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Sharing Success

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Sharing Success
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  1. Sharing Success • We have asked you to try new things the past couple sessions. In September, we asked you to plan a unit or series of lessons based on a single problem (like Snakes) and in November we asked you to use technology in your classroom. We would like you to share out what you have tried and how it went.

  2. Building on Prior Knowledge A unit focusing on CED.A.2Create equations in two or more variables to represent relationships between quantities; graph equations on coordinate axes with labels and scales. • Pre-Assessment • THE AMUSEMENT PARK • Entrance to an amusement park is $20 and games are $3 each. • Write an equation that gives you the total cost of admission and games. • Create a graph to represent this situation. • What is the slope of the line? • How does the slope compare to the unit price of a game (cost per game)? Justify your answer.

  3. What prior knowledge would a student need to have to in order to successfully complete this problem? • What misconceptions might this problem reveal about a student’s thinking?

  4. What can this problem reveal about how a student’s understanding is developing during the unit?

  5. David compares the sizes and costs of photo books offered at an online store. The table below shows the cost for each size photo book.

  6. Read the Implementation Notes and the Smarter Balanced rubric. • Discuss in your group the benefits and challenges of using these types of tasks to assess student understanding during the course of an instructional unit.

  7. Feedback and Reflection • Please fill out the feedback form and turn it in as you sign out. • Resources from todays sessions will be available at the UCDMP resource link at • Thank you for coming and see you in March!