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Good Morning……. …….. And Welcome. Our Shrine Future; Where are we going ?. Gary Bergenske Bahia Potentate 2005. The Future of Our SHRINE. Building a better tomorrow for our Fraternity, for generations to come. Plan for all situations ahead of time, so you have control of your destiny.

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good morning
Good Morning……..

…….. And Welcome

our shrine future where are we going
Our Shrine Future;Where are we going ?

Gary Bergenske

Bahia Potentate 2005

the future of our shrine
The Future of Our SHRINE
  • Building a better tomorrow for our Fraternity, for generations to come.
  • Plan for all situations ahead of time,

so you have control of your destiny.

learned from trac visits
Learned from TRAC Visits
  • Shrine Leadership must plan for;

* Effects of loss of Membership

* When will the money run out ?

* When is the best time to move ?

* Some wait to long, must plan now.

* Be realistic, Be prepared, Be ready.

All successful people have a goal.

No one can get anywhere unless

He knows where he wants to go and what he wants to do.

Norman Vincent Peale

to reach the highest level of effectiveness you have to raise the lid of leadership ability
To Reach the Highest Level of Effectiveness, You have to Raise the Lid of Leadership Ability

Pick the Right Leadership Team

for the Job, to get the Best Results

building the right team
Building the Right Team
  • Potentate, Chief Rabban, Recorder
  • 2 Past Potentates, (Good Business Men)
  • County Property Appraiser (Retired)
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Temple Building Comm. Chairman

Hospital Chairman

mission statement
Mission Statement

It is the vision of the Bahia Futures Committee to look into the future for the competent planning of Bahia Shriners. This commitment will exemplify the high ideals of the membership to keep them financially sound, stay abreast of our members needs, and to consider all aspects of Bahia Shriners real estate investments and future needs. We will strive to achieve this vision through exemplary leadership, education, public relations and the strong commitment of teamwork. It will be the vision and goal to provide the membership with accurate information to help evaluate and plan for the sound future of Bahia Shriners.


1. To accurately project the approximate Bahia membership for the next ten years based on historical data.

2. To take the membership projection and calculate the dues money that membership number would provide. Based on projected needs, evaluate if and when next dues increase would be needed.

3. To study members needs, requests, and objectives to be certain we provide to the best of our ability what is needed to help promote increased membership.

  • To study our current facility at 2300 Pembrook Drive, Orlando. To determine it’s condition, anticipated needs in the future, and to determine it’s approximate current value.
  • Based on membership projections, and costs and needs of current building, determine if and when a facility change may be needed.

6. To take into consideration the budget overage/shortages the past few years. Consider rentals and catering revenues, how can we

increase them?


7. To study optional locations for a new Shrine Center that would be located in an area that would best accommodate our Nobility.

Accessibility and cost of land should be considered.

8. Determine if and when serious consideration should be given to purchasing a piece of land for investment and possible future use

by Bahia Shriners.

9. To provide a written summary with findings and possible recommendations to the Bahia membership based on the study of Bahia’s future.

  • To keep in mind at all times that the purpose of this study is to keep Bahia Shriners financially solvent while providing the best possible facilities for its Nobles. By good planning, if membership continues to decline, we must be prepared to react accordingly.

11. To keep our Shrine Hospital system strong we must keep our Shrine Center strong.

You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are

thinking about yesterday all of the time.

fact finding process
Fact Finding Process;
  • Obtain the % of time building is rented
  • Obtain rental comparisons
  • Obtain value of property
  • Obtain # Shriners in each zip code
  • Obtain age analysis of current members
  • Obtain past 5 years budgets
  • Review past dues increases
  • Review condition of current facility
  • Review zoning of property
  • Project findings out 10 years
bahia shrine age analysis
Bahia Shrine Age Analysis

AGE 2002 2005

21 to 29 25 19

30 to 39 89 66

40 to 49 233 217

50 to 59 547 400

60 to 69 853 788

70 to 79 1061 924

80 to 89 552 582

90 to 99 38 67


3398 3053

what does age analysis tell us
What Does Age Analysis Tell Us
  • We have less younger and more older members, 2002 to 2005
  • We have more members over 90 than we do under 29, WOW……..
  • Average age 2002 is 67.17, 2005 is 68.3
  • 45.6% are over the age of 70
  • 73.7% are over the age of 60
  • Only 10% are under the age of 50
  • We also found 23% of our members do not live in our area.

We MUST have a larger % under Age 50

where are our members
Where Are Our Members?

