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Racism Against Tibetans in America

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Racism Against Tibetans in America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This is something that myself and many others as a Dorje Shugden practitioner have experienced for the last 20 years. I am a Dorje Shugden practitioner, that is who I am and for two decades, I have suffered vulgarities, insults and threats as a result of my faith which I committed to before the ban started.

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As a child, I experienced a lot of racism growing up in Howell, New Jersey. In school, I was called a “chink” very frequently and bullied for my race. I wasn’t bullied for many other things, but only for my race. As I grew older and taller, the bullying stopped but now as a grown up, I am still discriminated against.


But this time, the discrimination is for my religion which is my DorjeShugden faith. And the other difference is that this time, the discrimination comes from my own Tibetan people and the leadership which is the Tibetan people.


So when I was sent the article below today by one of my friends, I was not surprised because from my experience growing up in America, I know many people have experienced and continue to experience racism just because of something they cannot change which is their ethnicity and skin colour.


So while I was not happy to read what Tenzin has experienced, sad to say but now he knows what it feels like as a Tibetan to be called something derogatory because of who you are.


This is something that myself and many others as a DorjeShugden practitioner have experienced for the last 20 years. I am a DorjeShugden practitioner, that is who I am and for two decades, I have suffered vulgarities, insults and threats as a result of my faith which I committed to before the ban started.


My faith is therefore something I cannot change due to my tantric commitments and the promise I made to my guru.Notonly am I a DorjeShugden practitioner, but my father also relied on DorjeShugden.


And in fact, many years ago, he gave me a DorjeShugden wealth vase that was blessed by the great Mongolian lama Guru Deva Rinpoche. So my father was a devotee of this holy Protector too, and he also wanted me to be connected with DorjeShugden and believed the practice would benefit me.


Tenzin says in his interview that the discrimination is different because it is sanctioned by those in power. He speaks about the fear he experiences for his family’s safety. Tenzin’s words can easily be applied to the situation faced by DorjeShugden practitioners. As a result of their faith, Shugden practitioners have lived under a dark cloud of uncertainty and fear for 20 years.


Their images are put up throughout Tibetan settlements so they can have hatred and violence directed against them. They are banned from schools, shops, hospitals, restaurants as a result of their faith;


their children are bullied in and removed from schools, and parents who practise are shut out from employment within the Tibetan civil service. Even the leader of the Tibetan people, His Holiness the Dalai Lama refuses to meet with DorjeShugden practitioners.


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