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Handbag to the Starts

Handbag to the Starts

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Handbag to the Starts

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  1. Handbag to the Starts

  2. I hate to admit that there is a certain handbag I love. The reason I hate to admit this is because it's carried by several famous stars. Fashion and film stars. I pride myself and my fashion choices on not following the trends. Just because Kim Kardashian carries something doesn't mean I will.

  3. In fact the opposite. I normally see stars carrying or wearing a certain outfit or handbag and think how generic and uninspired it looks. Most of these stars have stylists as well.

  4. They don't simply put something together on a whim. It is meticulously put together and styled by someone else. Often these stylists are paid for my movie studios and magazines. To put it mildly, celeb looks are well executed.

  5. The handbag I kept seeing in magazines was a satchel handbag. It had a black leather flap that came over the front and secured down by two belts with little twist buckles.

  6. The body was navy blue leather and the bottom looked to be made of black leather. The front had a zippered pocket. I loved that added feature because you could stash incidentals like a cell phone inside without opening the main part of the bag.

  7. After much research, I found this handbag is by PLIA Designs. From their website and magazine articles I learned they make a range of designer handbags and leather goods.

  8. When I visited their website, I instantly fell in love. Not simply because they made this handbag I had to have, but their whole range of collections really spoke to me.

  9. From a design perspective, they were everything I wanted and loved in a handbag. The leathers looked buttery soft, but also sturdy. The designs and silhouettes were clean and simple. Paired down and lovely is exactly what I look for in a new handbag.

  10. Even though I don't like to be swayed by celebs and the media, I ordered two handbags from PLIA Designs. When they arrived, I was completely bowled over. There are handbags and then there are designer handbags like the ones from PLIA Designs.

  11. The craftsmanship was utterly amazing. Most brands skimp on the interior, but not PLIA Designs. The interior of the bags was just as beautiful as the exterior. They even have an interior pocket for your iPad. And I also loved the sleeper bags that came with each bag.

  12. I'm swallowing my words saying this, but the celebs have it with this one. PLIA Designs designer handbags are absolutely amazing. They will be in my handbag rotation for years to come.

  13. For more information, visit us