County Members %

Orange 904 .29

Volusia 472 .15

Lake 431 .14

Seminole 406 .13

Osceola 117 .04

Sumter 48 .01

Other Locations 719 .23

10 year projection dues
10 Year Projection (Dues)

Year Members Dues Short Required

  • 2904 145K 0 50 (Current)
  • 2811 140K 4K 52
  • 2721 136K 4K 53
  • 2634 131K 4K 55
  • 2550 127K 4K 57
  • 2468 123K 4K 59
  • 2389 119K 4K 61
  • 2313 115K 4K 63
  • 2239 112K 4K 65
  • 2167 108K 3K 67

Total 10 year Accumulative loss is $192,259.

dues increases
Dues Increases
  • What other methods can help to deter raising dues? More rentals, fundraises ??

2. Plan on small increases ($2 - $3) every

2 – 3 years as opposed to a large $10 - $15 increase that will scare members off.

3. Less members to raise more money

It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today

and the reality of tomorrow.

use of facility
Use of Facility;
  • Building only rented 25% of the time of available time not used by Shrine
  • Opportunity for more rentals, must actively market facility. Need sales brochures and active campaign to bring in more prospective clients. Excellent opportunity for increase revenue if pursued. Location is good, and excellent on site caterer available for full package.
  • Advertise, Develop Marketing Plan
value of property
Value of Property

1.Building 13 years old, in excellent condition, prime location, good asset.

  • Current value $3.1 million, zoning A-1
  • Possible to triple value with a zoning change to high rise.
  • Project value out 10 years
  • Project future expenses to building
  • Project when membership may need a Facility change
major projected expenses coming up
Major Projected Expenses Coming Up

Total Last Time Next Est. Cost/Yrs

Life Repl. Left Repl. Cost Escrow

* Air Cond. 30 1992 17 2022 150K 9K

* Cooling Tow’r 20 1992 8 2012 40K 5K

* Boiler 30 1992 17 2022 17K 1K

* Carpet 10 2002 8 2010 24K 3K

* Roof 30 1992 17 2022 127K 8K

* Parking lot 13 1992 0 2005 106K 106K

* Painting 10 2002 7 2012 21K 3K

* Furniture 15 Vari 5 2010 25K 5K

* Floor Tile 15 Vari 9 2011 15K 2K

* Kitchen Equip. 20 1992 8 2012 32K 4K

* Computer Eq. 7 2003 5 2010 20K 4K

Needed This Year for Full Reserves = $150,000.

annual budgeted maintenance costs
Annual BudgetedMaintenance Costs

Average Approximately


Per Year

when to move and where
When to Move, and Where ?
  • Current Membership will support current facility with active rental campaign.
  • Consider small dues increases to keep budget balanced, and building well maintained for future.
  • Determine where largest population of Nobility is, consider purchase of land for future use.
  • Actively monitor membership and costs to pin point future needs.
Keep in mind the purpose of this study is to insure the financial solvency while providing the best possible facilities for the Nobility.

Good planning will optimize our options.

Preventing our assets from falling into disrepair, and a lower value due to decreased membership and budget restraints.


The Failure to Plan ………….

…………. Is a Plan to Fail

Real leadership is being the person others

Will gladly and confidently follow.

how can the nobility help
How Can the Nobility Help ?
  • Bring in New Members
  • Start New Units Focused on Young People
  • Conserve Power in our Building
  • Help get Rentals for our Building
  • Take care of our Facilities
  • Fundraising for Upkeep of Building
  • Contribute to “Tree of Life” Fund
  • Keep Current Members Happy

1.Suggest dues increase of $2. per year

2. Stay in current facility provided;

* Budgets are balanced yearly

(4 0f last 5 years NOT Balanced)

* Rentals are increased, review annually

* Rental Marketing Program started

* Membership begins to increase

* Provide for young members

3. Promote Perpetual Memberships

alternative if recommendations not met
Alternative if Recommendationsnot met……..

1. Identify possible locations for land

purchase for new facility when


2. Identify property size and building

size needed based on projected

membership in 2015.

(Estimated at 2100 members)

To accomplish great things we must

Not only act, but also dream;

Not only plan, but also believe.

our destiny is in our own hands
Our Destiny is in Our Own Hands

We have the property and assets for a GREAT future if managed properly.

The opportunity will present it self to sell high for a good profit, then to rebuild a quality facility for a smaller membership.

The additional money will be able to be invested to insure a bright future for the next generation of Bahia Shriners.

Plan your work, and work your plan.

planning our future
Planning Our Future ……….

For Success.

The Bahia Futures Committee

Planning is like a roadmap. It can show us the way, head us in the right direction, and keep us on course. Planning means mapping out how to get from where we are now to where we want to be. Planning is the power tool for achievement --

The magic bridge to our goal.

we need your help
We Need your Help ...
  • Your Idea’s are needed, if you have one, bring it to our Futures Committee.
  • We are looking for a Member with Convention Planning knowledge to join our Team.
  • We are looking for a Member with a Marketing Background to join our Team.

Our Future Belongs to Every Member,

….. Lets make it a Bright One.