes the peace, prosperity, love and joy of everyone. In this way, We All Win. That's a good thing.
mail eyeglasses sunglasses and new contact lenses here
Mail Eyeglasses, Sunglasses and new Contact Lenses here:

Lens Lady Eyeglass Donationc/o Lions Club300 West 22nd StreetOak Brook, IL 60523-8842USA